Jordan’s 3 secret weapons

December 16, 2013- Jordan’s 3 secret weapons

Tonight I’ve decided to share my three secret weapons that have consistently allowed me to bring on an average of 3-4 distributors per month. You must do all three. Leaving one or more out is like trying to call a phone number and leaving out one or two numbers and expecting the number to go through. If I give you my phone number: 602 850 484 and ask you to call me, the number won’t go through because I left one out and switched a couple of them around. You must dial ALL the numbers and the sequence is pretty important too! There IS a formula to building the business. Most people only do the things they like to do or the things they are comfortable with. Everything is important. So here we go. What are my 3 secret weapons? I’m going to explain each one and then talk to you about how I apply them.

Secret Weapon #1: GENEROSITY – You must develop the HABIT of being generous every day. What goes around – comes around. Be generous without the intention of getting something back, (in other words you give with the sole intention to give. No agenda. You must be generous with your time, your money and your words. The law of reciprocity says that if you give without the intention of getting, then people will want to give back. As I said, this must become a habit. People will begin to view you as a generous person that truly cares.

Secret Weapon #2: CURIOSITY – Be curious. Ask questions. Say, “I’m just curious . . . ?

Be inquisitive and sincerely interested. I probably say “I’m just curious” at least 20 times a day.

So here are some examples:

“So, I’m just curious, do you keep your options open for other ways to make money?”

“I’m curious, do you like what you do?”

“I was just wondering, what are your ultimate goals working here?”

“I’m curious, do you like money?”

“I’m curious, how would you like to get paid for being nice to people?”

“I was wondering if this is your career or if you have something else in the works?”

“I’m curious, what do you do for fun?”

You get the idea. Be inquisitive and curious all the time. Really listen to the responses you get. This is the most powerful secret weapon for building rapport.

Practice doing this 5 times a day and then increase it as you go.

Secret Weapon #3 – INCLUSIVITY The easiest way to get people interested in what we do is to INCLUDE them in things that we do together as a team. INCLUDE everyone. For example, invite people you meet to a conference call where others will be present. Invite them to a dinner or party or for a night out. Invite them to a meeting or to get together for coffee. The more you involve them, the more likely they will be to want to work with you and the team. If there is not much of a team at this point, start small. Your team of three can quickly turn to a team of ten if you can get people together either on a conference call that is already scheduled or a get together. It doesn’t even have to be SOC related. Any event that brings people together creates a relationship that anchors the possibilities of working together.

Let me give you some examples how to use generosity, curiosity and inclusivity in building a team.

1). I sent a thank you card to my auto detailer with pictures of my 2 cars on the front of the card along with a $5 Starbucks card. (Generosity)

2). I had a holiday get together with the members of my BNI group. (I chose to host the party – if money is an issue, make it a potluck!) It was fun and I got to meet many of the extended family members of each person at the party. We talked no business. It was just conversation and networking. I had a guest logbook that asked for NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, EMAIL AND BIRTHDAY. I took LOTS of pictures and put together a COLLAGE BIG CARD. I sent it to all that attended (about 20). They LOVED the card (GENEROSITY AND INCLUSIVITY).

3). I set up appointments with people I meet for a one-to-one over coffee. I ask “I’m just curious, why did you choose to do what you do? Were you hoping it would give you freedom by working for yourself? How is that working out??” I did this with the auto detailer and he said that the business owns him and there is really no exit strategy yet he started in to own his own life and his own time! I then said, “I would love to show you something that might help to relieve some of the pressure of a maxed out schedule!” (CURIOSITY)

4). I Invited him and his wife to an opportunity meeting we had in Vegas last week. I said, “I would love for you to come out to learn more about what we do and how you might be able to free up some time.” He showed up with his wife and they are now planning on signing up. I personally introduced them to Steve Schulz and Bob and Betty Ann Golden. (INCLUSIVITY)

I do this over and over again, every day. It’s a formula that works most of the time. Generosity, curiosity and inclusivity. Giving without the expectation of getting anything in return. Being curious, inquisitive and genuinely interested in others. Including others and bringing people together. It’s like a phone number. When you do all 3 of these things in this order and you do a lot of it, then you’ll get a positive result that leads to more business.

These 3 secret weapons anchor the relationship and make it really easy to invite someone to take a look at the business. The reason it’s so difficult for most people to ask is because there is no basis for relationship so it becomes very uncomfortable.

So let’s say you call someone that you don’t know so well. How can you work in the three secret weapons?

“The reason I’m calling is I would like to send you something to thank you for . . .   What’s the best address to mail it to?” (Generosity)

“The reason I’m calling is because I was CURIOUS about something I wanted to ask you. Are you possibly looking for ways to diversify your income?” (CURIOSITY)

“The reason I’m calling is I am having a little get together at The Perfect Cup coffee house to go over an idea that will help you get more business (or make more money) and I wanted to invite you out. Are you available on Tuesday evening for about an hour?” (INCLUSIVITY)


Really? That’s like saying there is no money in anything that costs a dollar. No money in fast food? No money in Q-Tips? No money in Macaroni and Cheese? No money in anything sold in the dollar store?

Anything that sells millions that has a profit margin has the potential to make big money.

Harvey McKay made hundreds of millions of dollars selling envelopes!

Actually, Kody Bateman paid out $350,000 yesterday. And about $250,000 today and about $300,000 the day before yesterday. That’s a lot of money! How much of it do you want? It’s yours when you build it. We’re just getting started. There is tons of profit in paper and ink the last time I checked!  I have friends that have made millions in this company that sells greeting cards and gifts.

How do you put a price tag on love and appreciation? Will it run out? Or can we create more of it? Will people pay $1 to express it and touch another human being in a way that makes a difference for them? How often? How many people are out there who deserve to receive this? How many are out there who crave to express it? Are we limited to just a few or is there an abundant opportunity? Do you believe there exists the opportunity for people to express love and appreciation to the tune of millions of cards per day? I do. I can see an opportunity here. Can you?

This business is not a lottery. As an entrepreneur, we are given the opportunity to see something that others don’t yet see. We cast a vision so others may see what we see. That’s what it means to build a business.  Mark Zuckerburg built Facebook for years before he ever monetized it. Today it is worth billions. You get to make money out of the gate in SOC. Can you look out beyond your bank account and your immediate circle of friends and envision attracting many thousands of people to a good idea that serves people?

When I was introduced to SOC, virtually everyone I knew that were considered the “experts” told me there was no money in SendOutCards. But I saw it differently and I set up to prove them wrong. They have all apologized to me since then.

When someone tells me there is no money in SendOutCards they have told me something important about themselves.  Vision is a quality of a leader. VISION. What is vision? It’s the ability to see something that others cannot yet see. It’s easy to get excited about something that has already happened. But after it has a happened it is not nearly as good as of an opportunity! The key is to be the creator of the movement. Are you up for it?

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