Dec 15th, 2014

(Grab your notepad for this call!)

I got this idea from a home study helicopter course I’ve been taking to prepare for my check-ride. Up until now, I’ve had a very hard time learning and retaining the essential information to pass my check-ride. I’ve met all my flight requirements but need to get signed off by the FAA. In this course the instructor summarized each important note in his journals . . . I take notes on his notes and it seems I’m retaining the information much better and discerning between what’s really important and what’s not. So I thought this could be helpful for you. I’ve reviewed many many pages of notes from my journals over the years and summarized lots of the essential entries for this call. So here we go!

1. Sponsor wide for income and deep for security

2. Being more effective is a loser’s game . . . effective at what? More effective at what you are already struggling with? The key is to transform it. It requires disruption . . . viewing it completely differently.

3. Money is THE RESULT of doing the things that add value. When money becomes the goal, you’ll flounder. Money is the result of contribution. Money is about you. You must make this about others to succeed.

4. We have an abundance of skills for working in a world of scarcity. What is the skill set for working in a world of abundance? Completely different focus (You are the speaker of the petty stuff. You are the speaker of the miraculous). There is no satisfaction, fulfillment or power in always trying to fix things. Power comes from transforming things and stepping into a world of abundance.

5. I am a victim of what I created. What’s the schedule of someone who is changing the world? What’s the schedule of someone who is struggling and trying to survive?

6. My schedule is my life. Figuratively and literally. “Am I too busy to do the things I’m committed to”. This makes me time’s victim. Absurd. Steven Covey . . . “Rocks and Jar” Story. What are you committed to? Are you too busy to do the things you are really committed to?

Write a book
The Carribean
Sell the things that aren’t important to me and buy some things that are.
Work out consistently
See family regularly
Clean up messes in my homes

(There is no calendar with “someday” on it!!!)

7. For POWERLESS people $395 is a lot of money. I would be offended if you listened to me as a pathetic loser that couldn’t afford $395. That you saw me as someone who thought $395 was more important than my freedom. People will live up to my listening for them. Stop resisting their concerns and they’ll stop having them!

8. Turn PROBLEMS into something “powerful in action” – Not something wrong . . .

9. Life will give you problems to the extent that you are willing to tolerate them.


a. Build Networks (Joe Girard, Harvey McKay)
b. Bounce back from failures quickly
c. Think differently than those that struggle
d. It’s partially a #’s game
e. Duplicate yourself (Jack Birnbaum) Always train your replacement
f. People do business with YOU!
g. Offer more value than people expect and don’t expect anything in return

1. Visibility
2. Credibility
3. Profitability

12. If you know the people in your group, your group is not big enough.

13. If you are in business and the people in your life don’t know it, you are not in business

14. YOU select the people you want to work with. This is your business . . .the growth and strength of your business will be largely determined by who you choose to work with.

15. People create volume! Volume creates lifestyle!

16. You are 3-5 producers away from financial freedom. Look for competitive, hungry, driven and well networked people. Hungry always wins over smart.

17. THE BIG DECEPTION: That your business will get big because of what you do. The truth is, your business
will get big because of what you START.

18. It’s okay to educate someone who is interested, but if you have to SELL them on why they should be doing network marketing, you are probably talking to the wrong person.

19. Building Blocks for a successful business:
a. Autonomy: It’s YOUR business
b. Mastery: Learn the Skills
c. Purpose: Building for a worthy cause
d. Action: Do something every day to advance your business

20. Focus on the people in your group that:
a. Call you
b. Do something
c. Show up

21. You’re one presentation away from a big check

22. Don’t let crisis turn into ruin

23. FINANCIALLY DESPERATE: 90% of the population is 60 days away from bankruptcy if they lose their job. The earn
less than $50,000 combined household income and are heavily in debt.
between their home mortgage, car and student loans and credit card debt they carry
$200,000+ in debt. These individuals are victims of their circumstances.

24. FINANCIALLY ENLIGHTENED: 3% of the population makes $1,000,000+ per year and are self employed. many of these people have passive residual incomes and are self-made. It makes no difference if the economy goes up or
down. These individuals are responsible for their own destiny.

25. Network Marketing is a vehicle that can take you from FINANCIALLY DESPERATE group to the FINANCIALLY ENLIGHTENED GROUP.

26. Value is CREATED in language. We determine whether the business is worthless or worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. (Would someone pay $10,000 for a $100 bill?)


1). We have the most unique product in the Network Marketing Profession
2). We have virtually no competition
3). We have the comp plan that arguably has produced more millionaires in our profession than any other comp plan
4. We have a meaningful product that does good in the world
5). We are truly “home based”
6). We aren’t scrutinized by the FDA
7). No one can potentially die by ingesting our product . . . well if they ingest our product I suppose they could die
8). We have the most solid RESIDUALS in the profession
9). People benefit whether they work the business or not
10). We have a CEO that really cares and isn’t just in it for the money

A small town can easily support 1-3 Executives (Avg 250 distributors per Exec position when promoting). We have just over 100 in our company. There are 25,000 towns and cities in the US alone! You do the math! That means there are 24,900 cities that do not have one Executive! If you had ONE distributor in each of 25,000 towns and cities, your income would be in the range of $60,000/mo

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