Money or Meaning

July 11, 2011- Money or Meaning


Money is meaningless until we give it value. It’s how we feel about money and what we do with it that establishes it’s meaning. It’s paper and ink. We created money for our own use. Money is simply an agreement of exchange. Our greeting cards are also paper and ink. It’s the words and photos we put on to the cards that ultimately determine their meaning. Likewise, money is simply a mechanism that represents an exchange of value. We give money meaning by how we see it and what we do with it. Similarly, we give our greeting cards meaning by how we see them and what we do with them.

Kody’s vision for Sendoutcards is to help millions of people act on their promptings and to provide a vehicle for financial freedom. Because there is such a focus on money in our society, its really easy for this equation to get out of balance. Right now there is an inordinate amount of tension and anxiety around money. Whenever this happens people become desperate and they begin to compromise their values in the pursuit of money. Whenever money in an of itself becomes the goal, things get out of whack.

We tend to forget our core values and why we are doing what we are doing. We cut corners and will sometimes do things that are in our own best interest at the expense of others. We are easily taken advantage of because we are desperately looking for a solution. We become self consumed and fearful.

You were attracted to SendOutCards for a specific reason. Most likely you resonated with who we are as a company. You liked the mission of SendOutCards. You are the type of person that believes in being kind and generous to others. Kody has a clear vision about who we are and that’s what you were attracted to us. Your spirit was in perfect alignment with our purpose in the world. As long as you continue to tap into this, HOW to build the business should never be a question for you. By joining sendoutcards and sending cards, you are simply doing what you would do anyway as a kind and generous person. Now you have a mechanism to do it more effectively. There will be certain individuals that will not resonate long term with who we are. Maybe they saw dollar signs but their true nature was inconsistent with treating people right or maybe they are so out of alignment that money is their only focus.

I like money and I have a story about money that I believe serves a higher cause. But understand that I created this meaning about money based on my beliefs about it.

I believe money is like water. it needs to flow just like water to prevent from getting stagnant. Money is not to be hoarded. I believe when money is used for good, it will multiply. I believe it needs to keep moving to multiply and do good, just like water. I also believe that money is the result of creating value in the world. I do not believe that money should be the goal. When money becomes the goal, it can corrupt the soul’s purpose. We are guided to our higher purpose as long as we don’t allow greed to creep in. I believe that when we have something that can serve the higher good and we are in perfect alignment with it, we will want to share it with others. Not just to make money but because it’s the right thing to do and we want to share what we love! When you love something, don’t you want to share it with those you care about?

It just so happens that we have a compensation plan attached to our mechanism for sending out positive into the world and that compensation plan can pay us quite well as more and more people become involved.

I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how I built my business. I was attracted to Kody’s company vision and mission. I was ALREADY someone who believed in expressing gratitude and appreciation. I was also someone who deeply believed that the “Beach Money” way was a better way. In other words, the idea of working for “the man” was not for me. I know that there are millions of others that, once exposed to network marketing will see an exciting alternative to working 40 hours a week for 40 years to retire at 40% of their annual pay (if they are one of the lucky ones!!)

So I was already in alignment with who we are as a company. I suspect that the reason you are here is because you are most likely in alignment with Kody’s vision and mission as well. You can see that by acting on promptings and reaching out in kindness not only will you become a better person, but you will make the world a better place. Again, there are some people that joined us that ended up in the wrong place. They are out of sync with who we are. They may have joined for the wrong reasons. Because we are not a good fit for them, they may end up somewhere else.

I happen to believe that rather than changing who we are to attract others, we need to be who we are and continue to attract those the resonate with Kody’s and our vision.

Now it’s important to remember that if you came here for the reason that I’m describing, you should not have to go out to do SendOutCards. SendOutCards is who you are. I don’t mean that SendOutCards (the company) is who you are. I mean that SendOutCards (the mission) is who you are. You were already about who SendOutCards is, prior to coming on board. SendOutCards isn’t something that you do or something that you quit. It’s something that you already are. You are simply using the mechanism that Kody put together to continue to do what you already do. Now you can do it even better. You are already about acknowledging others, expressing appreciation and celebrating lives.

And you also are not the stingy type. You are not the type to keep something that you love a secret. You’re the type that likes to share those things that are important to you, with others. You also realize that we may not resonate with everyone. We don’t need to change our message to get others to like us. We already have an appealing message when we share it with the right people. And it will not be appealing to the wrong person. We understand that when someone is not interested, it means we are probably talking to someone that is either not ready to hear it or is not in alignment with who we are.

Now let’s go back and talk about money. I started to share with you how I built my business. Once again, I was in perfect alignment with Kody’s vision and mission when I joined SendOutCards. It was 100% crystal clear for me. And it was probably 100% crystal clear for you too. That’s why you are here. That’s why you are on this call. If you ever question whether you are in the right place, go back and read “Promptings” by Kody Bateman and “Appreciation Marketing” by Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsey.

I simply began to share a way to do what I already loved to do, in a better way. I made a list, made calls and set up appointments to show others what I was so excited about. This is what I continue to do today. I believe there are MILLIONS of people that are in perfect alignment with who we are. They will be attracted to us like a super powered magnet as long as we don’t forget why and how we got here. Do you see that HOW to build the business becomes a non-issue when you stay in alignment with why are are doing it? Why you are doing it is the reason you were attracted to SendOutCards in the first place. it’s because you are doing what you were already doing. Now doing it more effectively because you have the mechanism called SendOutCards!

If we shift our energy to something that is inconsistent with who we are as an attempt to persuade, entice or coerce someone to join us, then a couple of things will happen:

1. We will attract people that aren’t in alignment with our overall mission.

2. We will attract people that will sign up and then leave just as quickly.

3. We will attract people that will cut corners and try and scam the system just to

make money.

So although when I joined SendOutCards, I was going through $20,000/mo in savings each month, AND I was under tremendous financial stress, I didn’t initially see SendOutCards as a way to make money. I saw it as a way to be who I already was. A kind person that believed in acknowledging others for their greatness. As I shared this idea with people, I started to sponsor some others that saw it exactly the same way as I saw it.

I can remember a guy from Prescott that got mad at me for sending him cards. I had sent him 3 cards and he was in the printing business. I think he saw us as a threat to his business (although our business was completely different than his). Mostly, he was just a miserable guy and was completely out of sync with who we are.

I also have a very close friend from the Bay area in California that publicly declared for years that she hates people. And she would prove that in many of her interactions with others. We are just not a good fit for her (although it could probably do her good to force herself to send out some cards with some kind words in them).

Our message was very clear and the team grew very very fast. And guess what else?? Everyone’s checks began to grow! We were attracting the people that this was the right thing to be doing.

Going back to our current economic state of affairs; many people are in financial crisis right now. There is massive desperation. Again, this causes people to forget their core values and turn their focus inward for survival. It’s much like the human body after a severe accident and a high loss of blood. The body goes into shock and the blood turns inward to the organs as a survival mechanism. It’s designed to keep the organs functioning but in the process, the blood leaves the brain. This is what happens when we experience financial shock as well. Our attention goes inward for survival. We tend to forget our core purpose and everything becomes about money. It’s not a very fun or fulfilling place to be. The ones that come out on top are the ones that can stay tapped into their core purpose and continue to be consistent with who they are regardless of how stressful the money issues become.

If you find yourself in that spot, ask yourself, are you being driven by love (outward) or fear (inward)?

After the demise of my last company in 2004, I watched thousands of financially desperate people being driven by fear and making outrageously greedy and selfish decisions. These decisions would hurt others at the expense of making money. I had to resist the temptation to get sucked in to the same pattern as all the others. I refused to be motivated by fear. The result was finding SendOutCards and following an unconventional path. Everyone said I was crazy but I followed my heart. It was the right decision.

Money is a result, not a destination. As we attract others that share a common vision and mission, our checks will go up BECAUSE we have a compensation plan is attached to our mission. We share SendOutCards because we are the type of people that want to share things we love and benefit from with others and not because it will make us more money. That’s just who we are. That’s WHY we are here!

If it’s just about the money, then once someone is onboard, if they aren’t making money right away, they tend to go away. However, if they are passionate about sharing SendOutCards because we are aligned with who they are as a person, they are here FOR LIFE! Imagine having 2 million distributors and 10 million customers that are with us because they were attracted to us for one reason: We are where they belong.

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