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July 30, 2007


DAILY (Jordan – Why do you keep repeating these?):
1. Send at least 1 unexpected card per day
2. Send at least 1 DVD out every day
3. Walk at least one person per day through sending a card on a gift account every day
“I have heard these over and over again! Why do you keep repeating them??”

A: If you are doing them, you have brand new people and they need to hear them exactly the same way that you have. And they need to teach these 3 things to their people the same way. I had someone say to me recently . . . “Jordan, you are like a magician . . .how is it that you have 13,000 + people in a couple of years and others that have done the same as you only have 1000?” I am not a magician. But I am consistently preaching the same simple message. Most people change their message every month or two. Geometric Progression will happen in your group ONLY IF YOUR MESSAGE STAYS CONSISTENT over a long period of time. The interruption of growth that occurs in your group is magnified over months or years and the impact is huge. When a group stops working for a week or two and everyone tries to figure out a new plan or strategy it seems like not much of a big deal. The magnified effect of this happening over time is the critical difference. In fact it can mean the difference between 1,000 and 10,000 distributors in the same amount of time.
Some examples of this disruption are:
a. Introducing another product, service or opportunity into your group
b. A lead purchase program (a waste of time and money in my opinion)
c. Teaching anything other than 3 simple steps over and over again
d. A creative manipulation of the promotional structure to get
people promoted quick
e. ‘COLD MARKET’ Techniques (can kill a group)

Some of the ideas can be really good and really creative. Here’s the problem with most of them:

1. They can’t be done by others, so the group doesn’t duplicate

2. A good idea on the surface will disrupt the ACCELERATION
of the growth of the group. They send confusing messages that will
create hesitation and doubt
Acceleration of a plan is really important for FAST GROWTH. But acceleration takes time and patience. You must speak the SAME MESSAGE
over and over again. It takes vision and a long term perspective to see this. I can hear some of you saying . . . “Yes but, I tried the 3 step approach and I felt I needed to introduce something to accelerate the process”
Here are some things to look at:

A. Anything that takes more than a few minutes to learn won’t duplicate and therefore won’t grow. Keep your message simple and repeat it
over and over again. You are dealing with lots of people that are all very busy.

B. Cold Market Techniques can slow down or kill a group for the following reasons:
a. New people try them, get beat down and then quit because it feels just too hard to do
b. You must talk to 100-150 people to find one that will listen – this takes WAY
too much time. Multiply this out and its the difference between 1,000 distributors
and 10,000 distributors in the same amount of time. CASE FOR DEVELOPING RELATIONSHIPS AND STICKING WITH THE SIMPLE SYSTEM –
$1000 per month vs $20,000 per month


– Focus on cold market
– Teach your people to sell
– Try and get your people to go to work
– Develop websites and training programs
– 8 rep hours to get 1 distributor
800 rep hours to get 100 distributors (20 weeks) – 5 months
8000 rep hours to get 1000 distributors (200 weeks) – 4 years
1000 distributors increase by 20 % = 200 new distributors


– Focus on Relationships and Networks
– Focus on Referrral Sources
– Meet with people and get to know them
– Repeat the same simple message OVER AND OVER again
– 8 rep hours to get 4 distributors (because the trust is already there!)
– 800 rep hours to get 400 distributors (20 weeks) – 5 months
– 8000 rep hours to get 4000 distributors – 4 years
4000 new distributors increase by 20% = 1000 new distributors


1. Focus on people that have great networks already in place – Relationship builders. Build relationships with these people.
2. Take the time to go to lunch, coffee or just have a great phone conversation followed by a card.
3. Use Basic People Skills:
a. Use their name
b. Listen
c. Ask questions to get to know them
d. Focus on the relationship first – Get to know them (FORM)
e. Find out what’s important to them.
4. Treat your contact manager as a way to funnel good out into the world

1. Send Out at least one unexpected card per day
2. SendOut at least one DVD every day
3. Walk one person per day through sending a card on a Gift Account
Why use the Automatic Gift Account Walk-Through –
A: It gives new people a QUICK way to get started.
The learning curve is almost eliminated when you can
get someone going right away.
B. New distributors won’t get quite so discouraged
because they have a tool to do it for them in the beginning
Go to www.eaglesflighttraining.com and click on DUPLICATE to
get started.


What approaches are the best way to find people who are interested in SOC as a business? i work full time, so I am trying to make sure I utilize my time efficiently. For example, the way that I am and plan to seek my downline right now is in a number of ways:

1. Attend tradeshows and briefly chat with presenters explaining that you have an easy way for them to keep in contact with prospects they gain from the show. Get their card, give yours, and contact them in a couple days to help them organize their prospects in Send Out Cards.
2. Rent a booth at a tradeshow. Which types of tradeshows do you pay to present at?
3. Send cards to people that you are a customer at thanking them for their service, and then hope that they ask how you made the card.
4. Send cards to realtors, business owners, etc that you haven\’t met, but saw their ad, explain Send Out Cards in the card, and tell them you\’ll call them in a few days to answer any questions they might have.

Do you feel that any of these are not good ways to approach people with SOC? Which ways work best for you?

Anne Berry


I have a large list, and continue to add to the list, of all the businesses that could be potential users of SOC. Most of them I have not had contact with before, and would like to approach them with this business tool. I want to get a better idea of a simple phone approach that I might use to make the first contact to set up an appointment.
I am also debating on which is better, to expose this to, let\’s say a loan officer of a company, or go directly to the VP in charge of customer services for the whole company.
I am excited about this business and the tools it provides for people in and out of the busy business world.

Thank you,
Loren Jennings
Walla Walla, WA

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