Q and A with Jordan

September 10, 2007

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Hi everyone,

I’ve been in Chicago for the past 5 days and really enjoying my time here in the Lincoln Park area. I spent some time with my family yesterday as well. I have an observation that I’ve shared on past calls. My personal activity tends to come in waves. I’ll personally sign up a few people and then I’ll go a few weeks without signing anyone up. I typically average about 1 per week. What I have noticed, is that when I am putting myself in the flow of new people and staying in touch with the ones that are already in my network, I tend to sign up new people. When I get ‘out of touch’, I tend to not sign up new people. Your business growth will be directly related to signing up new people until you have a big team. If I could give one piece of advice to those of you that are having trouble signing up new people, it would be , “put yourself in situations where you can meet new people on a regular basis. . . Especially people that are in small business”


For those of you that spend a lot of time at home or live in a small town, you may wonder . . . “Where do I find new people??” Some of you may feel like you have tapped out your ‘warm’ market or in the past you have been in other programs and the people in your life really don’t trust you any more.

Many of you have heard of ‘Linkedin’ (an online networking tool) Some of you have subscribed to this ‘Free’ service. They have millions of subscribers, but about 95% of them don’t have any idea how to use it to their advantage. They know it has great value, but they just aren’t sure what that value is. I was one of those people.


You each have a market of thousands of people that are just one generation removed from you . . . Many of which would love sendoutcards. Wouldn’t it be great to get an invitation to meet them? These are people that know people that YOU KNOW! The problem is, you have no way to get to them because you don’t know them personally.


Jeffery Combs
President & CEO of Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc.
Jeffery Combs is an Internationally recognized trainer, speaker, and author in the Network Marketing & Direct Sales Industry. Jeff specializes in Prospecting, Leadership, Teleconference Presentations, Personal Breakthroughs, Prosperity Consciousness, Scripts, Mindset Training, and all levels of effective marketing. 800 595 6632 www.goldenmastermind.com

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How can SOC be applied to a health product via network marketing?

It applies to any Network Marketing person that wants to make sure the people in their network feel appreciated regardless of the industry . . . for thank you’s, congrats, birthdays, nice to meet you’s, etc.

Alan Duke-Birmingham, Al.
I really like the program and the cards but I don’t want to bother friends and family with signing up as a distributor or even a customer. How can this best be marketed on the internet or in other ways to be successful without marketing to family and friends? Thanks

A: Please attend one of the ‘Linkedin’ webinars listed at the top of this e-mail and you’ll have all kinds of people to talk to outside of your immediate circle of family and friends!

What happens to my business if and when I die? Will it pass to heirs, beneficaries,etc.?

A: Your business is willable and saleable. Its a business asset

Lin Rimple-Coeur d’ Alene
Hi Jordan from Idaho

A: Hi Lin!!

Ruth Graham-Chandler, AZ
When will it be possible to center our signatures when using our personal signature on a card?

A: This is one of the over 1000 suggestions on SendOutCards ‘Punch List’ I don’t know when it will happen, but their are enhancements happening weekly.

Harley-Williamsburg, VA
I realize showing the system sells itself, but any tips on how to find prospective distributors easier?

A: Learn to ‘Network’. Read ‘A referral of a Lifetime’ by Tim Templeton.

Harley-Williamsburg Was that www.Linkden.com?

A: No, its www.linkedin.com

Mike Gulitz-San Diego
How much time – percentage – between working with downline and prospecting?

A: Unless you have 4,000 plus people on your team, I would spend 70% of my time prospecting and doing Gift Account Walk-Throughs and 30% of my time working with my downline. The people that will do this really don’t need your help and the ones that need your help, usually don’t do much.

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