September 13, 2011

Imagine we are sitting down together. We’re outside sitting at a table on a pool deck overlooking the ocean. We’re just talking. The sun is setting and there is nice light warm breeze coming in off the water. You are sipping your favorite drink and were just having a chat about the business. You have questions:

Here’s your situation: you find that there are many days that you just aren’t motivated to work your business. You want a better lifestyle because you are constantly behind the eight ball financially and you’re tired of the treadmill. You find that most people around you are broke and your business is not going fast enough. You’ve read the books and listened to the CD’s. You’ve been to the seminars and not much is happening in your business. There are many days that you doubt and question yourself. You wonder if it will ever really happen for you. Although intellectually you know that everyone has their challenges, it seems that your circumstances constantly keep you from putting in the time necessary to get good results in your business. The few people that you have talked to are pretty negative about the business and the people that you have sponsored aren’t doing anything.

a. You are not alone, everyone experiences the doubt.

b. Let’s talk about the numbers (1 in 20-30).

c. You probably already know your runners (you just don’t know that you know them) or at least those that will lead you to them.

1. Are you meeting enough people? Usually I have found when I’m getting down about my business it’s because my “resource” feels like it’s running low. People are my resource. People fuel my business. When I have people to meet with I’m excited and moving forward. When I don’t know who to call, I feel at a loss. Also, it’s easier to call people when you have LOTS of people to call.

Where are you meeting people each day and how can you put yourself in a situation that will allow you to meet more people?

I once had someone say to me, “Is this one of those businesses where you have to meet people and get customers?”. I don’t know of one single business (not one!) that you don’t need to meet people and get customers. That’s the nature of business. At the Treat’EmRight seminar this weekend Kody talked about someone that said to him, “I don’t believe in making money off of other people”. These attitudes are a formula for failure. People make money off of us and we make money off of others. That’s basic economics! If you have a business, you will make money off of others and they will get great value from spending their money with you or they won’t keep spending money!
Years ago I adopted the habit of collecting business cards from people and staying in touch with them. I still do that today. SendOutCards gives me the best tool for staying connected with people and igniting a relationship with them.
Make sure you are in a situation that allows you to meet at least 10 people per week.
I believe that most of the time your level of excitement will be directly proportionate with the number of people you believe you have to talk to each week about our business
This is an EASY problem to solve.

2. Are you sending out enough PERSONAL HEARTFELT CARDS each day? I had Dave Smith pull up my card count from the past 30 days and put it up on the big screen in Toronto. I had sent out 285 cards in the past 30 days. That’s almost 10 per day. I spend one hour a day sending 10 or so PERSONAL cards each day. I send out positive and I get back positive. It also keeps my mind focused on the positive because I too find myself going south quite a lot living in a pretty negative world. I sent out 8 personal thank you cards yesterday.
Give yourself a minimum of 15 to 30 min a day to send out your cards and start acting on promptings.
When someone comes to mind, they need to get a card from you. Your “slow down” or lack of activity could be caused by not sending enough personal cards. PUT YOUR HEART INTO YOUR CARDS.

3. Are you doing productive activities each day? You’ll notice that my calls are usually short lists of things to do. Lists make it easy to sort through the noise of our daily lives. Lists simplify. Lists help you prioritize. This ONE IDEA can revolutionize your business. This one idea can mean the difference between making $50 a month and $50,000 a month. AND IT TAKES ONLY 5 MINUTES TO DO! Let me give you an example. Here’s a simple list of 3 things that will focus you on productive actives and get you pointed in the right direction.

1. Write down 3 things that you want to do/have in the next 90 days.
2. Make a list of 100 people (use the memory jogger).
3. Start at that top of the list and call each one, have them watch the first 3 minute video by
going to ID#.

Do this and you’ll have your “Q” and you’ll be well on your way to success in the business.

This is just a short list of 3 things to do getting started. It took me less than 5 minutes to make this list.
It gets someone FOCUSED on productive activities. It’s easy to follow, easy to understand and easy to do RIGHT NOW. It cuts out all the outside noise. It’s also easy to communicate to others.

You’ll notice that #1 is also a short list “Write down 3 things you want to do/have in the next 90 days”.


1. Take my daughter to Disneyland.
2. Organize my closet.
3. Run 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

By focusing on just these 3 things, life becomes so much simpler AND you get measurable

Here are a few examples of short lists you could make that could dramatically improve your results.

1. Meet 3 people today (1. ___________ 2. ___________ 3. ____________).
2. Show the video to 3 people today.
3. Follow up with three people today.
4. Send 5 PERSONAL cards today.

1. Sign up 1 customer today.
2. Show the 3 minute bridge video (the envelope icon)
to 5 of my customers today.
3. Text 10 of my friends today just to say “hi”.

1. Run 20 minutes today.
2. Focus on personally connecting with at least 2 people today.
3. Spend 1 hour of 100% focused quality time with my kids today.

1. Meet and get 3 business cards today.
2. Find and join a mom’s group today.
3. Schedule a meeting today with my reps and guests for next week.

I recommend making lists of 10 things that can quickly produce measurable results and then simply prioritize them. Do the first 3-4 things on the list and then do it again tomorrow and then the next day. Within 90 days, you’ll be blown away as to how much you will have accomplished and how easy it was.

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