Mindset and Mechanics

July 15, 2013 – Mindset and Mechanics


I want to start with a story. Back in about 2000, the founder of my last company made an announcement on a live videocast that was piped into theaters across the US. I was sitting in a theater on the East Coast after doing an event with about 500 people. The company had just announced a new position (Ambassador) and laid out the requirements to get there. As I sat in the theater hearing the announcement for the first time, I immediately thought to myself, “there is absolutely no way I can get this done”. It would require me to get 5 people promoted to the equivalent to of Senior Manager (called Regional Director) in 90 days. I decided in that moment that I would NOT go for it because it was impossible. I had a completely full schedule and the commitment was way bigger than I could see myself taking on. Well, about 30 days later, Jimmy Dick and Brian McClue were in Arizona and they sat me down. They told me that Kenny Troutt had created this “window” that I needed to step through. This one meeting changed my life forever. They said, “Jordan, you don’t have a choice. You have to get this done. You MUST get promoted to Ambassador!” In other words, they gave me an attitude adjustment!

I was scared and unsure about how I could make it happen but that night I got on the phone and started clearing my schedule. I needed to find 5 people in my highest coded group that wanted to go for it. I had 2 (one was a female attorney and the other was a stay-at-home mom). I called them both and got them excited about the prospect of getting all the way to Regional Director in the next 60 days. I also needed to find 3 others that would want to do the same thing. Each person would need a minimum of 24 new distributors in their groups to get the promotion. Our convention was now 60 days away and I needed to add about 100 new distributors, in all the right places, to get this promotion done. I needed to help 5 people each build a group of 24 to get promoted to Regional Director for me to get my Ambassador promotion. The next day I bought an airline ticket to Chicago and literally camped out there for the next 60 days. I ran newspaper ads, talked to people in restaurants and grocery stores and scheduled appointments morning, noon and night. Our group had breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings 6 days a week. Some meetings had 5 or 10 people and some had none. I ate pizza at Giordina’s Pizza on State Street in Chicago for lunch and dinner 6 days a week for 2 months (we offered free pizza to anyone that would attend). We found the other 3 people in the groups of the two women that agreed to help us make this happen. They each got their Regional Director promotions and I got my Ambassador promotion the day of our convention. In fact, I became the first one (because my last name started with “A”). It also kicked my income up to over $50,000 a month. This one promotion put me on the radar screen and changed my life (thank you, Jimmy Dick!) I became friends with a billionaire because of this one promotion. I got to fly on private jets all over the world because I went for it! I was even invited to many private meetings at the billionaires home! This one move got me on the “inside”. To think, initially I wrote the whole thing off and almost didn’t go for it!

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I know what you are capable of if you will just decide. It’s so easy to say “Oh, I could never do that”. Or, “There are so many people better than me!” NOOOOOO!! You can do it if you will just decide and commit. That little voice that convinces you that you can’t do something is a lie. It is THE THING that is holding you back. The carrot that Kody Bateman put out there, (“the heat is on” promotion) is an opportunity to make yourself known and have some fun. The thoughts that run through your head that are keeping you from going for it are the very REASONS why you must go for it! This is the thing that is holding you back in the business. Now is the time for you to break through to the next level. The worst thing that will happen is that you will be much further along than you are now. Just think about the best thing that could happen!

This is all about MINDSET and MECHANICS. (What you focus on and what you do). Jimmy and Brian helped me to change my focus. Then I went to work!

I’m going to do my best to describe the mindset and mechanics necessary to create your legacy business. But before I do, I must clarify a few things. Listening to me rant each week won’t do this for you. Trying to “get” what I share week in and week out is simply an excuse not to do it. This has little to do with your abilities. Most of you RIGHT NOW have all the skills and tools necessary to build a successful business. I was the person that tried to figure it out for years and then once I decided, (it happened in a moment) everything changed. Save yourself many years of stress and just make the decision! You have everything you need. SendOutCards is a recognized jewel in the network marketing profession. There is no other company that has a product like ours and our compensation plan is proven many times over. It all comes down to mindset and mechanics. The mechanics of the business are the easy part! Most of you know exactly what to do. Meet new people online and offline. Keep adding people to your list. Invite people to take a look. Follow up with them. Sign them up. Train them and teach them to do exactly the same thing! We all know exactly what to do to build a business.

Mindset is the biggest obstacle to success! This is true and we all know it to be true! Any great endeavor is met with HUGE opposition. There is opposition on the outside and on the inside (yes, even on the inside of our company)! Think about the biggest accomplishments of our time and then simply research what went into making them happen. The greater the challenge – the greater the opportunity! Knowing it and saying it doesn’t make it any easier when you are in it, does it? That’s the opportunity. You’ll earn your check many times over! Re-read “Think and Grow Rich” and then read “The War of Art” by Pressfield. HERE’S A KEY SECRET: Your biggest opposition is not on the outside. It has to do with you and your thinking. I know this because once I got my mind right, things took off! The reason SOC is even here today as a company is because a couple of people joined at a time when everything was flat. These people BELIEVED that SOC had a mission worth sharing with the world. I was one of those people. I (along with others) began to SPEAK this truth into the world and we attracted others. We can either speak hope and optimism into the world or we can speak fear and doubt into the world. One attracts and the other repels. We hold the future in our hands (I know I didn’t make up this phase).

I was listening to “The War of Art” today on Audible and once again reminding myself of the greatness of SOC and what it will take to make SOC a billion $$$ company. Do you want to be part of the celebration that will come with doing impossible things? Walt Disney’s famous quote, “It feels good to do the impossible!” says it all. How would you like to be there when we achieve the impossible? Since I joined SOC in 2004 I’ve been hearing over and over again how “It can’t be done”. And you know what? We are doing it!

If you know that giving out and picking up 5 DVDs a day will help to build your business and you are not doing it, then it must mean one thing. Your mindset is off.
Knowing your mindset is off and trying to figure things out is just an excuse for not doing it! Doubt will take you out of action and action will take you out of doubt!! Okay, so your mindset is off. Do you know the best way to get your mindset right? Do something! Start sharing the business every day and you’ll notice your mindset will get 300% better! As soon as you get off of Facebook and out sharing this with BRAND NEW PEOPLE, you’ll begin to experience a brand new lease on life. What if the Oak tree sat around and tried to convince the leaves that have fallen off the tree that they were wrong? The Oak tree drops new acorns, that’s how it grows.

Let’s get real. What is the mindset of a winner? Ask yourself, do you currently have this mindset?

A winner has vision.
A winner has a positive attitude.
A winner feels hope.
A winner sees a solution.
A winner views challenge as an opportunity to prove something to others.
A winner is optimistic.
A winner is in DAILY action.
A winner is personally growing.
A winner spreads good will.
A winner embraces life.
A winner is a dreamer.
A winner is surrounded by POSITIVE people.

Doing a call like this is somewhat cliché because most of the things I talk about are things you already know.
I know it helps me to refocus and be reminded of the attributes of a winner once again. However, it really doesn’t make much of a difference to be made aware of it unless that awareness leads to positive action. Action is the key to changing your state of mind. A positive result always comes from positive action. A positive result will always take you out of doubt.

Here’s an example that you may be able to relate to. You wake up on Saturday morning with the intention to go to the gym and get a good workout. You wake up at the crack of dawn and it is cloudy and drizzly outside. Your soft pillow and 1000 thread count sheets feel so good on your skin and quite frankly, it’s cold outside. Your comfort begins to overshadow your commitment at that moment in time. Then you start beating yourself up with your thoughts. You know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that argument that you have with yourself. Back and forth you go and usually the concept of “an object at rest tends to remain at rest” wins out! However, if you can get yourself to just GO, after your one-hour workout, you feel great! You feel accomplished. Action is the key. Nike coined the phrase, “Just do it!” This is probably one of the greatest phrases of all times for those that begin to question or doubt themselves.

So what should you do?

1. Refresh your list.
2. If you don’t have a list, TOMORROW go somewhere where you will meet 10 new people (do something!).
3. Set up 3 appointments!
4. Follow up with 10 people.
5. Send a campaign with the new DVD to 10 people that looked at SOC that haven’t gotten started yet.
6. Send 3 heartfelt cards.
7. Show the business to at least one person.

Do all of this with the intention of helping a couple of people get involved with us. I promise you that this will calm any doubt or apprehension you have. It really is that simple. The enemy is in you. Remember, you don’t need proof or outside validation. Nothing great has ever occurred on that plane. If something is happening on the outside that you don’t like then it’s time to take action and change your reality. This is EXACTLY what I did 8 years ago.

That’s pretty much it. There is not one person on this call that cannot do at least a few of the things we’ve talked about.
I would love to see your name at the top of the list! :)

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