September 30, 2012

First of all . . . this statement is just not true! LOTS of people are doing something. In fact Network Marketing is
exploding right now. Our company is signing up hundreds of new distributors per week and thousands of new
customers per week! It may be true that no one is doing anything in your group. This is the strongest economy in
history for our profession! Why? Because there are more people looking for an opportunity today than ever before.
Here are some reasons why it’s the best time to be building a network marketing business:

  1. People are no longer in denial: Things are financially bad for many people and it doesn’t seem to be getting much better!
  2. It’s no longer cool to have a job: For 50 years, thanks to the industrial revolution, if you had a secure job you were cool. Today, a job is considered to be the lower road if you are seeking success. The general population accepts the premise that if you want financial success you must have your own business.
  3. Network Marketing has come of age: In the 80’s, Network Marketing was considered taboo. 90% of the population believed it was a scam. Today, 90% believe it’s legit and only about 10% think it’s a scam. The 10% are now looked at as ignorant by the 90%. Today most people know at least a handful of people that make a great living at Network Marketing and Economists and successful entrepreneurs write positively about our profession. Paul Zane Pilzer, Zig Zigler, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump all sing the praises of network marketing.
  4. Network Marketing is attracting more professionals than ever before
  5. Network Marketing provides a lifestyle that can never be attained through a traditional business or high paid corporate position: Residual income buys someone the freedom that traditional business can not.

And regarding the economy in general. People typically come up with the money for the things they are interested in doing. As you may know, I have a place in Vegas and there are LINES of people standing at the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ slot machines to put their $100 bill into. The Cirque Du Solei shows that cost $100-$200 per ticket are sold out in 8 casinos almost every night of the week! The average customer spends $175 PER MONTH at Walmart. People have money to spend. They just need to believe that spending it with us is a good move.

I did a coaching call about a week ago with some of our newer Executives. I almost always know the way the call is going to go . . . “I’ve sponsored 50 people and no one is doing anything! What can we do to get them to go to work!?”

I’m going to share with you what was taught to me 20 years ago that turned everything around for me. The problem is, most people hear this but then forget it after sponsoring 5-10 people that do little to nothing. What I’m going to say here is probably the most important ‘perspective’ you can have for building a successful business in network marketing yet most people either never adopt this perspective or they get discouraged and quit because they forget. I have personally met HUNDREDS of people that make a FULL TIME LIVING ON PART TIME WORK. They all have the same story. They have sponsored 50-200 people and 95% of their incomes are coming from 1-5 ‘legs’. Donna Johnson is the #1 earner with her company. She has personally sponsored 200+ people in 23 years. 99% of her income comes from 3 legs. That means 197 people quit or became customers. Nathan Goldberg makes about $300,000 a month. He has sponsored about 80 people in 5 years. 99% of his income comes from ONE leg! I have personally sponsored 258 people. 251 of them have either quit or become customers (a few are still working the business and on the road to growing a large business. 7 of my 258 result in 95% of my income. Bob and Betty Ann Golden, Jim Packard, Jeff Packard, Adam Packard, Demarr Zimmerman, Jimmy Dick, Todd Falcone, Kathy Pauuw, Judy O’Higgins and many many others have the same story. This story is the same story you will hear if you talk to the top earners of every company. I’m now seeking my #8 and my #9!

In my last company i personally sponsored 122 people in 13 years. That’s less than one per month. I had 5 that were responsible for 99% of my income. the other 117 either went away or became customers. And this has little to do with you. I’ve had 245+ people fade into the sunset and I offered to train, coach and work with all of them! Did you know that 95% of everyone that pays a monthly gym membership never works out? Does this have anything to do with the gym? In over 100 years, the fitness profession has still never figured out how to get more people to work out. It’s the nature of people to quit.

Something else you will learn is that those that took the business seriously and built it big in most cases did it WITHOUT the help of their upline! WE SPEND SO MUCH TIME TOILING OVER THE PEOPLE THAT AREN’T WORKING THAT WE STOP WORKING TO LOOK FOR THOSE THAT WILL BUILD THE BUSINESS DESPITE US!

So the big question everyone is always asking . . . “What am I doing wrong?’ OR ‘What can a I do to get more people to go to work?’ OR ‘What can I do to motivate my people?’

STOP ASKING THESE QUESTIONS! They are not serving you. You can’t babysit your team. You can (at best) be with each of them a few minutes a week. YOUR JOB IS TO CONTINUE TO SPONSOR NEW PEOPLE UNTIL YOU FIND ONE THAT WANTS TO GO TO WORK. The system works. EVERYTHING is in place to help each new distributor have success. We all have access to the same system, the same people and the same training.

Here’s the question you want to ask . . . ‘What will it take for me to find the person/people that will work this business without my help using the resources that are available to them?’

Stop training and motivating your dead reps trying to get them to go to work. You’ll fail at this! Have you ever heard about the person that tried to get a pig to dance? He only succeeded at pissing off the pig! Encourage the reps that are showing signs of life to plug in to the team calls, go conferences and events. Do calls, meetings and events with the few that ARE working and then spend 50% of your time looking for your next distributor.

Spending time trying to motivate your dead reps and being discouraged because no one is doing anything is a LOSING GAME!

Shift your focus to the few that are doing something. You only need A FEW! Five growing teams in your lifetime will make you rich! If you are coming up short and still don’t have anyone working, it’s most likely not something you are doing wrong. You just haven’t found a runner yet. There are thousands of them out there. Many have never ever heard of network marketing and they are waiting for you to sponsor them! You just need to figure out how to get to them! Consider that you are in search of the next
Michael Jordan that has never picked up a basketball!

The same holds true when you are working to sponsor new distributors. If you find yourself chasing people, then it’s time to move on! You have something extremely valuable that can add endless personal and financial riches to someone’s life. Would you ever run around with a wad of cash chasing people as they run away from you, yelling ‘I want to give this to you . . . WAIT! STOP! I want to give you this money. Stop running from me!!’ That’s what you are doing when you chase people with this opportunity. Look for those that express some interest. If they begin to move away from you, send them a card and keep in touch. That’s it! Don’t chase!

As difficult as it is to do, we must realize 2 things:

  1. The reason we have such a great opportunity is because only a few people get it. If everyone got it, then the opportunity would become saturated and short lived. The very thing that frustrates us is the thing that makes this a great opportunity
  2. 2. Consider that the longer it takes for other people to figure it out, the better it is for you and for me. It buys us time! In other words, Would you rather have 10 people in your group when everyone figures out what a great program we have or 1000 people in your group? Do you see the leverage of ‘timing’. I personally don’t get why EVERYONE doesn’t sign up with us!

But it’s okay because it buys me time. At some point, we’ll hit critical mass and a WAVE of people will be joining us. I want to have a large team when that happens! :)


Is there any way the company can look into adding AT&T Worldwide phone cards to the gift card section. Being the mother of a military member I love SOC for sending him cards, but when it comes to the gifts he wants a phone card most of all so he can call home. This would be wonderful for our military families.

A: Great suggestion! Love it. Please send to

i’m sorry to ask this question… but what does it actually mean to sponsor someone into SOC? Does that mean we pay their $395 entry?

A: It’s against policy to buy people in. When we ‘sponsor’ someone we sign them up as a Marketing Distributor for $395 and we assist them in getting their business started. They pay for their own business. We don’t pay for them.

How long does it generally take to become a eagle?

A: In most companies it takes many years to achieve the top position in the pay plan. We only have 4 Eagle positions so we don’t have a baseline set yet however, it took myself and the Golden’s about 5 years to achieve this rank. Tommy and Curtis did it a little faster. It’s probably 5-10 years to Eagle. But only the most focused and committed builders will get there.

What are the benefits of becoming Manager?

A: You get paid more money for doing the same thing. And it’s a stepping stone to the next leadership position.
Manager’s get $290 for each new MD they sponsor that gets 2 subs customers or one $31 preferred customer and $190 to unlimited levels for each person in your Manager Group that does the same thing. You also get 5% off all volume to unlimited levels (each month) in your Manager group. It’s a huge raise.

What happens if you don’t get your first 3 MDs before October 7?

A: Then you’ll miss out on the opportunity to be a trainer and you’ll need to get to Manager the way most everyone else has done it over the past 8 years. Three and 12 gets you to Manager (as long as you have your ‘Q’)

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