Jan 18th, 2016


In the course of my career, I have noticed that as a make little seemingly inconsequential changes, monumental shifts can occur
in the growth of my business. But this condition really exists in life. I have read about entrepreneurs that claim that simply by getting up
one hour earlier each day that 300 hours a year of extra daylight led to a massive shift in success. Flossing daily allows you to keep your teeth
for many more years than would be if you hadn’t. In my business, an awareness of a few simple things acted upon have changed everything.
For example, attending and promoting events offers a degree of leverage that is exponential. I could never come close to creating these kinds of results on my own. Each person from my team that attends an event adds a level of energy to the whole group magnified by ten. It’s not just applying pressure . . . it’s knowing WHERE to apply pressure.

Again this reminds me of the hummingbird that slipped through the doorway of my home in the mountains . . . he would have died trying to fly out through the big picture window. Flying in that direction leads to death and represents massive struggle. A simple shift in direction towards the door leads to a flight to freedom and is effortless. A simple shift in focus. What simple shift in focus could you make that would move your from struggle and death to freedom?

We live this phenomenon each day in our regular lives. Going from the outside to the inside can take us from being cold to being warm. Water at 33 degrees is still liquid. Water at 32 degrees is solid ice. One degree makes all the difference.

I want to explore one simple action tonight that anyone can do right away that I believe could transform any network marketing business. Before we do, I would like to share some simple observations regarding the way people communicate today:

1. When you are in a group of people, observe how many are talking on the phone vs how many are glued to their screens texting and messaging. Most are
messaging vs talking.

2. When we call someone, there is a very low likelihood that they will answer.

3. 93% of text messages are answered within 2 minutes

Observations about business building:

1. Most people have a fear of making phone calls to set appointments

2. The weakest link in the chain of business building activities for most people is setting the appointment

3. Appointments drive business growth. They lead to new customers and new distributors. Without appointments,
you have no business.


The simple action that anyone can do that can transform any business is:


TEXT #1: ___________, I would like to set up a time to show you something that’s really cool that I think has big potential

TEXT #2: It’s a new technology I need to show you on your phone or computer. When can I catch you for 30 minutes uninterrupted?

Many of you already use this technique for setting appointments and you have experienced how it streamlines, simplifies and expedites
the process of filling your calendar.

As a business builder, you are a CATALYST for the growth of your team. Many people KNOW what they need to do, but don’t do it because knowing is just not enough. So whether you are working with one person or 100 people, let’s talk about something you can do right now that takes no special skill to get LOTS of appointments on the calendar for you and your team.


In 2016, I am committed to holding 24 appointment setting sessions (2 per month) and teaching my team to do the same.
Start where you are. If you have 2 people working do it with 2. If you have 20 people working, do it with 20.

1. Get your team together 2 times per month – Invite new distributors each month

2. Plan for 1-2 hours

3. Order Pizza (for some reason people show up when there is pizza involved)

4. Have the texting script available either on a handout or on a whiteboard

5. Tell everyone that you are having an appointment setting contest.

6. You can have a couple of $5 Starbucks Cards and a couple of $20 American Express
Cards for the winners. (or get creative).

7. Instruct everyone to use their FB Private Messaging and texting to do 20 texts in 20 minutes.
Cutting and pasting is ok.

8. No phone calls allowed. If someone calls you after receiving a text, hit “ignore” and then
text them to say you are in a meeting and send text #2.

9. Recognize each new appointment as they happen and keep track on a whiteboard
for all to see

10. Award the winners with their prizes. You’ll now have lots of 3 way calls and 2 on ones to conduct the following week.

SPECIAL NOTE: I have heard of people taping $1, $5 and $20 bills across a whiteboard (2- $20, 5 – $5 and 10-$1)
and then as each person gets an appointment (on the calendar!! It must be SCHEDULED!) they get to go up
and write their name and take the next bill going from left to right.

THIS IS A SIMPLE ACTION THAT TAKES NO SKILL AT ALL – You can start right now getting a few people from SendOutCards in your area together to start having the appointment setting sessions. Appointment setting represents the most profitable action you can take now to grow your business. It usually represents the weakest link in the process. You become the catalyst for making it happen. Schedule a date and time. You can do it in your home or in an apartment or office building conference room. It only takes 1 to 2 hours and it’s fun. Filling the calendar is one of the toughest things for distributors to do but this will help you and your team do it efficiently. In the past, making phone
calls caused an enormous amount of anxiety and stress. It’s the one thing that most everyone is afraid to do in the beginning. This completely eliminates that condition.

I’m looking forward to hearing your reports of how many appointments you set using this process.

Jan 4th, 2016


Q: You went 10 years in Network Marketing before signing up your first distributor. And since you seem to have figured it out, you have sponsored over 500 people personally. How do you explain the change?

Jordan: First of all, in all fairness (to me), I really didn’t do much in my first 10 years. I would sign up with a company, invite 2 friends to meet me at an opportunity meeting and neither would show up. I would then decide that there was something wrong with me or that the company was no good and I would quit. I did this over and over again for 10 years. My longevity in a company was 2-3 months. Then about 7-10 months later, I would find another company and do the same thing all over again. I was involved in Amway for about a year (twice!). Both times, I went to a couple of events, bought some product and enrolled in their “tape of the week and book of the month” programs. If there was anything I did right, it was to listen to audios and read books produced by successful network marketers. I also read personal development incessantly.

Besides learning the in’s and out’s of business building, my focus shifted. There were a few radical defining moments that changed everything for me:

1. I stopped making my decision to continue or not based on other people’s opinions – When someone gave me negative feedback I started believing that “they just don’t get it!” instead of “Maybe they are right!”. I adopted the philosophy, “They aren’t going to pay my bills so why should I listen to them!”

2. I started to understand the #’s game – Around my 10th year, I began to understand that IT’S NORMAL for most people not to see it. Most people are average. I’m not looking for average people. I’m looking for people that have a dream for their lives. And I’m looking for people that want to build a business. Only about 1 in 10 people will fit the bill. But the problem is, lots of times, I won’t know which ones are the right ones until I show it to them! Jim Rohn taught me that I can make up in #’s what others have in skill. So if my numbers aren’t as good as yours, but I show it more than you do, I can do better than you!

3. I learned that quitting is the worst strategy for success – I tried the quitting plan for 10 years and it wasn’t working! There has never been a book written called “How to quit your way to success!” We are all playing in the same sandbox. Same people. Same attitudes towards network marketing. Same financial struggles. I figured out that my mindset about quitting was killing my chances for success. So I simply STOPPED QUITTING! Instead, when I had a rough day or a tough situation come up, I would regroup, step back and THEN GO BACK TO WORK!
This one thing is probably the reason I’m where I am today. Our emotions go up and our emotions go down. I adopted the philosophy, “Don’t quit on a bad day!” and “I make my decisions based on my commitment and not on how I am feeling. Our feelings will deceive us into thinking that the business is not right for us . . . and really the feedback they are giving us is . . . you have to grow up here! Instead, I ask, what do I need to learn to do better?

4. I realized that the top earners in the profession were just like me! In 1993, I was invited to have dinner with a group of the top earners in my new company and to this point, I had never signed up a single distributor. This group of 5 distributors were all exploding their organizations and their checks were going through the roof! All of them were making over $10,000 a month, and one was in the range of $70,000 a month! I knew that this kind of income existed, but I had never sat with anyone that was making this kind of money. So I kept my mouth shut and just listened. And I guess in that 2 hour dinner, I realized that these 5 people were just like me! Their personalities were all very different from each other, but they had the same challenges and issues that I had experienced. I wanted to become friends with them and be recognized on the same stage with them. But I knew for that to happen, I would need to shift my thinking and PLAY A BIGGER GAME. 3 years later, I was on the stage getting recognized as a top money earner AND ALL OF THEM BECOME SOME OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS (even today!).
That dinner changed my life!

Q: What percent of the people you’ve signed up did you know before you join your company?

Jordan: I have personally signed up about almost 500 people in network marketing since I signed up my first distributor in 1993. In SendOutCards I have signed up about 370 (in 11 years – 132 months). That comes out to just under 3 per month. Of the 370, I personally knew about 30 of them. So 90% of the people that I personally brought into the business, I did not know when I joined.

Q: How do you deal with running out of people?

Jordan: To answer this question, we must deal with the mindset of it. Believing that you will run out of people is a mindset. It is not a fact. Running out of people is a philosophy rooted in “scarcity”. Having an unlimited resource of people is a philosophy rooted in “abundance”. With a philosophy of scarcity, you will run out of people. You must realize that your thinking on this issue creates the fact. The fact does not create the thinking! You do not have a “scarcity of people” problem. You have a “resourcefulness” problem. You must start asking the right questions and DROP THE PHILOSOPHY THAT YOU ARE GOING TO RUN OUT OF PEOPLE! Otherwise you will not make it. The answer is simple: Figure out where to meet and connect with more people. You don’t need a lot. Two per day will do it. So to answer the question, I DON’T DEAL WITH RUNNING OUT OF PEOPLE because that is not how my brain works!

Q: Most people are negative and skeptical. Any strategies for that?

Jordan: Do you think I have a strategy for that? Of course I do! First recognize what is going on here.
There are two things at play . . . there is what you think and then there is reality. Are most people really negative and skeptical OR are most people tired of being hyped and lied to? I agree we live in a pretty cynical world today. Lots of people are asking the question . . . “What’s the catch?”. And with shows like American Greed and 60 minutes it’s no wonder people have been programmed to respond by raising an eyebrow. It’s ok. It’s ok! Let them be skeptical. Listen to their concerns. Ask them why they are the way they are? “What happened?” “Tell me more?” My #1 way to defuse skepticism is to LISTEN. Just listen. Then get permission to continue. Ask them if it’s okay if you show them anyway? If they say yes, then show them. If they say no, then don’t! Instead just send them a card. I have had people that were borderline negative turn completely around after I sent them a card and a gift. I have also had people turn around when I show them the APP or give them a chance to send a card. Be patient with people. Try and put yourself in their shoes for a minute.


1. CYNICS – Negative and not recoverable. End the conversation QUICKLY.
They have one goal . . . to put you and your dream down. You kill them before they
kill you (figuratively, not literally!)

2. SKEPTICS – Skeptics are recoverable. Listen to them. Skeptics will become your strongest
business buildings. There story becomes . . . “I was skeptical, but you know what I learned . . . ?”
The way to turn a skeptic around is to OFFER PROOF. Demo the App. Show some of the testimonials.
Show them some cards. Send them a card with a gift. Introduce them to someone that is having success.
I love skeptics!

3. PLAYERS – They have their credit card out before you even finish your presentation! Sign them up and train them. Teach the APA (Ask-Present-Ask). A player will typically train themselves before you can even get to them. They are sending cards because they watched the tutorials. They will even sign people up and get promoted without any encouragement at all. This is a good thing! Many of you on this call were players when you signed up. Lots of you don’t even have active sponsors. You figured it out. It’s not that tough. Someone with entrepreneurial qualities will hit the group running no matter what!

SPECIAL NOTE: Many times the reason you experience a skeptic or cynic is because you are “presenting on the fly”. Don’t present the business on the fly. SET UP A SPECIFIC TIME TO SHOW THE BUSINESS FROM START TO FINISH. REQUEST 30 MINUTES UNINTERRUPTED! If you do this, you will rarely experience negativity. When someone goes south, take it away from them quickly. Don’t answer questions until you meet with them to show them the whole thing from start to finish. If they demand answers before seeing the business, ask for a mailing address and tell them you will mail them something. Then send a nice card with pictures and a 2 pack of brownies. Your goal is to set up a time to meet in person or over the phone. This is a business and you need to set up a business meeting to explain what we do and how we do it. It cheapens your business when you try and explain it on the run. Let them know you will take all the time necessary to answer all of their questions AFTER you show it to them from start to finish.

Q: How do you stay motivated and keep going?

Jordan: Haha . . . in reality I don’t. I restart every day. Some days I’m just not motivated. But I don’t work based on whether I’m motivated. About 60% of the time, I’m not motivated to do this call on Monday night. But I do it anyway. And usually by doing it I get motivated . . . just like some of you get motivated by listening to it!

The key to motivation is looking forward to a brighter future. Let’s say you have a job and you have a very exciting vacation planned. You are really looking forward to it! Three days before your vacation, you get news that your boss has a critical project that has to be completed and your vacation get’s indefinitely postponed. Your motivation went way down, didn’t it!? People that have no hope are severely depressed. People that have something to look forward to are motivated. As an entrepreneur, we design our future. We inspire a better life for ourselves and for others. This is why dream-building is so important. This is why going to events and meeting others that are succeeding in the business is key! You must know what you are working for and you must believe it’s possible for you. Then you will be motivated. But motivation is like a hot cup of coffee. Sometimes the coffee cools off and you need to heat it back up! DON’T EXPECT TO BE MOTIVATED ALL THE TIME! You won’t be. Don’t decide to work or not based on whether you are motivated. That is a formula for failure. Sometimes you’ll need to work whether you are motivated or not. And that is not always easy. Realize that some days you will be off the charts excited and other days you will be depressed. That’s just normal. But you already know this because you are a person. And as a person, your emotions go up and down.

Q: What is your most important recruiting tip for the new year?

Jordan: Easy one . . . fill your calendar. Look at your schedule right now and ask yourself, if this was your first week back at work after being gone on vacation would you get a raise? Or would you be fired based on how productive your week will be? REFRESH YOU LIST AND START USING YOUR TEXTING AND PRIVATE INBOX MESSAGING STRATEGY TO FILL YOUR WEEK! Start taking selfies with others and send them out on cards using the app. DO AT LEAST ONE PER DAY. If you have a local team, book a meeting/training and invite guests. Do that tonight! Get your calendar full with appointments for you and for your team. As a network marketing professional, it’s your role (and mine) to be a catalyst for growth in the business. That means creating the opportunities to show the business to new people each day. Do it yourself. Do it for them. Do it with them . . . then have them do it. Then you do it yourself again.

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