Nov 30th, 2015


Most importantly during this holiday time it’s important to understand that you have a business that thrives during this time of year. It would be absurd
to think that a store that caters to card and gift giving would be closed during this time of year. Sooooo . . . .with that in mind, make sure you are OPEN FOR BUSINESS! You do realize YOU HAVE A BUSINESS! There is no more productive time of year than NOW to show the business. Have your phone in your hand and DEMO LIKE CRAZY! Then tell people how easy it is to get a high quality cards out to all their friends and family in seconds right from the computer!

Let’s go over the 3 things I mentioned in my announcement for this call. Three things will propel you into 2016 with energy:

1. The cards you send in the next 30 days (Send Out Gratitude and Love)
2. The meetings you do in December and your meeting plan for
the new year
3. Your strategic plan for 2016

Before we do, I want to say that it’s just A FEW LITTLE THINGS that make the BIG DIFFERENCE. It’s the little things that are often overlooked. But then I see the questions on Facebook that insinuate . . . “What am I doing wrong?” And although they are somewhat obvious, sometimes they are the things that are the toughest to do because most everyone else doesn’t do them. Usually the reason most don’t do them is because they are inconvenient or a little out of most peoples’ comfort zones. For example . . . it’s certainly easier not to work the business through the holidays because people (including you!) are BUSY!! BUT its those that dig deep and make time for it that end up with the fantastic lifestyles that you read about in the network marketing books. It’s lonely at the top!! There is a ton of room on the stage because few are willing to really do what it takes! It’s easy to close up shop during the busiest time of year!! BUT doesn’t it make logical sense that this is the best time to turn up the heat (literally and figuratively!)
A few other examples of the LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE . . . Send a card to EVERYONE in your contact manager. Not just any card . . . a card that will make them say . . . he/she really cares! This takes some time and some money! But throughout the year, you added a bunch of people to your contact manager! If they don’t get a holiday card from you a). They now know you weren’t that serious b). They are just a couple of months away from forgetting you are in the business.

It really doesn’t take that much to succeed, but the little things that most people don’t do are the things that make or break SendOutCards business. THE LITTLE THINGS ARE THE BIG THINGS! Each year my contact manager gets bigger and bigger! The first year I was in the business, I signed up right after Christmas so I was unable to get my traditional holiday cards out. BUT I frantically sent out hundreds of messages asking people for their addresses so I could “put them into my contact manager”. I filled my CM with 350 contacts and sent out 350 New Years cards. Each year now, my contact manager has been growing. In fact, I showed the business to about 8 people per week for the past 52 weeks. That means I’ve added approximately 400 new people to my contact manager just from those I’ve shown it to! So if I don’t send a holiday card to EVERYONE in my contact manager (4400 contacts) then many people won’t remember that I am actively working the business and using the system! It’s a little things BUT IT’S A BIG THING! So this year, I will send out almost 5000 cards (you do the math!!) It’s the best second best investment I can make in my business (the first is convention) and it’s a really nice thing to do! YOU REALLY DO GET BACK WHAT YOU SEND OUT!! So I highly recommend sending a card to EVERYONE in your contact manager! If it’s a stretch, please just sell something in your home that you don’t use and make this investment in your business and your future!

Hopefully this isn’t overkill but you remember me saying . . . that we are open for business during the busiest time of year?? lol. Well our business is all about leverage. When your customers send cards, and gifts you make money. When your distributors sign up customers that send cards and gifts, you make money! When your distributors find other distributors that get customers that send cards and gifts, you make money! That’s why we do the business! It gives us the leverage that offers the freedom we are all striving for! So this is the time to work on your pipeline. Now let me be real for a moment . . . this is a CRAZY BUSY TIME OF YEAR! I get it! I had one of those days today! I won’t bore you with the drama, because I know you are probably experiencing the same thing! But remember, as a business owner in the greeting card and gifting industry, we can’t let that stop us or use it as an excuse! We must BE PROACTIVE in our efforts otherwise time will slip away from us! My calendar is my boss . . . every day, I have appointments on it to SHOW THE BUSINESS TO NEW PEOPLE. I look for opportunities to book my calendar with appointments. As a business owner in the greeting card and gifting industry is it too much to ask of yourself to book at least 3-5 appointments per week during the busiest time of year for our profession? Actually if you are not doing one a day, I would question your commitment to your business.

I promised I would tell you what it would take to launch your business into the new year with real energy. So far we’ve talked about 1). Making sure everyone in your contact manager gets a meaningful Christmas, Holiday or New Years card from you. 2). Filling your calendar with appointments between now and the end of the year! Again, it’s about doing what most others won’t do! If you really want to know the differentiators, those are two of them! Don’t do it for me. Don’t do it for your upline. Don’t do it for Steve, Vanessa or Kody. DO IT FOR YOUR DREAMS AND THE DREAMS OF YOUR FAMILY. Do it so you can have the life you have always wanted!

That takes us to the 3rd thing on the list . . . Your strategic plan for 2016.

We had a call on this a few weeks ago. As a quick review, here’s what we talked about:

This doesn’t need to be a big long complicated process. You can do it on your bathroom mirror, in a journal
or on a whiteboard. But DON’T PUT IT IN YOUR COMPUTER. Things in the computer seem to melt into
cyber oblivion. It needs to be somewhere that you will see it almost every day. I have mine on whiteboards.
Most importantly, know what you are working for. Come up with 3-4 things that make you
REALLY EXCITED for your life! Last year, I decided that I would 1). FINALLY get my helicopter license 2).
Sign up for the civilian space program and begin to train 3). Get a home in the forest with a fireplace.
I also wanted to make a bigger impact in the world of giving . . . wasn’t sure how that one was going to happen,
but I figured it out from the stage at the Mirage Hotel and Casino when I auctioned off a $100 bill for $3.2 million!

Now my dreams didn’t start off at this level. The year I started in network marketing, I wrote down
1). A suit
2). A fax machine
3). A cell phone

At one point, I even had a goal to move out of the garage and buy a car with air conditioning that ran!

It’s so important to write down at least 3 things that you want to make happen as a result of your business
in the next 12 months! Your business will help to fund it! It’s okay to be a little outrageous. Don’t be afraid to STRETCH
a little. It must get you excited about your new year! Each time you schedule an appointment, think about WHY YOU
ARE DOING IT! You don’t even really need to believe it at this point. Just write it and put it somewhere that you will see it!

In fact, I’m going to recommend that the second we hang up tonight, you grab a notepad and write down 3 things for the new year.
What do you want to see happen as a result of growing your business in the new year?

Here are a few examples:

1. Visit the islands with the family
2. Take a LONG road trip
3. Enroll the kids in private school
4. Give a significant donation to a meaningful charity
5. Remodel the kitchen
6. Buy a brand new automobile
7. Take flying lessons
8. Take the family to a fine dining restaurant
9. Buy a new wardrobe
10. Hire a fashion consultant
11. Hire a house keeper once a week
12. Hire a nanny
13. Go to Vegas and have fun
14. See a broadway show on broadway
15. Visit Europe for the first time
16. Get a lake house
17. ?????

I know it can be a little scary for some of you to do this. I’ve been there. You may question your ability. Do it anyway and then when you
set your appointments, think about your dreams and why you are doing it! Remember, your dreams should be fun and exciting!
Again, you don’t need to believe it at this point . . . you don’t even need to know specifically how you will get there. That part comes later.
For now, just write them down and TRUST. I didn’t have a clue how I would get my helicopter license or finish Beach Money when I wrote down
those goals. I had to trust the process. You can do the same.

This can be your best year ever. All of the resources are at your fingertips. Do the three things we talked about on this call tonight and
let the fun begin! You may need to dig deep. That’s what winners do. Don’t be like all the rest of them. Remember it’s the little things that make
the big difference. This is within your reach. It’s up to you to take the steps. See you at the top . . . (but I’ll see you at the promptings academy in houston
on January 23rd before I see you at the top!)

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