Q and A with Jordan

September 3, 2012

Q and A with Jordan

Dee Spraker – VA (Incoming)

After you get their info and send a card to them do a follow-up and if they show no interest do you continue to send cards etc?

A: Yes! They get at least 3 cards a year from me. A personal card, A Birthday Card and a Holiday Card!

Marilyn Kauffmann – Palm Springs, CA (Incoming)

Every time you send a card, do you send the opportunity CD?

A: No! I only send a DVD when I’m sending them info about the business. Personal cards NEVER should have a DVD with them. Keep your personal cards and your business cards separate always.

Nic Brits – Brisbane, Australia (Incoming)

Jordan, Just on business cards, would you suggest a using a generic business card promoting “You”, or a SendOutCards specific business card?

A: I don’t think it really matters. Most people throw them on their desk and never do anything with them anyway. We are one of the only companies that have a plan for what to do with a business card.

Annie – Danvers (Incoming)

Jordan, how did you consistently keep your belief in yourself and your success before you experienced duplication and great success?

A: My belief in myself has always wavered. It is normal to doubt. The key is to never quit on a bad day. AND stay in action . . . even when you are not believing your yourself.

Maria Johnson – Cave City, KY (Incoming)

What is the best way to communicate to others not on my team that I am a Certified Trainer?

A: Attend events and network at the events. Exchange business cards with other SOC trainers. Let them know that you are available to do training if they need it. Mostly, as you grow your team, those opportunities will become more and more available to you.

Chris – Northville, MI (Incoming)

How does one access the announcement Friday night? Will it be on SOC tv?

A: It will be on SOC TV. Watch for corp announcements.

Henry Griner – Elk River, MN (Incoming)

From an income standpoint, which retail product is the best for me to sell; $9.80 or $31 package? Which makes me the most money?

A: From an income standpoint the best product to sell ALWAYS is the one that is best for the customer you are talking to. If they are going to send 1-2 cards a week then $9.80 a month is best. If they are going to send 7-10 cards a week or more (or if they plan on sending 4-6 gifts a month) then the $31 per month plan is best.

John Oliver – j Phoenix (Incoming)

Is it better to recruit 12 front line to promote or find one and help him get his 12 to promote both of you? Or does it just depend on how keen the MD is?

A: Don’t wait for your team to get you promoted. If no one is working then keep sponsoring until you find someone to go to work. I sponsored 38 people before anyone started to work. Today, 2 of those 38 people have over 3000 people each on their teams. But it took a while!

Donna – Aurora (Incoming)

When you are out and about–restaurants, airports, grocery stores etc–do you create conversations with the intent of getting a prospect?

A: Typically no. I create conversations to have fun and make friends. If they start to lead to business then that’s just a plus!

Dave Waugh – Litchfield, IL (Incoming)

I collect business cards. Have several hundred. How do I contact them?

A: I send them a “nice to meet you card” with photos and then I call them, say hi and get down to business. “The reason I’m calling you is that I have some cool ideas I would like to run by you that I think you might like. Do you have about 15-20 minutes or should we schedule something?”

I then tell them I am going to have them “test-drive” the system and then we can brainstorm some ideas. I talk with them about different ways they can use the program to foster growth in their business. I also talk about referring the system to get it for free.

Megan – Wellington, New Zealand (Incoming)

What is the best way to share SendOutCards with friends, without seeming like a salesperson? I find it easier to share with people I don’t know as well.

A: Talk to them as a friend. In other words don’t use sales language. How would you tell your friend about a movie or restaurant that you liked. I say. “come here, I want to show you something cool”, “go to www.sendoutcards.com and tell me what you think of this.” The more scripted it is, the more you will sound like a salesperson.

Luc – Riverview (Incoming)

What are values I should focus on as a new entrepreneur?

A: Personal Growth. Daily Action. Productivity. Simplicity. Confidence,

Excitement and passion. Consistency. Resolve. Commitment.

Willox Perez – Jersey City (Incoming)

What is the difference between the 295 signup package and $50 package for a distributor? Thanks!

A: The $50 deposit is there to satisfy a governmental requirement. You don’t get the tools necessary to launch your business. It’s like opening a hair salon with no blow dryers, clippers or beautician stations. You have a business but no equipment. I personally tell people to save up their money and come in right. I prefer for people to be a MD/CT but I will allow them to sign up as an MD only with a commitment to upgrade to CT later.

EJ Griffin: How do I get a meeting going?

A: Start with one on ones and then when you have a group of at least 100 people on your team, start doing a monthly training at an office or coffee shop. When you have 100, you’ll typically have 10-20 that will show up.

I started doing coffee meetings and when I had enough people we would do lunch at a little steakhouse. Later it grew to a few hundred people and we would meet once a month at a restaurant in their private room.

Eventually we were doing hotel meetings (after about 18 months).

Moose: What is your intro of SOC to someone you just met?

A: I’m very transparent. I just tell them what we do any how it works. Explain to them why you signed up and what you like about it.

Don – Singapore (Incoming)

Let’s say you meet someone at the supermarket who is open to hearing about generating an extra stream of income. What would your follow up strategy be like? I personally feel it’s best to take them to the bridge video and show them how the opportunity works. (As opposed to doing a GAW). Would like your thoughts on it. Also when it comes to the presentation, (either the .com or .biz videos) do you think it’s best never to give out any links? But only give it to them when they are in front of their computer and ready to watch them now. Would this help in “closing” people and creating urgency? Thank you very much!

A: I really don’t think it matters. Show them any video and have them send a card. I like people to be excited about our product and the best way to do that is to have them send a card first. Then show them the .biz videos. I will never send someone home with ‘links’ without walking them through sending a card first.

Are you leading with the couch video or the Gratitude Video?

A: Usually the couch video but I don’ think it really matters.

Thelma – University Heights – How many different types of business cards do you have?

A: I have a generic card and an SOC card but I RARELY hand them out. I usually try and get their card with a mailing address and birthday.


Every billion dollar company had a defining moment- the thing that changed EVERYTHING. Jim Packard called it the 212 degree effect. That 1 degree is the difference between water and boiling water. And 33 degree water does not freeze but 32 degrees does. For Ford, it was the Mustang. I believe that Sept 7th is that thing.

It will seem small but the difference is huge, just like 1 degree. If an airplane is 1 degree off course it could end up in a different state.

I can name five $200 million dollar to multi-billion dollar companies that made a change that resulted in meteoric growth. Companies that were once stagnant that went on to become worldwide household names. Thousands left and a few stuck around. Many stopped believing and few moved forward and became multi-millionaires. Some of the greatest success stories in MLM today were those that held their ground and stayed true to their declared beliefs. Jeff Roberti, Dexter Yeager, Bill Britt, Tom Alkazin, Ruth Elliott and many others. There are a couple ways to get to the top of the oak tree. You can climb the tree OR you can sit on an acorn.

I believe that SOC is the acorn. Who we are, is growth. Who we are, is momentum. Who we are, is the culmination of all the good in the world. We represent the seed of kindness and appreciation. We were born out of honoring people. See, in reality, there are millions of people that already believe in what we do. They just haven’t found us yet. As long as you stay true to why you were attracted to SOC in the first place, you can’t lose. If you get blinded by the promise of big money, you’ll lose your way. There IS big money as long as you don’t lose sight of why you are here.

Here are just a few reasons why we are on the road to being a household name:

  1. We are unique – No one else in the world has this story and this mission.
  2. We are about doing good and making a positive difference in the lives of millions. People are hurting. We are an emotionally bankrupt society. The #1 human craving is the craving to love and be loved. We fulfill that craving.
  3. We offer a product that COSTS LESS than what you can get in the stores – This is unusual in network marketing.
  4. Our subscription is significantly lower than almost all other network marketing companies. A $31 subscription fosters a higher retention than most other companies. Can you imagine trying to retain customers on a $150 to $250 a month autoship?
  5. Someone can start a business that has UNLIMITED POTENTIAL for under $1000.
  6. We are the only network marketing company promoting appreciation.
  7. All other companies charge for their websites and for their DVD’s. This can cost you $100 a month or more. We don’t charge for any of those tools.
  8. We have a compensation plan that is proven to create more millionaires than any other comp plan in MLM history (“Unilevel Stairstep Breakaway”).
  9. We are sleeping giant. The upside is HUGE for those that choose to run the race with us.
  10. We have a leader that won’t sleep until the job is done. Many leaders running some of the newer fast growing companies out there have a history of bailing on their people when things get tough.
  11. At least 1000 companies have come and gone since SOC started in late 2002. Kody Bateman and SOC is still here and we are rock solid.
  12. We have a vision that is much larger than just making money. We have a vision to change the world.

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