March 16, 2009-LIVING YOUR DREAM

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Those of you that have been on past calls remember me talking about those 4 simple words that can transform your life . . . “Be Generous Every Day” Being generous is not just about being generous to others but also being generous to yourself. Living your dream life starts now . . . not just when you have the money or the time. Those that wait to live their dream life until they have all the time and the money live a boring and unfulfilling life. Your dream life will never arrive. Dreams start with a declaration followed by consistent action. I heard it said recently that dreams meet reality when the feeling of owning your dream becomes so real that you really can’t tell difference between what’s real and what’s not. Your dream life is created in your mind first. Its a feeling. This is why your ‘I am’ statements are so important.

Megan Joy was not a singer until 4 years ago. She created her ‘I am’ statements and 4 years later she is a famous finalist on American Idol. I asked the question the other night to a group of our Sr Managers at the Sr Managers and VIP Event in Chicago . . . “How many of you believe in your ‘I am’ statements?’ Everyone raised their hands. It then dawned on me that if you really believe in your ‘I am’ statements to the point of KNOWING, wouldn’t all your ‘I am’ statements come true? An ‘I am’ statement is a declaration in the present tense . . . as if it has already happened. To the extent that you believe them they will become a reality in your life. My book, beach money is an example. For 10 years one of my dreams was to write a book. I talked about it and joked about it. I tried to write it over and over. About 2 years ago I wrote the ‘I am’ statement . . . “I am a best-selling author!” I declared it as if it were already true. I had the book cover created and some content that was fun and meaningful . . . I now had a book and then I just had to finalize it. The declaration came first and it became real FIRST, BEFORE IT WAS AN ACTUAL BOOK. Today its a national best-seller.

Here are some of my more recent ‘I am’ statements:

“I instill confidence in others”
“I am playing a world-wide game”
“I have 20 personally sponsored distributors earning over 10K per month”
“One million sendoutcards users are sending cards daily in my organization”
“Beach Money is a worldwide brand inspiring leaders around the globe”
“I am contributing $10,000/mo to my inspiration fund”
“I control and own many exotic vacation properties all over the world. I entertain my friends and distributors at benefit functions at these properties”

All of these ‘I am’ statements support my dream. What’s your dream? When your dream involves yourself and others, it will continue to fuel you. I see so many people get caught up in the daily activities of working that they forget why they are doing the business. You will get tired (even burned out) if you forget why you are doing your business. If your dream is only about you, you will most likely get de-railed at some point. It must include others. Dreams that only involve you are typically going to carry less positive energy than dreams that involve many others. Think about it . . . consider that when you share your dream with others it will gain power and momentum. Think about what Kody has done. He continues to share his dream with many others on a daily basis and look at the momentum that has been created. It continues to grow day by day.


1. Have a compelling dream
2. Declare it (your ‘I am’ statements)
3. Enroll others in it (your family, your friends, your associates)
4. Take Action (The daily 8)


We all think that once we have the money and the time, then we will be able to live our dreams. Have you heard about professional athletes that had all the money they would ever need that retired and then lost it all? Have you heard about those that have won the lottery only to squander it away in 2-3 years? What about the child actors and actresses that made millions and then got addicted to hard drugs. When you get money and time prior to being really ready for it, it will go away or it can even destroy your life. Kenny Troutt, the billionaire that started my last company told me one time that if he had become a billionaire sometime within his first five years in business, he would have gone broke. He said he wasn’t ready to take on that level of responsibility. The daily challenges that came with the growth of his company and his estate trained him to be a good steward of his
time and his money.

Okay . . . so let’s take this one step at a time.

1. Practice dreaming. Exercise your dream muscles. Most people shrink their dreams down to meet their bank account. Instead, work on expanding your bank account to meet the size of your dreams. Really practice dreaming big. Read ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz. Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques for bringing your dreams into reality.

2. Educate yourself on what you will do with your money when you have it (this conditions your brain to accept large amounts in your life). You can read books on investing and meet with people that have successfully made money, kept it and grown it. Condition your brain to be ready for as much as you plan to create.

3. Be very clear about what you will be doing with your time (declare this in the present tense) – ‘I am’ statements work well. ‘I am entertaining guests every month at my lakefront estate’. ‘I am traveling to the Dominican Republic 2 times per year volunteering my time to help children learn the English Language’ If you have lots of time on your hands and you are not sure what to do with it, you’ll most likely go crazy. You can only play so much golf!

4. Start where you are – I can’t over-emphasize this one. You must begin to fuel your dreams and make them real TODAY. Don’t wait until some time in the future. Do it now. Today is your future. Look for ways to take your dreams come true today.

For example. Let’s say your dream is to own a second home in the mountains in the woods. Start by booking yourself a vacation to stay in a home just like the one you will own for a few nights so you can begin to feel what it feels like to be there. Go to and find the home of your dreams and stay there!

Let’s say you want to take your parents on a cruise. Start shopping for it today. Get prices and brochures. Put it on the calendar and begin to plan for it. Even if you have to put away $200 per month until it happens, you can begin to put that dream into action today.

Let’s say you want to play golf once a week on amazing courses around the country?
What do you need to be able to do it? Again, book one trip to start with and then do it. Just the act of booking it and doing it once will do more for fueling your long term dream than anything else you can do.

Maybe your dream is to throw parties for you closest friends and use them to raise money for a special cause. I have a very close friend that had no money and no time but committed over a year ago to hold a giant New Years eve party that would cost over $40,000 to set up. She and her boyfriend got many people to donate money and time. They hired live entertainment and sold tickets. They booked a luxurious event venue and had faith that things would come together. They got some amazing press and in the eleventh hour everything came together and their dream became a reality.

Kody has a saying that ‘The stories in your mind become the stories of your life!’

What if you were to start tonight and write a quick short story about one of your dreams in the present tense as if it had already happened. Create some ‘I am’ statements and share the story and your ‘I am’ statements with some others. Ask them if they would support you in your dream and then do something first thing tomorrow to move you one step closer to your dream.

“The money and the time necessary to make your dreams a reality will show up when your dreams become so real that you wake up in the morning and you can’t tell that you aren’t already living your dreams”

Okay . . . so let’s make this real now. If you had all the time and all the money that you could ever want, what would you be doing tomorrow morning. Q and A it to me.

Now write that down and put it somewhere where you will see it daily. Next . . . what is something you can do tomorrow that will move you a little closer to that dream? Q and A it to me.

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