Phebe Trotman and Mark Herdering:

March 24, 2014 

Phebe Trotman and Mark Herdering:

Rather than focusing on promotion level, measure your growth by allowing Send Out Cards residual checks to incrementally pay your bills. Better to be a well paid Senior Manager than a broke Executive!

On June 1, 2005 Send Out Cards made an adjustment to the marketing and compensation plan that propelled the company from less than $3 million in annual revenue to over $50 million in the course of about three years. That adjustment paralyzed many who were “used to things they way were”. Fortunately for me I’d only been in the business a couple of months and was still clueless about how it all worked. I just knew that I didn’t understand the old comp plan, and the new one was super simple (for me) to understand. It was really difficult for those who had become accustomed to the old plan, even though no one understood how it really worked.

We’ve now come full circle. Since 2005 there have been many enhancements to the features of our product, the site platform, the comp plan and our company culture. So many, in fact, that it had become quite complicated and challenging to keep up with constant changes.

There are two things I know to be true.

1 – Changes can be devastating to the growth of a network marketing organization.

2 -When a company pioneers a brand new idea and does something that’s never been done before, complexity and change are inevitable until the trail is blazed. This is why so few businesses ever survive the start-up phase. If it were easy, everyone would be on board. That’s why those who have the vision, strength, belief and persistence to hang in there are the ones positioned for massive success once the pieces come together and it’s easy for everyone.

When a company pioneers a brand new idea (physical, hand written, customized greeting cards sent via the internet), and merges it with a new way to distribute its product (network marketing vs retail outlets), it takes on the challenge of dealing with the unknown and the unexpected. Challenges arise that no one could have anticipated. True pioneers embrace those challenges and overcome them. They focus on the vision of the future while learning from challenges of the past.

I’ll use a metaphor for what happened at the beginning of this month. It’s very much like Columbus crossing the Atlantic. Not an easy trip, but because one person had the vision, a new world was discovered and the trail was blazed for all who would come after. Today people complain that 30 minutes is too long to stand in the security line before the five hour nap or two-movie journey across the Atlantic. They’ve forgotten that that trip once took three months, indescribable hardship and a marginal chance of survival.

Send Out Cards has just crossed the Atlantic. We’re in the new world and it’s an amazing place. We’re no longer on the high seas. We’re on dry land. In fact we didn’t just step on dry land, we’ve walked into a field of diamonds.  It’s much, much easier here. The biggest challenge now will be letting go of the old (and much more difficult) way things have been done. It’s a new world that has yet to be explored and conquered.

If you have an attitude of abundance (because we just landed in a field of diamonds) your Send Out Cards business will be fun, stupid-simple and highly profitable. If you have an attitude of lack you’ll be left on the boat, and it’s out of supplies.

Remember, just have fun!!!!

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