Dec 22nd, 2014


Alastair Humfreys recently inspired me again when he posted a video that challenged
everyone watching his video blog to take one day and go somewhere inspiring to sleep
under the stars . . . the beach, the forest, a meadow. He suggested bringing a camping
mat, sleeping bag, lantern and just become one with nature for 24 hours. Wow. I love this.
Alastair is a dream builder. He rode his bicycle around the world (that’ right . . . AROUND
THE WORLD) with no money. He raised money along the way and kept a journal of his journey.
He was traveling through Arizona on his way to Mexico and a radio station picked up his story.
My friend, Casandra Smith called me and asked if I wanted to help by contribution money
to buy him a new bicycle to continue on his way. I contacted him and we got together for coffee
at a local Market on Central and Camelback. I love Alastair for being a “Dream Broker” and to help
people see that you don’t need to be rich to live your dreams. Alastair lives life as if today is his last
day on earth. One day . . . this will be your last day. There is no better time to live your dreams.

I love to ask the question . . . what can I do NOW to begin to live my dream? In many ways
PREPARING to live your dream is equal to actually living it!

So let’s dig in.

The new year is always a great time to regroup and realign with our purpose in life.
For me, this was a challenging year personally and at the same time, many amazing
things occurred for me. I’m ready to start fresh and re-design my life with some new challenges
and opportunities. This morning I was working out with Almas (he’s an acrobat in the show “Absinthe”
at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas – Don’t see this show if you are easily offended!) I met him at
a networking meeting for BNI. As I was having my butt kicked this morning, it occurred to me that
the part of my week I least enjoy is also the best part of my week. It seems to come with the territory.
I felt like I was going to pass out as he pushed me and I was drowning in sweat. I’m 56 years
old and although I never really stopped exercising, I had gotten somewhat lazy in my routine.
I felt like I wanted to challenge myself physically once again. What was I thinking!!??
So although the workouts are intense and really really challenging (actually they hurt at times),
I also found that I feel GREAT for 2-4 days afterwords. I’ll trade 1 hour of pain for 72 hours
of euphoria (yes, I feel somewhat euphoric after these workouts).

I’ve also noticed that in my business there are times that I am challenged by some of the business
building activities that are WAY out of my comfort zone. But because I paid the big price, today
I can live a life of complete financial freedom. There are still times that my position puts me in situations
that feel way out of my league . . . but I also know that I must face them head on to take the business
to a level that no one in our company has ever experienced.

Sometimes just the act of writing down you dreams is a stretch when the dreams seem unattainable.
But it always starts there. Think about it . . . a worthwhile dream that you have never achieved will
most always feel out of alignment with your current situation. That stretch is what creates the VACUUM
for you to grow to the next level of achievement. In fact YOUR TEAM NEEDS TO SEE YOU STRETCHING
TO A NEW LEVEL. Why would they want to follow a leader that is complacent or comfortable with the way things

I love what Eric Worre says:

1. Figure out what you want to do
2. Declare it
3. Figure out how you are going to get there.

Notice that figuring it all out is #3 on the list. It doesn’t say . . . “if you can’t figure out how to get there
cross it off your list or don’t write it down”


NEWS FLASH: Most successful entrepreneurs have no clue how they are going to achieve their dreams when
they initially write them down.

NEWS FLASH: It’s okay to feel a little anxiety over how you are going to get there. That’s what creates the vacuum
that will give you the drive to have your dreams!

I’m a huge fan of making lists. Every time I’m inspired to do something, give something, create something, etc.,
I write it down in my journal. It’s a habit. Here are some of the things written in my 2014 journal:


1. Published the Beach Money Journal
2. Bikram Yoga (109 degrees – 90 minutes) 1-3 times per week
3. Private jet travel
4. $100,000/mo+ for 5 consecutive years
5. Built lifestyle and business around travel
6. Become an industry leader
7. Solo in Helicopter
8. Visit Thailand
9. 5 Equity Estates Training “Retreats”
10. Fly the helicopter with Richard Brooke – One of my top mentors
11. Be on a television network marketing documentary (“Rise of the Entrepreneur”)
12. Remodel Jerome Home
13. Purchase a spiritual retreat home in the forest

1. 2 million customers
2. Continue to practice “Living Health”
3. Attain private helicopter license
4. Give tours of the strip and redrock to friends
that visit by helicopter
5. Have a “front row” life
6. Triple my Kiva Loan fund to $1,000,000
7. $50 million in cash
8. Smoke a cigar in Cuba
9. Summer Alaskan Cruise
10. Space Flight
12. Take Beach Money mainstream (Airport and Traditional Bookstores)
13. Invent a “sensation”
14. $2 million/mo in network marketing income with SendOutCards
15. Visit Kiva on-site
Some of these goals are a huge stretch for me right now. I’m not sure HOW I will accomplish them.
But I do know that by writing them down, I am setting in motion a chain of events that will guide me to them.
(talk about the subconscious mind and how it works)

Again . . . I always ask myself . . . what can I do TODAY to begin to live my dream. By putting yourself in this
state of mind, you will begin to feel the true excitement and power of your dreams. There is no need to wait.
You’ll gain momentum. You’ll feel the energy of life like never before. Most of the time there is something you can
do NOW that costs little to nothing until the financial resources show up! For example, years ago I decided I wanted to
spend one week per month at the beach in southern, California. I was making less than $20,000 per year at the time
at the airline. I asked, what can I do NOW that can take me closer to my dream of spending one week per month
at the beach? My first step was to use my flight benefits to fly to LA in the morning, take the bus to the beach . . . spend the day
there and fly back the same night. I started doing this once per month. When my network marketing income got to a point that I
could swing $200 a month for a hotel room on the beach once a month I started doing that. I would stay one night a month.
And then I increased to 2 nights . . . then 3 nights and eventually I started going for one full week a month and I did that for 5 years!
Start where you are. Sometimes it’s just interviewing someone else that has achieved the dream that you want to achieve to
determine what it’s going to take.





Here are some ideas to help you come up with some of your own:

1. Take a trip to the tropics
2. Move to a place that has always inspired you
3. Contribute $10,000 to your favorite charity
4. Give away ten $100 bills to those in need
5. Pay off all of your credit cards
6. Buy a boat
7. Host a big party for all of your friends
8. Become a top 10 money earner
9. Speak in front of a group of 100, 1000, 10,000
10. Become an Eagle Distributor
11. Go on a Tall Ship Cruise
12. Buy an airplane
13. Remodel your kitchen
14. Visit ???
15. Take one month off (be careful with this one)
16. Sleep under the stars
17. Climb a mountain
18. Run a marathon (Steve’s Wife, Ellen Mars)
19. Run a triathlon (Ike – Southerby’s Realtor)
20. Buy 10 Rental Homes
21. Read one personal development book per month
22. Go back to school
23. Buy a brand new car or truck
24. Buy a new wardrobe
25. Hire a personal assistant
26. Hire an image consultant
27. Order custom clothes
28. Put in a Jacuzzi or Sauna
29. Sit in the front row at a Broadway Show
30. Go to the top of the Empire State building
31.Shop in Times Square
32. Lose xx lbs
33. Buy your first home
34. Volunteer at the homeless shelter
35. Build a rescue facility for animals
36. Start a charity
37. Fix your teeth
38. Learn to play guitar
39. Join a band
40. Learn to fly (Tammy Gillette)

Merry Christmas . . . have a happy, healthy and safe week. Let’s make 2015 our best year ever!

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