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April 16, 2007


My Dad called me a ‘Genious’ last week. My Dad has NEVER called ME a Genious. When I was in Chicago a few weeks ago, he told me about a lady that wasn’t returning his calls. He had ran a Shopping Center Promotion for her and she had mentioned that she wanted to use his company again. He needs a couple of months to set things up and he was getting nervous after not receiving a return call from her. He had called her numerous times and felt like he was ‘chasing’ her.

I said, “Dad, why don’t we send her a card!” We took a picture of him in the kitchen of his home on the phone and put a little voice bubble saying “Hey, Mara . . . Why don’t you call me when you get a chance!?”
Inside the card, we wrote . . . “Dear Mara, I really enjoyed working with you. I hope we have a chance to do business together again sometime in the future”

We enclosed a $5 Starbucks card. She called right back and said that she LOVED the card. She asked my Dad right away to schedule a time to come in and finalize the promotion with her!

Heartfelt cards expressing gratitude will differentiate you from your competition. Very few people send personal mail and so when cards are received, you are appreciated and remembered.
Mara called because she felt like my Dad really cared about her and her business . . . He took a little extra time for her and made her feel special and important. People want to do business with people that do this.


I was sitting in San Diego at a Starbucks right on the Harbor today preparing for tonights call. As I walked to Starbucks, I stopped to really appreciate my life and what SendOutCards as a business means to me. The air in San Diego right by the water was fresh and cool today. Most people woke up this morning and had to go to a job.Lots of people love their jobs, but most don’t. Most people dread waking up to an alarm clock each day, but its required of them to keep their jobs. For many years now, I have been waking up on my schedule. I rarely set an alarm clock, but when I do, its almost always because I scheduled.something. My office is whereever I am. My business tools are my cell phone, bluetooth and computer. Anywhere I can get an internet signal, I can do business . . . Even by the pool. The rooftop of my luxury Condo in Phoenix at 24th St and Camelback has amazing views of all of the Biltmore Golf Course and mountains. There is an incredible negative edge pool on the roof as well as really comfortable pool lounge chairs. I can see downtown phoenix and I look down on the bustle of people at the Scottsdale Biltmore shopping mall. The warm breezes blow in from the west.

One of my favorite places to send cards and do Gift Account Walkthroughs is from my rooftop pool. Let’s do a little comparison . . .

People will ask me why I work soooo hard. Actually to them, it probably appears that I work really hard. . . If working hard is sitting on the rooftop by the pool sending cards . . . Or flying to hawaii for a TreatemRight Seminar and then going out into the ocean on a sailboat with my team. If checking e-mails at Starbucks next to the Harbor in San Diego is working hard, then I work hard. If going out to a meditaranian restaurant to watch belly dancers and have exotic food with my group is working hard, then I work hard! If taking a Mexican Royal Caribbean Cruise with 110 of my closest friends that have all built groups of 24 or more is working hard, then I work hard! If working hard is leaning over my 3rd floor deck looking out over the Sedona landscape while I do my Walk Throughs is working hard, then I work really, really hard!

Here’s a little comparison that I love . . .


40 hours per week 10 hours per week
50 weeks per year for 50 weeks per year for40 years = 80,000 hours 3 years = 1500 hours

No Residual Residual

Make your boss Make yourself and
happy the recipient of your
cards happy!

Linear Income Non-Linear Income

Work from a desk Work from anywhere

Limited potential Unlimited Potential

The more you work The less you work,
the less you get paid the more you get
paid per hour.


I’m ‘sending out to give’ and I keep sending out to give, but I’m not getting anything in return?? I’m frustrated, because I give and give and give and never get anything in return. It doesn’t seem fair! What’s up?

At the TER Seminars Kody says, if you send out to get, the universe ‘keeps’ or ‘withholds’. If you send out to give, the universe ‘gives’ or provides in abundance. You get back what you send out. If you are sending out to positive energy in abundance you get back abundance. If you are sending out to get, but pretending you are sending out to give, you will be perceived and manipulative and people will run from you! This is a tough shift for some. You will let go of the EXPECTATION of getting something in return when you are truly sending out to give.

I had a call recently from someone that told me she had a specific plan for how many calls to make to get 5 walkthroughs per week and to sign up one distributor per week. She knew she needed to meet about 20 people per week to get those walkthroughs scheduled. She had only brought in a couple of people since December and was really discouraged. People werent returning her calls. Kody talks about learning to ‘loosen the grip’ . You must provide the space for people to sign up with you. If they feel like you are chasing them, they will run from you. SOC is about creating lifetime relationships and getting to know the people in your Network. Your group is a subset of Kody’s group. Think about what Kody’s day is like and what he focuses on regarding his Network . . . His objective is to help millions of people become senders of cards. A strategy that involves ‘Tracking’ your stats too closely is a ‘give to get’ strategy. I think its okay to have these stats and be aware of them, but don’t run your business by them. Run your business by ‘your intention’. Your intention is to help others to experience the FEELING of sending a card to another human being and then show them how to get started if they want to. If you make YOUR STATS your objective, you’ve just taken your attention off of your true INTENTION. Whether you say it to them or not, they just become another number in your game and you will lose them quickly.

Is your intention about what you are going to give that day or what you are going to GET that day, week or month?. I find myself constantly having to re-align my intention. That’s why I read law of attraction books and go to the treatemright seminars.

What do I say in the cards to get people to sign up??
See the answer to the question above.
What groups of people are most likely to sign up with sendoutcards quickly?

I typically like to focus on the ‘cottage industries’ like small business owners, entrepreneurs, network marketers and independent salespeople. They usually carry their own credit cards and can make a quick decision. The more successful they are, the quicker they usually sign up. Successful people typical see sendoutcards as a valuable tool very quickly.

I get lots of people that are ‘right there’ and they say they are going to do it and then they don’t. Then they won’t return my calls. What should I do?

First LET GO OF them doing something right now. Make them a friend of your network. Build a LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP with them.
Here are some reasons why they don’t sign up . . .

1). They get scared cause you were chasing them
2). They don’t trust you
3). They feel smothered and feel like they will
be smothered if they sign up. They don’t
have time for this.
4). They don’t like you.
5). They are distracted with other priorities.
6). They don’t feel they have the time or money to proceed
so they don’t think its worth it

Here are some things you can do that will help:

Tell one or two inspiring stories (ie; Kody’s story about his brother Cris, my Dad, etc)
Give them a couple of ideas on how to use the system Always follow up with a couple of cards – Picture Plus and use your Handwriting Font if possible. They will keep the cards.
Make sure they know how to log back in to their gift account and send another card Call them in a few days just to check in and see if they have any questions or want to sign up for an account Send another card if they don’t call you back – Put something fun in it or enclose a gift card if you want to.
Tell them, “It only takes 5 minutes to set you up and then I can train you on the whole system in about 1 hour – Let them know how simple it is and easy to learn.

Focus on helping them use it and get value from it.

Where else can I find people to show this to?

Consider joining volunteer organizations that have business owners in them
Send an e-mail to everyone in your e-mail distribution list asking for their updated contact info.

Join linkden (www.linkden.com)
Create some networks on www.meetup.com Get into a national network in a specific industry that you can relate to (there are thousands of associations that focus on a specific industry)
Read the paper . . . Look for ‘small business owners on the move’ send them a card that they can relate to and congratulate them on their success . . . Go to their website and put a picture of THEM in the card. Call them and ask if you can set up a time to meet them over lunch or coffee. Get to know them. Take your time. These people are well connected. Sometimes hard to get to, but worth getting to know.

Go through your photos on and off line. You will think of many people That you need to reconnect with. Get their addresses and send them Cards.

Constantly work to expand your network, create and maintain and expand existing relationships.

Have a great week!


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