Lessons I learned on my path to $100K per month

August 8, 2011

TONIGHT – A part-time focus creates a full time income; “Lessons I learned on my path to $100K per month”.

Remember, numbers are just numbers. I have a saying, “The mountain doesn’t care”. When flying a hang glider, as long as you follow the rules, you’ll have an amazing, safe and uneventful flight. If you break the rules, you’ll crash and get seriously injured or possibly die. The mountain doesn’t care! Be true to the fundamentals of safe flight and you’ll enjoy the rewards. It doesn’t matter how smart you are, how tall you are, how much hair you have (or don’t have) or how big your bank account is. If you break the rules and you crash, the mountain doesn’t care.

In our business, there is an address attached to your ID#. Each month, a snapshot is taken of your organization and purchases made within it. The computer calculates your check and spits it out. The machine then stuffs it in a envelope and mails it to the address in the company computer. It doesn’t care how old you are, how smart you are, whether you are male or female, black or white, skinny or tall. It doesn’t even matter if you have a college degree. Here’s the bottom line; the computer doesn’t care. Do you want to add a zero to your check? Then expand your organization and your customer base until the calculation equals the check you want. There is no scarcity of potential customers or business builders. Isn’t that liberating? The computer does not care!

Here are a few things I have heard from distributors in the field:

1). You have to get in early to make a lot of money! DEATH SENTENCE!
2). Jordan is an “enigma” -no one will ever do it again like he did! DEATH SENTENCE!

The minute you buy in to these two statements, you are done. You have no chance.
Imagine if you were the one to say, Roger Banister was an “enigma”. No one else will ever run the 4 minute mile. DEATH SENTENCE. You don’t have a chance.

“Roger Bannister’s impact on America—and the world—was immediate. The young Englishman changed the perception of human limitations when he broke a seemingly insurmountable barrier: the sub-four-minute mile. The Oxford University medical student used intense interval training, an innovative distance running and sprint technique, to fine-tune his speed. On May 6, 1954, at the British Amateur Athletic Association in Oxford, Bannister brought in a time of 3:59.4, hailed around the world as the “miracle mile.” Bannister’s performance and new record captured the imagination of people around the world—especially Americans. “The Running Doctor” was the first international sports star celebrated in this country for his heroic accomplishments. He was Sports Illustrated’s first Sportsman of the Year in 1955. A psychological barrier was shattered. What once was impossible became standard.
Six weeks after Bannister’s record breaking race, Australian John Landy set a new record of 3:57.9
To date over 1000 people have run the 4 minute mile”.
Taken from- The Four-Minute Mile 50th anniversary edition
Bannister, Roger
Guilford, Connecticut: Lyons Press

The reason so few do it is:

1). Most people see it as a lottery. Making a lot of money in Network Marketing is not a lottery. It’s not like one day lightening will strike and you’ll be rich. You must create your success by who you become. Think of it this way, below the head we are all worth minimum wage. Our brain is the most elaborate computer ever created. But it must be fine tuned. It’s not just what we know. In fact what we know and what we learn is really a very small part of whether we make it big or not. Our brain sends out energy and how we energetically connect with others has lots to do with how we attract others. So whether your business is going up or down, or whether it’s flat has to do with whether you have chosen to CREATE your future or whether you are waiting for lightening to strike.

Let’s say you bought a beautiful sports car. You spent $100,000 on that car. Are you going to baby it or abuse it. You would put the finest fuel in it and make sure that it stays finely tuned. You would probably give it more attention than most people do their brains. We abuse our brains with the garbage we expose it to; the news, the tv, etc. We need to baby our mind the same way we would baby a sports car. Your brain is way more valuable than any sports car you will ever own.

2). Most people don’t believe it’s possible. Let me explain. Let’s survey 1000 people. How many people believe $100,000/mo is even possible? Probably 1% or 10. Of the 10, how many believe it’s possible for them?? Probably 1. So one out of 1000 believe $100,000/mo is possible for them. This is why so few ever do it. Most people are done before even starting! This is big stuff. Whatever level you want to get to, the first step is programming your mind to believe it’s possible for you. Until that happens, you have a death sentence in the business. Your mind will not be conditioned for this kind of success by watching TV or reading the paper. You will need to hear from others that have done it so you can believe it’s possible for you.

If you went up to Beyonce and said that you have an opportunity that she could work part time and make $100,000 a month, what would she say? She would laugh in your face. $100,000 per month would not even pay the expenses on her home. She probably has $100,000 in change sitting on her dresser! Yet if you went up to someone at your job and said you have a way to make $100,000 a month, they would laugh in your face and say, “That sounds too good to be true!!” Now you would never do that because it really is obnoxious and illegal, but you get the point. It’s all relative. In professional sports and entertainment, the top people make millions per year. And there are hundreds of thousands of people that financially struggle in those professions.
In the job world, most people make under $50,000 per year and they are chained to a cubicle. In our profession, the top people earn $100,000-$1 million per month and everyone enters in with the same opportunity. But that’s all it is, an opportunity.

When I started in network marketing, I couldn’t afford a bed for 2 years. I slept in the corner of my roommate’s condo with a blanket and a pillow. He helped me finance my first bed! It was a waterbed with a trellis and padded rails!! And I was offered an opportunity in network marketing, 21 years later at the age of 48, I was making well over $100,000 a month and had already made over $10 million in network marketing.


1. THE BIG MONEY IS IN THE SMALL MONEY: Network Marketing is designed as a part-time business. Most people are in the best position to work the business part time in the beginning. As their part time income grows, at some point it just makes sense to transition into a full time business. But most people are not in a position from a time or money standpoint to start full time. And there are many more people that can look at a part time business than a full time business. If you promise full time income to someone and then 6 months down the road they are making $500 a month, they will be let down. But if you promise a little part time income for a while, that extra $500 a month can make a huge difference! IF YOU WANT A LARGE INCOME IN NETWORK MARKETING, HELP LOTS AND LOTS OF PEOPLE CREATE A PART TIME INCOME. $500 a month will drastically change someone’s life for the better.

2. YOU MUST CREATE OR PLUG IN TO THE CULTURE OF YOUR ORGANIZATION OR COMPANY – Apple has a culture, we all know what it is, and it’s hard to describe. If you want to buck the establishment and take total control of your life, you are probably attracted to Apple. Harley Davidson has a culture. You are a free spirt and you love the open road, you’re an American, you are probably a Harley guy or girl. Certain people find them and are attracted to them because they have a well defined culture. We attract people based on our culture. Who we attract is based on the culture we have created. For example, we have a culture of giving, a culture of fun and a culture of working together. Kody has created a culture of reaching out in kindness and acknowledging people for who they are. As a result, we tend to attract people that share the same values. Those that are all about the money and not about the values will tend to either change or go away. So one thing I see consistent among those that earn a lot of money, is that they are really clear about who they are and who they want to attract.

3. YOU MUST RAISE YOUR TOLERANCE THRESHOLD – Most people have a very low tolerance threshold. Most people sign up and expect everyone to be just excited as they are. For most people, the bar is so low and their dreams are so small, that the littlest thing will knock them out of the business. I know because this is what I did for my first 11 companies. I had a very very low tolerance threshold. The littlest thing would cause me to quit. A $100,000 month earner (before they have made their first penny) has a very high tolerance threshold. They are going to the top no matter what anyone else says or does. It’s easy to commit at this level until your first major setback. If you are 100% aligned with the culture of the company, you believe in the mission AND you are committed to seeing the job through, there is nothing that will cause you to quit. Jeff Roberti stuck around his company back in the early 90’s even after ALL his leaders left him in a major transition. The result is he rebounded and went on to make over $70 million with his company! He has a very high tolerance threshold and he was committed to seeing the job through. You and your founder are in partnership with each other. If he/she doesn’t quit on you, why would you ever quit on him/her?

4. BUSINESS CARDS WERE MY KEY TO MEETING THE RIGHT PEOPLE – Do you know why people have business cards printed? Because they want to give them to YOU! Millions are printed each day. Why would anyone ever print a card and not want to give it to you? I just chose to put myself in front of people that had business cards and then ask them for their card. Now I was off to the races. I did this for many years and with some advice from Harvey MacKay (I read it in his books). I did my best to stay in touch with them, be of value to them, and get to know them. I did this for many years and built solid relationships with many, many people. I also read and listened to CD’s to become a more valuable resource to others. I did this consistently for years.

I found that the most successful entrepreneurs in business and in our profession are masterful at meeting new people and staying in touch. I just happened to do it through grabbing business cards from people that wanted to give them to me.

5. THE PARADOX: The thing that gets you into the business will not give you the success you are looking for. What brings most people into the business is a desire for personal gain. That personal desire can keep you around for the long haul, but your success will be born out of your attention to giving to others and helping others to achieve their own personal success. As Zig Ziglar would say, “You can have anything in life you want if you help enough others get what they want”.

6. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NETWORKING – This is a good and a bad example:
You are 14 years old and you have never held a cigarette. A friend hands you a free
sample of a cigarette and shows you how to smoke it. You don’t really like it all that much but you smoke it because everyone else is. A week later, that same friend gives you another one. And so just to fit in, you smoke it. The next day, you are out at the mall and a group of friends are all standing around smoking cigarettes and you ask another friend if you could grab one from them. He hands you a smoke and you smoke that one. The first three cigarettes were free and now you are hooked. You are starting to like it not so much for how it tastes or how it makes you feel, but it’s a social thing. It’s what you do when you are with your friends. So then you start buying your own packs and for the next 40 years until you die of cancer you are a smoker spending $5 a day or $100-$150 a month on cigarettes. Some of your friends died. Some of them quit years ago. Some of them only purchase and smoke one pack a month. But you smoke an average of one a day and therefore you are spending $100-$150 per month on cigarettes.

This is EXACTLY what we do with something POSITIVE AND HEALTHY. We give it away as a gift and show someone how to use it. We do it again and again and eventually, they want to do it on their own. Just like smoking, some will keep doing it over and lifetime and others will quit. But you will know that by sharing this gift with others you are doing good in the world and bringing joy and appreciation to others through your act of giving something away. Help enough other people get hooked and your checks too can be over $100K per month.

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