Q and A with Jordan

August 19, 2013 –


Q: I’m busy, can I make this work with a family and another career or do I need to do this full time to make money?

A: It is a total myth that one needs to put 100% of their time in to their network marketing business if they want to be successful. Believing that you need to do this is the first obstacle you must overcome. In my last company, I had a full time job and I built an organization that ultimately paid me millions of dollars over time. I also have many friends that work only a few hours per week (under 10) and have what most people would consider “full time” income. The real value of Network Marketing is that it provides leverage. I have met people with families and jobs that consistently spend 2-4 hours per day in front of the television. The AVERAGE family spends 30-40 hours PER WEEK in front of the TV. Someone could build a business that replaces their current income by simply scaling back their TV time to 10 hours per week and using the remaining 20 hours per week to introduce SendOutCards to 10 people per week. Leveraging time and people can give you the power to invest limi
ted time and money in your business and produce extraordinary results. You’ve heard me say that if you can invest 5 hours per week and find 4 other people that can invest 5 hours per week, you now get to benefit from 20 hours worth of work a week, but you are only putting in 5! Imagine getting paid for thousands of hours worth of work a week and you’re only putting in a few! You can build a successful enterprise on just a few hours a week.

Without being blunt, even if you are busy, please don’t use that as an excuse. If you are busy, you need the business more than ever. You need passive residual income. You need to free yourself from the shackles of linear income.

Most people that earn great money in our business were already busy when they joined us. For most of them, that’s why they did it! In fact, I have found that busy people are well connected and they get things done. I look for busy people to sponsor in to the business. So if you are busy, congratulations! You’ll do great!

Q: How do you actually make money on a $0.62 greeting card?

A: Actually, it is difficult to see the money in SendOutCards for most people. I do know that when millions of people use a service that generates a revenue of $50 per person, even if someone only makes a few cents per use, lots of revenue is created. Imagine getting paid every time someone drinks a can of coke. It’s hard to believe you can make lots of money unless LOTS of people are drinking a few sodas each. Many products generate millions of dollars for their respective companies yet we only spend a few pennies a day on them. Tooth paste, Q-Tips, chewing gum, etc. We spend PENNIES per day generating MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. There is a lot of PROFIT in a 62 cent card! It is paper and ink. The average person using SOC spends 5 times more on our greeting cards than they did using the other companies yet our cards are 1/5th the price! How is this possible? We have made it so much easier.  One card with Hallmark is $4 and that average person spends $3 per month. Our customers aver
age $40 per month (over the entire year). I don’t care how you slice it, any product that attracts millions of users at $40 a month will be big! In fact Netflix is a $10 billion company with the bulk of their customers spending $10 a month! In most businesses, you must become an expert at marketing to attract a large amount of business. In network marketing, you must get good enough to attract just a few people and teach others to do the same. Over time, you can have thousands of users. It’s more about keeping it simple than learning complex systems and processes designed to get lots and lots of people. In all network marketing companies there are many people that make great residual income on just a few pennies per use. I have many close friends that make enough money to cover their house and car payments with their residuals and many others that earn in one month what many make in a year at their traditional jobs.

Q: What ‘Markets’ should I focus on and which areas are least saturated?

A: I get this question regularly. Generally, there are 4 groups of people that I would consider to be the ‘low hanging fruit’. These groups are:

1. Entrepreneurs.
2. Small Business Owners.
3. Independent Salespeople.
4. Network Marketers.

But, here’s the problem: traditional demographic strategy doesn’t work in network marketing. Can you figure out why? Let’s say that your small town has LOTS of SendOutCards distributors in it but all the surrounding towns have few. Does this mean that you can’t succeed in your town? Absolutely not. If 1% of your town is signed up, there are 99% that are not. If you sign up a few in the 99%, there is a good chance that they know some people in the adjacent towns!

Also, you may not approach someone because they don’t fit your ‘mold’ for a good distributor. However they may know someone that is perfect. That person may become the next big player in SOC and you would have never connected with them because you limited yourself only to those in your limited range of vision.


Most problems can be solved using the same simple 2 step plan. Take a break. Clear your mind. Breathe. Free yourself of the burden of your draining circumstances. Then, reframe (refocus) on the great things that will come from your problem.


I don’t watch much TV, but 2 nights ago I saw a commercial for a cable company. Their slogan was “Get connected”. I love this because it has so many great interpretations.


1. Get connected with your source.
2. Get connected with yourself.
3. Get connected with others.

We all have a need to get connected. SendOutCards is a perfect mechanism for getting connected on all levels. Kody says, “Act on your promptings and it will lead you to your genius.” Listening to promptings is listening to your source. It’s connecting with your higher power. Sending cards is connecting with your heart. The receiving of a card connects you with others on a spiritual level (not religious, but the need to feel and be connected).

Refresh and Refocus.


Refresh and refocus. Do you feel the draining energy in this? You are focusing on the problem which creates more of a problem. By trying to fix it you actually cause more pain for yourself because you are sending the message that ‘something is wrong!’ Refresh and refocus. You’re attached to the outcome so much so that when it doesn’t happen the way you expect it to, you get really frustrated. You get stuck. Let go and refocus on something that inspires you to take positive action. Refresh: Take a break. Refocus: Find 3 of the people in your group that are inspired and form a team with them. Go to the convention together and plan to turn your power team of 3 into thousands. That’s refocusing.


This is one that I never get because I just don’t attract it. I love network marketing and I’m proud of it. I have zero concerns about the type of business it is because I believe it offers the best opportunity in the marketplace today for someone who has little money but has the desire to grow a large residual income. So with no concerns, I don’t attract that concern. If you are concerned about it, you’ll probably attract it. You might try reading my book, Beach Money (www.beachmoney.com) or ‘The New Professionals’ by Dr. Charles King. Also, Paul Zane Pilzers book, ‘The Next Millionaires’ does a great job of explaining why Network Marketing is so powerful.

Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki wrote a book together called, “So you want to be
Rich?” They are really hot on Network marketing as well.

If it comes up, you can ask:

“What do you know about Network Marketing?” Let them tell you. Usually they really don’t know what it is and many times they are just asking and really don’t have any concerns around it.

Back in the 80s, 90% of the population was very skeptical of it but today, it has become a well- accepted way of doing business. There are hundreds of thousands of successful entrepreneurs in our field making money selling over 35 billion $$ worth of product world-wide.

Just for your information, there are laws that govern our profession. We are monitored quite closely by a few regulatory agencies including the FTC and the Attorney Generals.

The laws are similar to the laws that govern the franchise industry.

Here are the basic regulatory guidelines that determine whether a company is legal or not:

1. MAKING AN INCOME CLAIM IS TYPICALLY ILLEGAL ” It’s illegal to talk to people about how much money they will make as a lure to get them to sign up. The regulators call this “enticement”. You can certainly show them our compensation plan but make no claims about how much money they will make. Companies that make it a practice to show checks usually end up in trouble down the road. Lifestyle claims are also illegal. Most MLM attorneys discourage companies to show checks even with an income disclosure. We have a policy prohibiting our distributors from using checks or income to recruit new distributors.

In other words, people would buy it whether it was sold through network marketing or not. You cannot have a product that has little or no value to the end user in the marketplace.

MORE THAN THE PEOPLE ABOVE THEM IN THE PLAN – If not, it’s a pyramid and is illegal. I make more money than my sponsor. Demarr makes more money than his sponsor. Legally you must be able to pass your sponsor in the marketing plan.

4. FRONT END LOADING IS ILLEGAL – Front end loading is the purchase of product just to make more money or to get a promotion. This is where the phrase “Garage Qualified” comes from. If members of the organization are encouraged to buy more product than they can sell just to get promoted or qualify for a higher bonus level, the organization may be exposed to possible regulatory risks.

5. GETTING PAID TO RECRUIT IS ILLEGAL – An individual can get paid for customer acquisition or training a new distributor but getting paid for the sole act of recruiting is frowned upon by the regulators. This is why it’s essential that each new person gets trained on how to use the system. We do not get paid until our new distributor gets 1 preferred customer or 2 retail customers.

A THIRD PARTY TOOL OR SHOW THEM A VIDEO. I love “The Four Year Career” by
Richard Brooke (You can get it through the SOC System. Most people are usually just skeptical and need just a little more validation.


There are exactly 4 months left in the year, about 120 days. The next 120 days can be just like the last 120 days or they can launch you in to 2014 with so much momentum that your life will never be the same. In my last company, my income grew from $2800 per month to over $34,000 between my 33rd month and my 40th month.

Truthfully, this will not happen for you if you simply treat the next 120 days the way you treated the last 120 days. You must become the person that deserves and expects this kind of growth to attract it. You must change. Money will not make you the person you need to become. We teach the importance of ‘I am’ statements in the Treat ‘Em Right Seminars. Your ‘I am’ statements will transform you into the person you’ll need to be to create the massive shift we are talking about here.

If you are fearful, doubtful, apprehensive, unsure, impatient, desperate, anxious, greedy or distracted, you will probably not get the momentum you are looking for. You must re-invent yourself tonight. You must immediately become the person that is worthy of attracting success and being a leader. These are all feelings that we move in and out of all the time. The key is to be aware of these feelings and then reframe them. Flip them around and turn them into empowering feelings that will serve you over the next 120 days.

You must start here. When you go into massive action before creating yourself as a person that deserves success, you’ll get frustrated because you will be spinning your wheels. Remember, affirmation first – then action. Affirmation without action leads to delusion. Action without affirmation leads to frustration. How many of you know someone that says their affirmations daily, but they never DO anything??!! They are delusional. How many of you know someone that works, and works and works and works, but gets poor results. They may be in action with no empowering affirmations! This is frustrating! Action without affirmation leads to frustration!

So who are you that deserve and expect success? Are you confident? Are you empowered? Are you empowering? Are you a leader of leaders? Are you lucky? Are you blessed? Are you loving? Are you charismatic? Are you friendly? Are you fun to be around? Are you healthy?

Do not skip this step! Keep it simple, write down three things that you ARE that will empower you. Put them where you can see them every day. Read them daily. When you find yourself going ‘South’, immediately re-invent yourself by reading your 3 ‘I am’ Statements.

Breaking loose will require a little extra time and a little extra effort. There is a misnomer that to make twice as much money you must work twice as hard. Actually the difference between being #1 and being #2 is just a little bit of extra effort. Tonight will be about a personal challenge to do just a little more. It’s crystal clear to me and others that are winning in the game of life. We say to ourselves, “If they only knew, they would just do a little more”.  It’s not that tough, actually it’s really tough if you are not being the person you need to be to find and lead people. It’s easy once you become that person. You become that person in an instant. Once you become that person, success flows to you quickly and easily at whatever you put your mind to!

In my last company, I had just purchased my first dream home in the mountains of Arizona. It was a beautiful mountain home in the forest with tall cathedral ceilings and huge picture windows that framed the valley below. The sky and the mountains were like a beautiful painting. The pine trees came right up through the decks and when the wind blew, they sounded just like the ocean. My network marketing income allows me to come and go as I please. Every day is Saturday in my world.

One Sunday night in October, I was cruising up to Pine in my convertible. The top was down and the night breeze was cool. The sun had set and the mountain roads snaked up through the pine forests. What I noticed that night taught me a valuable lesson. As I drove up the mountain, I noticed a chain of car lights that went on for 50 miles on the southbound road that led back down to Phoenix. I was the only one going UP the mountain that night and thousands of cars were coming down the mountain. The mountains were a weekend vacation retreat for the masses, but I LIVED there!

I was driving UP on Sunday night while everyone else was driving down. You see what happened on Saturday night, was, the boss started to rattle the chain that was attached to the ankles of all those that had to go to work on Mondaymorning. “Time to pack it up!” I guarantee that if that chain didn’t get rattled, the majority of them would have stayed on vacation!

Winning as an entrepreneur means THINKING DIFFERENTLY. It means going against the grain. It means driving in the other direction. It means standing up for what you believe in. Here’s how I see it; We are not average. We will do what average people won’t do.

So tonight we are talking about busting loose in 2014. That means doing more of the right activities than the average distributor does. We are not going to talk about doing more than the average couch potato, this would just get you better than average results. We are going to talk about the extra 5% that will make the difference as to whether you plod along or whether you have a banner, kick-some-butt 2014! But we are not talking about burning yourself out or being a work-a-holic. Remember the difference is simply doing a little extra.

What does this mean?

If the average distributor is sending about 1 card per day, send out 3 heartfelt cards per day.

If the average distributor never makes it to a Treat ’em right Seminar, go to 4 per year.

If the average distributor meets one new person per day, meet 3 new people per day.

If the average distributor does one gift account walk-through per week, do one per day. Do 2-5 per day to break-loose quickly!

If the average distributor usually doesn’t make it to the Monday night call, be on all of them!

If the average distributor is afraid to share Sendoutcards, make sure everyone you know at least knows what you are up to.

If the average distributor does SendOutCards ‘on the side’, consider doing SendOutCards as a major positive force in your life.

If the average distributor doesn’t follow up, make sure you follow up with everyone you meet with cards, e-mails, phone calls. Become a valuable resource to the people you meet. Following up to me means making friends with everyone I like and keeping them friends over my lifetime by nurturing our relationship.

If the average distributor gives up easily, never give up.

Very simply, stand out as a leader of leaders. Become great at what you do. The rewards will astound you.

I have heard it said that the difference between water boiling or not is just 1 degree! Just 1 degree more heat makes a huge difference. Have you ever wondered what would happen if on take-off in a Boeing 757, the pilot was just 1 knot short of take-off speed? What would happen? That 1 extra knot makes the difference as to whether an airplane takes off or crashes. Do you get the point? It’s not a huge shift! It’s just doing a little more that makes a huge difference!

My challenge to you beginning tonight is to define yourself as someone who wins. Not just someone who gets by or makes a living, but someone who wins in a big way. Starting tonight, own your power. Recognize that your actions today can potentially impact many thousands of people as your team grows. You have the opportunity to change many lives and impact thousands or even 10’s of thousands of people by who you introduce SendOutCards to. My challenge to you is to do just a little more each day, for the next 120 days. Make SendOutCards a top priority in your life for the next 120 days. Instead of trying to work SendOutCards into your life as a side business, make your life about the crusade to change lives and make a difference for many others for the next 4 months.


For many reasons, SendOutCards has the best opportunity in the marketplace today. About 95% of startup network marketing companies fail due to mis-management, poor leadership, product fulfillment issues, legal problems or growing pains. Managing growth is a huge challenge in a company’s first 2-5 years. We now have a performance model and track record that has gotten us through the toughest phase of growth. We are now poised for explosive expansion. We have a compensation plan that is outpacing the top companies in our profession without the risk of front end loading (this is a practice that is involving purchasing large quantities of product up front – it drives big checks but has some huge legal, ethical ramifications). We have a product that is unique and has virtually no competition, we are the only company of its kind in network marketing. This is important because we don’t have the challenges that many of the nutritional companies face due to increased competition in th
eir market class. We have a product that people love regardless of what profession they are in and anyone can find a use for it. We are in the early phases of movement that will transform relationships and bring out the best in people. SendOutCards is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t wait around. This is the time to establish your base to prepare for the wave that’s coming! By the way, there are only 10 companies that are $100 million + companies that have been around for 10 years or more. THOUSANDS have come and gone. We are on our way.

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