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I shared this perspective with one of our top distributors recently.

Remember that 95% of the population can’t wrap their brains around making $10K or $100K per month, much less doing it in Network Marketing. Telling people that they can make rockstar money like $50K or $100K per month will turn them off. And besides that, it’s illegal to use that as an enticement to come into the business. If you are doing this, you must stop.

It’s important to get clear as to who your audience is. Before Network Marketing, most people aren’t even aware that $10K-$100K in income PER MONTH is a possibility. For some of you, your bar has been raised. Your ‘blueprint’ is expanded. But the great majority of people do not think that big.

Success in MLM is about getting LOTS of people that do a little. Most people can believe in $500 to $2000 a month extra (while they keep what they are currently doing) That amount may change for them as they grow.

Remember, it’s 95% of the population that believe they can earn an extra $500 to $2000 per month. Anything more than that, most people shut down. YOUR mind is wired differently than most now. We are looking to attract that 95% of the population.

Obama collected the highest amount in campaign contributions of any Presidential hopeful because he figured out how to get $1 to $20 from millions of people rather than doing what all other candidates do (Go after a few people with a lot of money). Same principle here.

To get the big checks, focus on helping lots of people get the little checks – This is an important principle. Remember your audience.

Again, I just want to emphasize that you are not to use income projections and claims of making big money to entice people to join you. The regulators are strongly opposed to this and many companies have been shut down by it. Keep it clean. Show people how they can start off making some extra money and as their vision grows, they will see the potential.


This past Saturday my mom, Parke, and their newest distributor, Kesha Carter (who also lives in my parents’ neighborhood), threw a Send Out Cards party at Kesha’s house. They asked me to come and speak, so I drove to Savannah for the weekend.

My mom asked for my advice, so I did a lot of coaching before the event. I kept telling them to keep it as simple as possible so that the guests would feel like it was something they could do too. No fancy cooking, just store-bought snacks, so guests wouldn’t feel like they have to cook or spend a lot of money if they threw their own SOC parties. No elaborate presentations, just show the video and tell stories. No pressure to buy anything, just the offer to get a free gift account.

They were going to limit the number of invitations out of fear that there’d be too many people there. I told them to invite as many people as they wanted, since you never know how many will actually come. :) They ended up inviting 65 folks.

20 people showed up! Isn’t that amazing?!

We put lots of beautiful cards (most of them had fun photos and captions) on a table so people could take a look at them. People kept oohing and aahing over them.

Kesha opened the meeting by talking about a couple of fun cards she made. Then we had her two little kids introduce the video. :)

My mom showed them a Big Card I sent her (with pictures of us from a trip we took to Paris) and told them how much she liked to travel. In the card I told her we were going to Australia next year, so she told them we were going to the TER there next year.

Parke told them about how we went to the TER in Phoenix and how much fun it was. He got applause! :)

I told the story about the guy who found the business card Sara Basloe accidentally left on the table at the coffee shop and about how he reunited with his daughter through sending her cards. How can that not touch your heart?

At the end of the party we asked them to fill out a contact form if they wanted a free gift account (and to be entered into a drawing for a prize) and everyone filled one out.

We also did 2 drawings with copies of Beach Money as the prize. :)

People stuck around for awhile afterwards to mingle and ask questions. I think they were just having a good time, which is exactly the atmosphere we wanted to create. I wanted them to see how much fun being a part of SOC is, and I think that’s exactly what we accomplished.

And get this–a neighbor Tara, who lives across the street from Kesha, signed up as a distributor on the spot!� So Kesha, who Parke signed up, now has her first team member.

65 invited, 20 show up. That’s phenomenal. And then for someone to sign up that day–icing on the cake. I told my mom, Parke,and Kesha that now they were probably spoiled and would expect this kind of success every time they threw a party. :)

Of course I’m delighted a distributor signed up but you know what excites me just as much–who knows how many seeds we planted, Jordan…

What fun! :)



I came to the computer this morning to tell you a story about a big card I sent. We have dear friends – one can’t hear and one can’t see but they have been married 60 years this June and are delightful. Jack is legally blind with macular degeneration but can see big things. So for his 84th birthday on April 1st I sent him a big card. Upon arriving home last night the answering machine was blinking. Bev had called for Jack. I called back and he got on the phone anxious to thank us for the card.� I hopped in the car and drove over to see it. The delight on his face was worth a million dollars. He loved it. Bev’s comment, “We are going to show every one this card!”

Isn’t Send Out Cards pure joy.

Jeff thank you for your encouraging emails. I will make it to the top. I am the tortoise, so it seems, but this race will be finished – one step at a time.




I had a coach in Elementary School that had a huge impact on my life. I saw him at a reunion concert about 6 months ago. He’s in his mid 70’s and is healthy and still in great shape. We took lots of photos and I sent him a big card with LOTS of photos from the concert with people he taught in school. I said in the card:

“Hey Coach! We were so fortunate to have you as a teacher and a coach growing up. After seeing you at Buddy’s concert, I was reminded of what a positive influence you were in my life. You always had a smile and something nice to say. I always looked forward to gym class with you. You made a difference in my life. Thanks you.”

He sent me a card back . . . it had a $20 bill in it:

“Please accept this small token of money for a dinner or bottle of wine. Would you please send me some info about your company or order forms that I could pass on to my friends? Your comments brought sunshine to me. Thank you so very much”


I received a card this week from Todd Rundstrom. Todd lives in Kearney, Nebraska. He sent me a card to thank me for my motivation, education and to tell his story.

He signed up 3 years ago under Chad Bamrick. He’s a professional photographer and he’s sent hundreds of cards. He sent me this card from an internet cafe FROM A CITY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AMAZON RAIN FOREST IN PERU! He came to the city of Iquitos in the heart of the Peruvian Jungle, three years ago for one week to photograph the rainforest and river. While there he met a woman named Manuela. They fell in love and he returned last year to spend 3 months with her.

Here’s some of what he said the ‘Big Card’ he sent to me:

“Being in a foreign country did not stop me from listening to your Monday night calls. I could only get to an internet cafe about once per week. My time was always limited and it was a really slow connecting, but I was able to send a few cards each week and download a call or two from website and listen to them when I got back to the apartment.

To finish my story, I returned to the Amazon three months ago and married Manuela on Jan 1st. Now she too is hooked on SOC because she loves sending cards and gifts to all offer ‘new’ family and friends in the States! Most of all she is excited to work with me building the business.

The best thing is our ability to keep in touch with friends and family back in the States. We never miss a birthday or anniversary and the cards are always received on time. The concept of sending cards and gifts from the middle of the Amazon Rainforest is absolutely mind-blowing, especially without the cost and delays of international mail.

Last night we listened to your most recent recorded calls about going to the ‘Oscars (which we watched her on Peruvian TV) and Big Cards. We were inspired by your tip to send a BIG CARD to someone famous we’d like to meet. So THIS IS IT! You are receiving the first Big Card we are sending and our newest ‘I am’ statement is ‘We are friends with Jordan Adler!’ As soon as her visa is approved shell be immigrating to the USA and we are both looking forward to meeting you at a future SOC event!”



Last Thursday night I was invited to the House of Blues Foundation Room by Eagle, Bob Golden to see a Magician. His name was Seth. He was off the charts. He was signing up into SOC this week. The room was spectacular with floor to ceiling views of the strip from the 40th floor.

After the show, the crowd of about 50 filtered out and there were only 4 people left in the room. I was speaking with Bob and two others. Talking about nothing substantial. We talked for about one and a half hours. At some point, a lady named Loren asked Bob what he “does”. He said he was in the greeting card business and she said, “I use a product called SendOutCards”. I told her Bob was #6 in the company and she started talking about her background. It turns out she’s a top earner with another health related Network Marketing company. Somehow, Tony Robbins name came up and I said, “I just returned from a seminar in Fiji”. She said, “Tony and Sage are great friends of mine. I’ve worked for Tony Robbins for 22 years and I designed the Life Mastery Program.” About 2 hours into our talk, Bob says my name and she says, “What’s your name?” I say “Jordan Adler” And she about falls to the ground. She says that she’s been trying to get ahold of me because she’s an author and she wants me to speak to her team on a call for her network marketing company. We figured out that we both know many of the same people and some of her close personal friends are also my close personal friends.

She has authored 2 books. One of them made Oprah’s books list and became a National Best-Seller.

But here’s where the story starts:

She attends a Kabbalah Center and wears a red piece of yarn on her wrist symbolizing her connection to God. Her son wears the same thing. She went into a store a few years ago and the guy behind the counter was very rude to her. He mocked her for wearing the red yarn around her wrist. She told me
he was a “real jerk”. She had gone into this store a few times and he was always very mean. In fact, a couple of times she tried to hide the yarn with her sleeve so he couldn’t see it.

Years ago she wrote her second book, Life Tuneups: Your Personal Plan to Find Balance, Discover Your Passion, and Step into Greatness. It did very poorly. She had about 400 copies in her garage. One day she received a call from a Non-Profit that they wanted 250 books. Months later, she got notified that through the organization, Target wanted to pick up the book. This sounded good on the surface, but each store only wanted 4 books and if the book didn’t sell, Loren needed to ‘buy back’ all of the inventory. Well, the book didn’t sell and she was questioning why she even wrote it.

Remember the guy behind the counter that was mean to her? Well, she walked into the store recently and he was there. She didn’t want to deal with him. At the same time, she was also questioning why she wrote her book. As she was checking out, she noticed a tattoo with a quote on his forearm. She asked about it and he tried to change the topic. She asked again “Where did you get that quote??”

He said he was down and out, dealing with some serious personal financial and family issues and actually contemplating suicide. He was working at Target at the time and was in the breakroom trying to figure out how he was going to kill himself. Her book was sitting on a table in the break room and he picked it up and read from it. There was a quote in there that saved his life. So he had it tattooed on his forearm.


1. You never know who you are talking to
2. You never know the impact you are having on other people

This captures the essence of our SendOutCards business. When you send out words of encouragement in a card, you are changing the world for the better. The impact of your words and actions are far reaching. They transcend the scope of our awareness. We are in the best business in the world.

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