MRM – How do I present it??

Mar 2nd, 2015 MRM – How do I present it??

(Mastering Relationship Marketing)

Business owners are looking for ways to make more money and become more successful
marketers. Most small businesses spend $2000-$5000 PER MONTH on marketing. And it goes
up from there! If someone can show them how to be more successful and spend less money doing
it they are all ears!

Think of the MRM Program as a training program to help small business owners become better marketers.
Right now the MRM Program is being refined and tested. The Salt Lake City event was the first of it’s kind.
In the near future this program will be rolled out to the marketplace as a stand-alone training that will
help businesses be more successful. This is a conversation that virtually all business owners are interested in


We have ALWAYS been the relationship marketing company! The people that have become successful in SendOutCards have always seen this. They could describe SOC as a way to enhance relationships, retain customers, celebrate life and get more sales. In fact between 2005-2009 we exploded because most distributors were focusing on sponsoring small business owners, salespeople and entrepreneurs! Business Network International was a focus for many of our distributors. The low hanging fruit in our business are the business owners and salespeople that get the importance of expressing appreciation and kindness in the written word!
So really nothing changes . . .

Greeting cards are a product. Relationship marketing is a solution. What most people in our company do is sell greeting cards. The general view of the greeting card industry is that it’s a dying industry (even though we know better!) At one point, people thought the video rental business was a dying industry! But it was reinvented by the entrepreneurs that started Netflix and today they are part of a booming company! We are spending lots of our time trying to show people that there is a better way! Until we meet with someone and let them experience the service by sending a card, they really don’t “get it”! Really, we have always been the relationship marketing company.
SendOutCards is just the mechanism we use to nurture and advance the relationships with the people we love and the people we do business with.

So by describing us as “The Relationship Marketing Company” we open up a whole new world of conversation that can serve the business community. And if you think about it . . . what is network marketing?? It’s RELATIONSHIP MARKETING. So it serves us better to reference us as “The Relationship Marketing
Company” vs “The Greeting Card Company”. Without your knowledge of what we do, who would you think would be involved in a greeting card company? Older people? Crafters? Mostly Women?

Without your knowledge of what we do, who you would think would be involved in a Relationship Marketing Company?
Successful Business Owners? Entrepreneurs? Salespeople? Men and Woman? Success minded people? Do you see the difference?

And we get to show others how they can make money helping us promote THE #1 RELATIONSHIP MARKETING COMPANY ON THE PLANET! Greeting Cards happen to be one of the most powerful mechanism’s for following up and expressing gratitude and appreciation!


Because these programs are in the early stages of being launched, there is a perception that we need to be experts at relationship marketing to succeed. Some people
even think they have to do training programs on Mastering Relationship Marketing. You do not. It can’t hurt for you to MASTER RELATIONSHIP MARKETING because we are
in the relationship Marketing business and the basic skills will serve you well.

But this has nothing to do with you teaching MRM. There will be 4-6 programs a year available to attend for business owners and our customer base. There will also be a condensed version in an audio format that is already in the works with an introduction by Tom Hopkins. Think about it this way . . . as the relationship marketing company, we need to become the very best at relationship marketing. This includes the skills for being a professional network marketer. The programs will help you grow and become better. Over time, we will have a number of commissionable training programs made available to our distributors, our customers and the marketplace. SendOutCards is a tool that supports being a great relationship marketer. So we’ll want to master those skills. But in no way are you required to be the expert on training this info!
(Of course it’s always good to teach what you learn and you’ll become much better at it if you do!)


When I’m talking to someone about what I do, I don’t talk about SendOutCards as a product. When I am presenting the SendOutCards Opportunity, I don’t say that we are a greeting card company. People don’t buy products. People buy stories, ideas, solutions, and strategies. SendOutCards is a product (and a really powerful one!) But it means little without the context of what it will do for people! So here’s an idea for you:

“What do you do?”

“I represent the #1 Relationship Marketing Company on the planet. We help business owners and entrepreneurs with strategies and tools that will help them grow their businesses and make more money. And we are looking to train a few others that may be interested in a new opportunity or second income stream.”

Personally I think it could serve you to memorize this. Say it over and over 10 times until you can repeat it without thinking if I were to stop you on the street!

This is just an example . . . Again, think about who this will attract (as compared to “we are a greeting card company”)? Because, truthfully this is who we are and who we have always been! Kody says, “Find out who you are and give yourself away!” Well SendOutCards has always been a relationship marketing company but our distributors have always been left in the dark as to how to bridge the gap and explain it to others. Many figured it out on their own. The ones that did, did very well. But now we have clearly defined it. We have the #1 Relationship Marketing Tool on the planet and what that means to you is that we can help you be more successful at what you do. The proof is, we’ve sent out over 120 million cards!

I am letting my potential distributors know this up front . . . I say something like,

“We are the #1 Relationship Marketing Company in the world. We offer programs and systems that can help business owners be more successful. I’m going to show you an example of one way we do this. We also have programs that we offer that can help to train you and your team to make more money. We can talk about that later. Ok?”

1). This approach attracts successful business people
2). Successful business people know other successful business people
3). Business owners tend to have to think less about spending $395 to start a business because the door on their office cost more than $395
and they are used to spending $2000 to $10,000 a month on marketing
4). Successful business owners know other people that could benefit from Mastering Relationship Marketing
5). Successful business owners immediately recognize a great opportunity when they see one

I love the “Sales Statistics” Card that is available on It explains that 80% of all sales are made on the 8th-12th contact. I like to show this chart up front and at the very least send it to them as a card as a follow up to our meeting.

Question: if I were to run into you, and ask you to show me the business, could you do it?
What steps would you take?Answer below. Be never know, I may ask you to do that someday!

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I put his on FB and got 30 or so answers that were all different. Thanks for your input! The responses were interesting!
For those of you that responded, if I were to ask you are you really happy with your results, how would you answer?
Here are some key points:

1. You must have a system. For you to teach it, you must know the steps. If I ask you the steps,
you should be able to tell me

2. Any thing you change, leave out or add will give you a different result. It’s like a phone number.
Leave one number out or switch 2 of them around and you get a different result

3. Some things do work better than others!

4. It must be simple, easy to teach and explain and accessible to others! (remember the 8 year old test!)

5. The better you are at INVOLVING the person you are showing it to the more successful you will be!

6. There is a method to the madness! (explain having them send a card OR doing it on the phone)

7. Ask the Question at the end!! How do you know if you don’t ask!

8. Ask for 30 minutes of UNINTERRUPTED TIME! If you do it on the run, you’ll get mediocre results!

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