My Area isn’t Growing

June 6, 2011-“My Area isn’t Growing”

Megan’s Min:
Some frequent complaints/ requests I receive through emails and phone calls go something like this:

“ My sponsor didn’t train me, please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX and show me the entire system so I can start working my business.”
“My sponsor isn’t working the business anymore and customer service said to call you since you’re my upline…”
“ I don’t like my upline and I don’t want to work with them anymore, can I switch sponsors?”
“Do you know any SOC reps in the (such-in-such) area of (such-in-such) state?”

If every distributor that took the time to contact me with these concerns remembered the title they received when they signed up, they wouldn’t be so concerned with the amount of their up-line involvement. The title I’m referring to is “Independent Distributor”. Each one of you on this call purchased the Entrepreneur Package and therefore became a business owner. If you are on this call, you are most likely hoping to build a successful business to become your own boss. The beauty of network marketing is being your own boss, building your business your own way, setting your own schedule, and creating financial and time freedom. You have everything you need to accomplish these incredible benefits.

This is a simple program that is not meant to be rocket science. There is no 4-year apprenticeship program. There is no “card sending certification” curriculum you must complete before practicing the “Art of SOC”. You don’t need a college degree in Marketing or Communications or Business. When Jordan began with Sendoutcards at the end of 2004, all he had to build a business with was a basic card-sending site. He talked to people he knew about the “cool system he just discovered” and he sent heartfelt cards. Over the years so many tools have been created and perfected, a new distributor has more than enough resources to develop a thriving organization.

Some of these tools include:
-System Training Webinars
– Daily 8 Checkpoint System
-Jordan’s weekly conference calls
-Archived conference calls located on
-Fast Start Guide
-Jordan’s book, Beach Money

As an Independent Distributor from “Day One”, you want to find others that want to be their own boss as well. The tools provided are designed to give a new distributor everything they need without having to rely on the person that signed them up. Support is great, encouragement is awesome, training your organization on the system is necessary. Having said this, the more time you spend with each new rep, the more time they feel they will need to spend orienting their new reps. It will become a challenge and more complex of an operation than it needs to be. The key is to lead by example. Do what you want your team to do. If you want them to tune into Jordan’s webcasts and SOC TV each week, be on those webcasts. If you want them to support local events and Treat ‘Em Right Seminars, plan to attend them your self. If you want them to take initiative and be the leader in an area that doesn’t have an active Senior Manager or Executive, show them that they can.
The bottom line is: You don’t need your sponsor to succeed in this business.
You are an Independent Distributor from the day you sign up for the Entrepreneur Package and you have EVERYTHING you need to be as successful as you want to be, so get out there and make it happen!

‘My area is not growing . . . the people in my area are different’!

I spoke with a good friend yesterday. I asked him, “How’s it going?” His answer was “plugging away” and then he told me that people in his area are a little different. They seem to be not as motivated. That same area had almost 300,000 distributors in my last company and 2 of our top 10 money earners lived there! These two guys were both six-figure, MONTHLY earners. It’s just not true that his area is different. In fact I have heard that from distributors in almost every area of the country. First of all, you will never meet a top performer that is “plugging away”. “Plugging away” represents the energy of struggle. That state of work will not inspire anyone to be part of your organization. Will it? Who wants to “plug away”? Remember, as a leader, you set the pace of your team. You set the culture for your area. People are people!

Just as soon as you label your area as “different”, you have created a death sentence for your team. Your area is just like every other area. There are people that want to break free and there are many more who don’t. Who you attract, is who you are. Do you want a bunch of people that are tired, worn out and struggling? Then “plug away”!! Do you want a team of self-motivated, high-powered, fun and energetic entrepreneurs? Then be one!! You will attract who you are! This is not hype. This IS the difference between a quantum leap and a slow moving, stagnant organization.

Although this is a simple dialog, it’s the most important dialog we can have regarding your business. If you want to have a successful business, (regardless of the business) YOU must take responsibility for the growth of your business as a first step before you do anything else. The reason most people struggle in business is because they continue to blame things outside of themselves. It’s not your sponsor’s responsibility, it’s YOUR responsibility. As Megan mentioned, you have everything you need right at your fingertips.

The business is simple. The company has done most of the work for us. We have a blueprint and a playbook (the Fast Start Guide). We have conference calls and books written by successful SOC leaders right at our fingertips. We have recorded webinars and recordings that can be forwarded to potential distributors and customers. We have the ability for people to test drive our system for free and recorded tutorials on every aspect of the site.

Now we can show someone a way that they can sign up for less than $15 with no set up fee and be a customer. We can show them how they can have a business with unlimited potential for under $1000, a business that can pay them over and over again for years to come. Ask them to do their research. Show them how to send a card and then show them the business. Meet people on a daily basis and keep it very very simple. Use the tools that are available to you. Most importantly, be responsible for your business and your team. It’s YOUR business from here on out. You are in business for yourself and you have a $60 million company backing you up.

In John Milton Fogg’s latest Mastermind Interviews with 21 multi-million $$ producers, he asked the question, “What values drive the growth of your business?”

The answers were telling:
Focus on others

What would happen if you were to adopt all of these values right now!? What would your business look, feel and act like if you had all of the values listed above?? It would be quite different than if you did your business with fear, doubt, blame, skepticism, cynicism. Plodding doesn’t appear on the list.

Leaders lead with confidence “Yeah, but Jordan, I’m not confident!” Then BE confident! Confidence is a state of being. You create it internally first and then you attract others. I wasn’t always confident. The confidence came FIRST and then others followed. Confidence is a feeling that you can access right now. You will not attract until you first become.
Start right where you are. Your area will grow once you decide and act upon the truth that you are the source of that growth through who you are. Be the light. Stop blaming your upline, your lazy downline, the company, the comp plan, Kody, etc.
Use all the tools and the resources created by those that came before you. Share the stories of others that have inspired you until you have stories of your own. Focus on doing the simple things every day. Here are a few specifics:

1. Get in action each day. Focus on income producing activities. Share the story and promote the product and promote the events.
2. Remake your list
3. Read at least 30 minutes a day (personal development)
4. Envision other positive self motivated people just like you building the business in your area.
5. Stop trying to ‘motivate’ your team and go out and introduce more people each day.
6. Do a group event for your team at least once a month just to get together, train and exchange ideas – even if it’s only for 4 people at a time. Start small and build from there. One can turn to thousands.

You can count the seeds in an apple but you can’t count the apples in a seed. Don’t use it to motivate.
Use it to find the serious ones. See who shows up. And THEN . . . teach each person to be responsible for their own business each day.

The business is built by having LOTS of people doing DAILY Gift Account Walk-Throughs and introducing the business to new people each day and every day. If you don’t have anyone in your area doing that . . . GOOD FOR YOU! START A MOVEMENT!

Novik McFarlin (Top Network Marketing Professional and SM in SendOutCards) said, ‘It’s the height of arrogance to think that you are the only one that will ‘see’ this opportunity in your area. There are thousands that have never heard of it. Your job is to bring them the message. The size of your residual check will be determined by how well you do at FINDING THE RIGHT PEOPLE AT THE RIGHT TIME.

MAKE SURE AND TRAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS! – They will market for you! Rather than simply sending them to the tutorials, set aside a few minutes to show your new customers how to use the SendOutCards, system. By doing this, they will become ambassadors for the growth of your team as they talk to people and send out cards. In fact many of them will decide to be distributors because of the positive response they get from people who receive their cards. We are already experiencing this in the short span of 2 weeks since launching this program. I received a call from Tracy Monteforte (Freedom 100 Award Winner and New SOC Executive). She told me about 4 people that were interested but never took action until these announcements were made. All of a sudden, the ease of talking about our new program and then signing people up, made the difference. The psychology of how easy it is to get a customer caused some people she had talked to in the past to gain interest in the business. .

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