April 14, 2014

Do something nice for someone and then they pass it on.

(Inspired by Jim Pitman and Jules Price)

1. Allow you to work the network of your network
maximizing your resources.

2. Spread good will.

3. Build a new leg each month in your group adding both
width and depth to your team.

4. Offer a plan for massive and explosive growth in your business.

5. Allow you to easily approach people about the business.

The new SIMPLE SUCCESS system gives you to the tools to introduce this program.
It’s simple, fun and easy to implement.

IMPORTANT: This is a profitable activity but it will require a small investment in your business.
I’ll break down the numbers and then you can decide if you want to invest in your business in this way. This is a strategy that’s consistent with the fundamental principles of networking and building a healthy network marketing business.

INTENTION: Each month activate 10 Splash Pak Codes using the “Pay-It-Forward” Strategy.

“I’m participating in a Pay-It-Forward program and I’m wondering if you would like to help me and participate?”

1. Set up a Splash Code for the person agreeing to participate. Walk them through sending a card and some brownies to someone they love and care about. Have them watch the first 2 videos.

2. Ask them to INTRODUCE YOU to one person that may also like to participate in the Pay-It-Forward campaign.

3. Get together in person with them and tell them “I’m participating in a Pay-It-Forward campaign and ____________, told me you might want to help me and also participate. It would entail sending a card and some brownies to someone you care about. That’s it. Do you want to do it with us?” walk them through sending a box of brownies and a card to someone they care about. Then have them watch the first 2 videos.

4. Ask that person to INTRODUCE you to ONE PERSON that may also like to participate in the Pay-It-Forward Campaign.

5. Do this 10 times in one month working down through the referrals. Ask each person to introduce you to the most generous and entrepreneurial person they know.

6. When you hit someone that starts asking questions and wants to sign up for either a customer or distributor. IMMEDIATELY go back up through the group starting at the bottom.

7. Tell each person: “_______, said they want to sign up. I’m not sure what they are going to do but if they build something significant, it could really benefit you down the road. You’ll receive $50 for activating two customer codes and $140 when they get their 2 customer codes activated. So $190 of your $395 business set up cost will come back to you. Do you want to sign them up or do you want me to?”
(Tell Jim Packard Story)

8. You’ll put 2-5 people in all in one day. If you are a Manager, you’ll make $500-$1000 in one day. If you are a Sr Manager you’ll make $800-$1500 in one day based on the work you did earlier in the month.

9. Do this every month for a year and teach it and your business will be adding 1-3 new distributors per day producing a significant passive income.

I recommend sending a 2 pack of brownies to keep costs down. Each Splash Pak Customer Code has 2 stamps in it and will require an additional $5 in postage. So each month you’ll need to budget for an additional $50 in postage if you plan to pay for the shipping on their brownies (which I recommend). I would hand them a $5 bill and tell them you’ll need to add $5 to their expense account using their credit card (explain to them how it works so they understand). You’ll need to budget 45 minutes for each person. This is a great way to introduce new people to SOC. It’s a natural process of giving and networking at it’s finest. Each person is being trained on how to use their splash pak customer account as you walk them through sending the brownies out.

Have fun with this. Keep it light and easy. It’s a PAY-IT-FORWARD opportunity so it doesn’t need to feel like work or a chore. It should feel comfortable and easy. If you are working with someone who starts to give you hard time, then they are not the right person. Find people that are excited about helping you. Each person only needs to find one that will participate for this to work. Have them pick their easiest person. Someone that has a positive and open attitude. Someone that will “gladly help”. You are not trying to sell them anything. You are simply giving them a free customer account with a $31 value that will allow them to send out kindless to at least one person that they know.

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