April 20th 2015


What to know about Millennials:

1. They are money motivated.
(But $500 a month can be a big deal to them!)

2. About 50% of them still live with their parents

3. Those that chose college have $50,000 to $100,000 in debt that is not forgivable
through bankruptcy!

4. They are GLUED to their devices! They are the texting and messaging
(Think Texting and Mobile Compatibility!)

5. They don’t want jobs . . . jobs are boring and have limited potential!

6. Some are skeptical but most are open minded!

7. They are the SELFIE GENERATION!
(so you better get good at selfies!!)

8. They all have 300-1000 friends on FB . . . and they use
Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest

9. In some ways they are “Just like US!!”
(Us Magazine – Celebrities . . . “They are just like us!!”)
a. Some are WIRED AS ENTREPRENEURS and some are not! . Think “Michael Jordan
that has never picked up a basketball!”
b. They like appreciation, recognition and GIFTS too! A positive encouraging card with pictures goes a long way!

11. They need ZERO training on technology! The things that many of you
freak out about and need a training manual for, they just know. 7 year olds
can send cards with no training.

12. They will be around for a LONG TIME!!

What to do when you show it:

1. Use selfies
2. Show on your device (iPhone or Samsung/Android)
3. Show the money
4. Talk about taking control of your life and not having to depend on your
parents or a job – “Do you want Beach Money?? Yes or No?
5. Use texting to set appointments!
6. Use FB as a “Friend” reference!
7. Recommend books that can educate them: “The Four Year Career” by Richard Brooke
“Business of the 21st Century” by Robert Kiyosaki
The key to having a large explosive group of millennials is to have a couple of hardworking
millennials in your group. Your job is to 1). Get them started 2). Plug them in 3).
Get out of their way! People tend to attract others that are like them! So if you are not a millennial,
it will be tougher to lead a group of millennials. I’m not a millennial but Don Shan came into my group
in Singapore and caught our vision. He then sponsored some of his close friends and TOGETHER, THEY
are attracting other Millenials. I try and stay out of the way as much as possible! I can provide some
support, encouragement and recognition but it’s up to them to build it (which they are!)

What to do . . .

1). Look on your FB friend list to see who you know that are Millennials (use
the FB INBOX MESSAGING STRATEGY TO invite them to take a look
“At a new technology that is really cool and has some big potential!”

2). If you don’t know any millennials, keep your eyes out as you are out and about.
Build rapport by asking “curiosity questions”. Are you in school? What are you studying?
Where are you from? What jobs have you had in the past? Are you entrepreneurial minded?
What are your long term plans? Are you money motivated? How much money is serious money to you?
Then ask . . . “Do you want Beach Money? Yes or no? Explain what Beach Money is if you have to!
( Do you want Beach Money?) Get their phone # or connect on FB and then use
the FB INBOX MESSAGING STRATEGY to set up a time to meet with them.
(They typically will respond to a text or a message but NOT a phone call or VM Message)

3). Be prepared to take a selfie with them on YOUR PHONE when you get with them and send them
a card with a gift on the spot while they watch you do it. Hand them your phone when you get to the
recipient address page and have them put their address into your phone. (practice a few times if you need to
before you meet with them. (This meeting is best done in person if possible). Ask the question . . .
do you know people that could use a service like this? Their answer will tell you a lot! If they say
“yes” then continue on! If they say no, then you decide if you want to continue or pack your bags!
(remember, millenials are just like us in many ways!! Some will love the idea and others will have
no interest at all! It’s okay!! Let it go!! If they are not interested, you didn’t do anything wrong!! It just means
they are not interested.)

4). Here’s where things get interesting . . . .were going to talk about a very simple strategy to show the money
quickly and clearly. It’s not complete but it will do enough to determine whether they are interested or not
in learning more. You’ll need a notepad and pen for this:

A. I’m going to explain how the money works. Can I ask you couple of questions?
1. How much money would make a difference for you each month working part-time?
2. How many friends do you have on Facebook? (most will answer 300-1000)

B. SAY: “It will cost you about $400 to start a business with us, but I’m going to show you how to
get that back, okay?” Write $400 on your paper. Below that write, WEBSITES, BACK OFFICE

B. ASK: How many of your friends on FB will be looking for an opportunity? They
will usually answer 100 or so. Then you say, “Great, do you think FIVE out of your ______
friends would want to do something with us? We’ll use FIVE and not 100 okay?”

C. Draw out 7 levels (generations) and explain what that means.

D. Let’s say 5 come in on your 1st LEVEL. Write in 5 and say, you’ll make $50 up front and then about $1000 for doing this.

E. Now let’s say that each person has 300-1000 people on their current FB Friend list and only 5 decide to join us.
Let’s carry that down through 7 generations. Write 5, 25, 125, 625, 3125, 15,625, 78,125 on each level.

F. NOW SAY: “So that’s almost 100,000 distributors” But let’s put a BIG X THROUGH THAT and just say that 10,000
actually participate. So we’ll cut it down to 10%”

G. NOW SAY: Now let’s say each distributor has the minimum # of customers on average . . . say three. So 10,000 distributors
times 3 customers is 30,000 customers. And let’s use the lowest subscription possible. Many people spend $50-$300 a month or more,
but were going to say that each customer just spends $10 a month. That’s $300,000 a month in volume

H. NOW SAY: “In this business, our commission structure goes from 2% up to 30% off volume every month. But we’ll use
2% for this calculation because it’s the lowest amount that the company pays. 2% of $300,000 is $6,000 a month in passive residual
income. What that means is if you don’t go to work, you still get that check every month!”

I. BONUS QUESTION: “Based on what you have been doing for the past 5 years, how much is your residual check now??” haha. The answer is $0.

END WITH THIS: “So here’s the question I have for you . . . do you a). want to be a distributor with us and start building your monthly check or b). want to
just use the app

REMEMBER, In the calculations I used, I cut 100,000 distributors down to 10,000. I used only 3 customers per distributor and I used $10/mo subscription. I didn’t calculate in the volume of the 10,000 additional distributors spending $31 a month. I used the smallest commission percentage in the plan (2%) AND I didn’t calculate in any bonuses!!

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