October 28, 2013


Regardless of where you are in your business (as a brand new distributor or as an Executive wanting to take your business to a whole new level), the next 24 months can find you in a whole new place. I had been in my company for 3 years and was making less than $2000 a month after I had quit my job prematurely. There were already 60,000 distributors in the company. 24 months later I was earning in excess of $34,000 a month and went on to make $8 million.

I believe that the greatest skill you will need to adopt if you are to make it as an entrepreneur is the ability to look forward and not back. After our last company (which was a billion $$ company) went away as a result of a major shift in technology, many people got stuck blaming our founder. Ten years later, I still have to listen to some of them whine and complain about the way they had been slighted and cheated and mistreated. Many of them are financially destitute. These are people that were earning $500,000 to $1,000,000 per year. They got stuck and jaded. Some people continue to look back and not forward. In fact, I have a friend that had 450,000 people in his organization in another company and for 10 years he has been stuck and jaded. He continues to blame the leader of that company for his troubles. He can’t let go of the past and his bank account shows it.

Today -right now, decide that you will only look forward. Let go of the past. The past DOES NOT EQUAL THE FUTURE! The proof of this is that every major breakthrough that has ever occurred in business was a result of a shift that occurred, a revolution that changed everything. I have seen this repeated over and over again in business. Simple changes are implemented and, usually without warning, something clicks. There is a breakthrough. In the beginning you are told, “it can’t be done.” Then, once things begin to happen, you are told you are “lucky”. After you have had success for a while people begin to classify you as a “genius”. There is not a single billion dollar company on the planet that hasn’t gone through multiple significant transitions over time. Most people are not true entrepreneurs and the blaming begins. A true entrepreneur has an ability to see the invisible. They are creators. They are not victims of their circumstances. Read Tony Hseis book, Delivering Happiness – This is the story of Zappos. Zappos is one of the most admired billion $$ companies in the world. Many people lost faith that they could do it. They went through years of transition. Lots of people left because they doubted Tony’s ability to lead. Today they are sought out as an industry leader. SendOutCards’ story is very similar. Read it! The past does not equal the future. Look forward and not back. As companies evolve, in many cases, the players change. Some people move on and others stay the course. This is normal and healthy.

In Puerto Rico, Jodi Bateman said from the stage as she held Kody’s hand with tears in her eyes, “I feel like this is a new beginning for SendOutCards”.

I see myself as a partner with Kody. I share his vision. I want to challenge you to do the same. Most people jump around and eventually quit the business of network marketing. AND most people never make money in network marketing. Most people consider themselves “reps” that are going to “try” things out for a while. Most people spend their entire career doubting and questioning. They are never fully engaged as a partner in the mission. I have seen this attitude at ALL levels of leadership. One’s title and income make little difference. I’m on a mission to see the job through. We have come a long way and we have LOTS of ground to cover. We are good and getting better. There are some ground breaking innovations going on at headquarters right now. Be patient. Keep being generous by sending cards and then share this gift with others.


Regardless of where you are, take a look at what you have at your fingertips. If you are a Manager, Senior Manager, Executive or above, you have a position that has significant value regardless of whether your business is currently growing. You have a “coded” starting point. If you are not there yet, get there. Kody has invested millions and millions of dollars putting the infrastructure in place. You get to benefit from that. When you paid your money to start your SendOutCards business, you gain access to that infrastructure. You get the technology for sending cards and gifts. You get the warehousing. You get a customer service team. You get a payroll, accounting and HR department. You get a meeting and training infrastructure that supports and pays you for simply plugging your people in. In traditional franchising you would pay $100,000-$1.5 million to gain the same infrastructure and support system.

Take stock of what you have at your fingertips. You have THE MOST POWERFUL RELATIONSHIP BUILDING TOOL ON THE PLANET! Plus, you didn’t have to pay to get it set up! Whether you want to increase sales, be happier, add more value, be more popular, get more referrals, or just be a better friend, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, parent, child, etc., SendOutCards is for you. And it was all set up in advance to the tune of millions of dollars for you to take full advantage of.

Let’s look forward and not back.


I have heard people say this about networking groups, “They won’t let me talk about the opportunity so I only get customers. It’s a waste of my time. I spend more money than I make because I only make $1.55 per customer per month.” I could do a four hour seminar on this statement. The person that says this has a lot of growing to do as it relates to networking. First of all, the big money is in the small money. A $100,000 a month or more check in almost all cases in our profession comes from thousands of $1.55 per month checks. J. Paul Getty said, “I would rather have 1% of 100 people’s efforts than 100% of my own.” Do only what’s worth duplicating. If you want thousands of $1.55/month checks being deposited into your bank account each month, then sign up customers and be the best example to your team that you can be! What do you want your down-line to do? Do that!

There is a bigger lesson I learned years ago; I wasn’t born with it. In a networking environment you must always look beyond the people you meet. When someone says, “I don’t get referrals from my networking group and I never get any distributors because I’m not allowed to talk about my opportunity,” they are missing a key principle of networking. You see, everyone in your group knows at least 2000 people on a first name basis. The people THEY know are the ones that could introduce you to the right people in the right setting. From my first networking group of 12 people in Scottsdale, AZ back in 2005, I make about $21,000 a month or more. Sure, I got a few customers out of the group and once in a while I got a customer referral from a member. But the real value came in the form of introductions to the people they know. Here’s a real life example: I am part of a networking organization in Las Vegas. There are 40 members in the group and 18 of them have signed up as customers in the past 60 days. I have also received referrals for about 10 more that I’m working on getting to. I have gotten to know each member of the group and have sent cards and gifts to everyone in the group. They do unsolicited testimonials for me at the meetings each week (because they love the brownies). I recently found out that the group is considering doing a holiday party. Well, I know that each one of my members knows at least 1000 others. So that means there are in excess of 40,000 people that my group could introduce to me. I have a feeling that at least 5000 of them are open to making some money by being nice to people. I’m not going to jump the gun! I offered to “host” the holiday party. I’ll suggest everyone bring a friend or two if they like. I won’t be talking business, but I’ll be asking a lot of questions and listening intently. Some will directly and indirectly tell me that they are looking for something. I’ll take note and get their contact info. These are all personal introductions. I can work down very deep into a network like this and build a team of thousands over time. Do you see how a small group of people can lead you to a big group of people? It’s like mining for gold. You’ll find that in network marketing you are either growing like crazy or your group is pretty stagnant. That’s normal. Did you know that the vast majority of people that came to California during the gold rush went home empty handed? Most miners quit before they found the gold. Many died broke. Others persisted and weathered the harshest of environments and circumstances and became wealthy beyond belief. Look at networking as mining for gold. You paid $395 for a pick, a shovel and a wheel barrel. But you can’t go for the throat. You must enter into your relationships with a spirit of giving. The more you give the more you get, as long as your giving is genuine. Create opportunities to meet others that they know. For example, you might consider planning a lunch for salespeople where you each share tips. Invite the members of your networking organization that are involved in sales and ask them to bring 2 others that aren’t part of the group that are also involved in sales. You’ll get 20-30 personal quality introductions that could turn into possible business builders. The ideas are endless. Network the Network.

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