Q and A with Jordan

June 17, 2013 – Q & A with Jordan

Q and A with Jordan:

Dan – entityfs@sympatico.ca – Toronto (Incoming)

7h 17m 23s – Hi from Dan in Toronto.. What is a good first message to put into a card that you want to send to someone that you feel could use the send out card system? Would you include a DVD with that or would you wait and perhaps do a 2nd mailing with a DVD in there… Also does the cool buzz site have some suggestions for things to put into a 1st, 2nd 3rd mailing etc to someone you are prospecting… thanks!

A: There really is no good first message. It’s about authenticity. What would you say to someone if you wanted them to take a look at something that you really like? Say THAT in the card. I would personally say “I have come across something that I think you will like that would probably make a significant difference in your life. But I don’t know that for sure. Would you mind watching this 16 minute DVD and telling me what you think? I believe it’s the best relationship building tool in the marketplace today but I would like you to be the judge of that. Please let me know!” (make sure and put your number in the card!)


Andy Cohen – andyscardsandgifts@gmail.com – Los Angeles (Incoming)

7h 40m 15s – There have been lots of changes to the site, videos and training. If you were getting someone started TODAY, what are the action steps you would take with them?

A: Hey Andy . . . it really hasn’t changed a thing for me:

1). I build rapport (ask them questions: i.e.; Background? What are they looking for? How their current business will set them up for life, etc)

2). I tell them how I was introduced to SOC (2 min or less)

3). I tell them what we are going to do – i.e.; I will be having you test drive the system first and then if you like it I’m going to have you watch a short video. OR you can do it the other way around . . . I’ve going to have you watch a short video and then if you like it I’m going to have you test-drive the system.

4). I ask, “can you see yourself using a system like this?” “Do you know others that you think would use a system like this?”

5). I go over the 3 options and I have them write them down

6). I sign them up and train them OR I put them in the system for ongoing follow-up

THIS IS EXACTLY THE SAME WAY I HAVE BEEN DOING IT FOR 8 YEARS AND IT STILL WORKS. I signed up 3 distributors (personally) in the last 45 days

Mike Bass – Winter Springs, FL (Incoming)

8h 32m 2s – Jordan, Given some of the changes in the videos we have, what is your sequence in doing a GAW? Send a card first, what video or videos do you show someone and in what sequence.? I have always felt it important to introduce the product & the opportunity in every GAW, but they deleted the 4 minute opportunity video. The new Brick & Mortar video seems a bit long to use in a GAW. Just like to hear your thoughts.

A: I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask someone for 30-45 min to present something to them that can drastically change their life for the better. Schedule time on their calendar. Ask for 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted time and have them watch the 16 min video and send a card. After that they will know whether they want to proceed or not. Everyone makes decisions differently and everyone works at a different pace. Have patience with people. They will do it on their schedule and not yours. Make sure they have all the info and then stay in touch with them.

Donna Burst – donnacbi@att.net – St Louis (Incoming)

8h 58m 7s – Jordan, I have been doing SOC for 3 or 4 years now and have gotten 17 distributors. I have not gotten anyone in over 2 years now:( I have tried calling wedding and event planners as well as seen some of them. I was in BNI and never got a referral for anyone, but I signed up a ton of users myself. I want to be an Executive by 2015 and in order for that to happen I need to make it to Sr. Manger by the end of this year. I do not know what I am not doing or maybe what I am doing incorrectly if there is an incorrectly. I read inspirational books as if I was a bee on honey. I have been doing that for 5 years now as part of my morning routine. How do I find distributors please. Is it where I live :( in archaic St Louis? Thanks Jordan, any help would be appreciated. Donna

A: Donna . . . it’s not your area. You MUST get that out of your head right now. You’ll never build it if you think there is something wrong in your area. I have seen areas go completely stagnant for YEARS until the right person came in and built it. In my last email I talked about exactly this topic regarding Sacramento. EVERYONE said it was saturated until a group of 3 guys started working like crazy and built 40,000 distributors in 3 years. People are people. There are people in St Louis that can’t wait to hear about SOC and WILL build it as a business once you show it to them. It’s all about leadership. You must become a leader in your area before people will follow. OR you must pursue a leader. You started by saying you have been DOING SOC for 3-4 years. If you were honest with me and told me how many hours per week you actually spent doing productive activities and you compressed it down into the weeks or months your were actually working the business, you would probably find out that you have actually WORKED the business for 6 months or less. If you’ll re-read Beach Money you’ll read that most people don’t find their first really runner until after they have personally sponsored 20-30 people. You’ve sponsored 17 (or I suspect you may have 17 in your group). My advice would be this:

1). Come up with a plan where you are SHOWING THE BUSINESS (That means scheduling appointments to go all the way through it) at least 2-4 times per week.

2). Expand your vision: Begin to see yourself as the leader in your state. Share things with others to help them see what they don’t currently see. Explain it to others as if Kody was explaining it. Do you think the people in St Louis would listen to Kody? By the way, this is the EXACT same conversation Jay Smith had with me in 1993 when I had signed up 14 distributors and no one was doing anything. I blamed it on Phoenix. Phoenix was the problem

3). Focus on sponsoring 100 people in the next 3 years. That’s 33 per year. You income will explode. You can do this if you put your mind to it.

Perry – prestigemarketingetc@comcast.net – Nashville (Incoming)

11h 43m 25s – Is it okay to use send out cards as a fund raiser vehicle for non-profit causes, schools-churches etc

A: Of course it’s okay. The organization may be concerned with their 503B status but that is between them and their attorneys. Personally I stay away from them because they look good on paper but rarely make money and they will almost always want you to do all the work. Here’s what I tell people.

1). Fund Raisers are GREAT if you want to help the organization and you have a lot of free time on your hands. Most likely you will do most to all of the work regardless of what they tell you. Once you have committed there is no turning back. They are very time consuming and you make little money because there is no duplication.

2). They always “pencil out” but in reality they don’t work on paper they way they do in real life.

The only time I would commit to doing a fund raising project is if I was doing it 100% because I wanted to help the organization and I had no interest in making money from it.

Kerry Pomponio – kerry@pomponio.ca – Victoria BC (Incoming)

14h 2m 1s – I want to help 5 managers get to Senior Manager a year from now. How can I motivate them? I am re- reading Beach Money chapter 10. I am working 3-4 hours per day.

A: That is very doable with some hard work and a little bit of luck (just to be honest here). The problem is you will never get there if you have to motivate them. Your quest must be do find people that want to get their on their own and they are willing to work hard to do it. By becoming a Sr Manager they will be getting recognition for their promotion and they will be positioning themselves for higher earners.
And if you are working closely with them, sometimes they will even do it because they know it will help you get promoted as well. The biggest obstacle to fast growth is the need to motivate people to go to work. Your job is to find people that are ready to do it now that don’t need to be motivated. You won’t get there trying to do it with people that need motivation.

Megan – soc.kiwicards@gmail.com – Lower Hutt, New Zealand (Incoming)

16h 54m 19s – I’m in a women’s business networking group; how can I make the transition from promoting the product to use in their business, to the opportunity?

A: Schedule appointments to meet with each woman from the group individually over coffee or tea. Get to know them and ask them how you can help them in their business. All of my distributors that came through networking groups were a result of one on one meetings.
Don’t go with the intention to show the business but have your computer handy just in case they ask. Mostly learn as much as you can about them. If they start asking you questions, ask if you can show them a short video. The video explains it all. Most of the people that I signed up through networking were people that wanted to work SOC on the side . . . here’s how I would position it.

“You may want to be a distributor just in case you run across others that want to do it. It could become a little side income stream. I know that your (current) business is your primary focus but I know that you know many others that could benefit from this. For $400 I could set you up as a distributor so that you can refer it as those opportunities come along. Do you think you might want to do this?”

Many people want to take advantage of this opportunity. Most businesses will sign up their business on a Distributor Preferred Account and then set up their wife, husband or home on a preferred account ($31) just to keep in separate. This gets them their $50 check and promotes them to Sr Distributor right out of the gate!

Ray – rayjnap@gmail.com – Bloomfield (Incoming)

23h 17m 35s – 1-How can a newbie get to earning $4,000 per month within 9 months-a suggested plan?

A: You’ll need to sponsor 2 people per week for at least 6 months to LAUNCH your business. This is not easy. It’s A LOT of work but it will be worth it. Most likely your income will be significantly better than $4000 a month. To do this you’ll need to show the business to 1-3 people per day. That’s the plan. There are no short cuts. The presentations can be for you or for people on your team but you’ll need to FILL YOUR CALENDAR. Learn a simple 45 minute presentation like the one I described a few minutes ago (see above) and then become a master networker. “I have something I have to show you. When can we set up a time to talk?”

Bob Harris – Robertbharris@frontier.com – Kennewick, WA (Incoming)

23h 25m 15s – I have Preferred customers at ($31.00) and they have accumulated to many points so they end up canceling their subscription. How can I encourage them to use more points by send more cards and gifts. Should I have them go to the $9.80 subscription. Thank you, Bob

A: Even we have people that cancel their subscriptions. That’s just part of business. After 8 years I still haven’t found anything that will keep some people from canceling. People cancel magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, Netflix subscriptions and some even stop making their payments on their homes and cars. However from what I can see we have the highest retention in the network marketing profession. Even people that cancel don’t go away. Their accounts stay active . . . many will use their points over the holidays and even buy more! Most nutritional companies lose their customers when a distributor leaves. Overall, we don’t. Most of our distributors continue to send cards and gifts even after they leave. Let people do what they want to do and then go get 3 more customers.

Carollyn – cdmuir@tpg.com.au – Hervey Bay Qld (Incoming)

1d 31m 56s – What tips can you give that will help an introvert personality type be successful at network marketing.

A: That is really the beauty of network marketing. I have a good friend from another network marketing company that is very shy and quiet. In fact for many, many years he never spoke in front of a group. He would sit in the back row of every meeting but his team was always in the front of the room doing the presentations! He has been a $100,000/mo earner in his last 2 companies. He looks for people that are better than him and he lets them know that he is shy and introverted. He lets them know that he is looking for people that are outgoing that would be willing to do what he is not able to do. Carollyn, you probably have some strengths that an extrovert doesn’t have. You’ll be able to relate to others like you. Most people are not charismatic “front of the room” type personalities. You’ll be able to speak to those people at a level they can relate to. The beauty of our business model is that we get to benefit from the strengths of others and they get to benefit from our qualities as well. My friend Jana doesn’t ever speak with anyone about our business any more yet she has 11,000 people on her team because she sponsored a few early on. Use the tools . . . let them work for you so you don’t have to talk much. Acknowledge to others that you are shy and quiet. It’s even okay to say that you have a low self-confidence (if you do) because most people have a pretty low level of self-confidence and others will relate to that!

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