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I have found over the years that it’s our philosophies and beliefs that will steer us and guide us in times of

struggle and even triumph. You can have all the “how to” knowledge in the world and even have the work ethic to put your “how to” knowledge into action, but if your philosophy is off, you’ll be on shaky ground. “How to’s” without the foundation of a solid belief system, is a formula for struggle. You may have heard me say “Affirmations without action leads to frustration and action without affirmations
lead to delusion”.

For example, if you drive a car (which most likely you do), you must drive with certain beliefs and philosophies to have a safe experience. If you drive your car without a fundamental belief that everyone on the road is following the same set of rules, (Red Light equals stop and Green Light = Go, etc), you could end up in a fatal accident. Driving skills in and of themselves will not serve you well. Your belief system must be in place.

What are the fundamental beliefs and philosophies that will serve you best in building a rock solid SendOutCards business?

Tonight I will lay out a number of scenarios that you may be facing and sharing with you the the attitudes, beliefs and philosophies of those that successfully navigate those scenarios. At some level you may relate to one or more of them.

About 3,500 Distributors and 15,000 customers have joined our team in the past 60 days. I personally have only signed up 3 customers and 4 distributors in the past 60 days. That’s leverage. True freedom is available to YOU in this program if you have the right philosophies and you step into massive action. If I were just getting started in the business today, my philosophies would be no different than they were 7 years ago. Sound philosophies are fundamental. They drive growth for you and your team if we all adopt the same philosophies.

But first, I want to lay out what I would do if I were getting started today. These are the fundamentals that will drive growth in our businesses.

Get on Kody Bateman’s Q Call (You must Qualify by getting the ‘Q’).

Print out Cust Gathering Worksheet to accomplish this. Do it right away.

Turn your dashboard green!

Keep it simple (apply the 8 year old test).

Use the Gift Account Walk Through (GAW) and the ASEND Magazine as your top 2 “third party” tools. The magazines now have the NEW DVD in them.

Explain to all new MD’s why they want to be a Certified Trainer (CT).
a. You’ll need CT’s to get promoted.
b. Either you will get paid to train your people or I (you) will be paid to train your people.
c. Virtually ALL of our most successful people sign up and get certified to be CT’s.

PHILOSOPHIES THAT WILL DRIVE GROWTH (I recommend studying these and adopting them):

1. Small is big in our business model. The business is lots of people doing a little (not a few people doing a lot).

2. You can accomplish more by having your people at major events for 1 or 2 days than you can doing it on your own over a six month period.

3. Focus on finding the people that want to do it on their own. Spend less time with those that give you excuses and more time with those that are producing.

4. Keep it simple (1+2 = $100) AND EVERYONE TURN YOUR DASHBOARD GREEN. Green means GO!

5. Never let crisis turn into ruin.

6. Never quit on a bad day.

7. Appreciation will win self promotion every time!!

8. Give to give vs give to get.

9. Send Out to give.

10. Ask: Who does business with people that would do business with us? Get to know THEM.

11. Your network is your most valuable asset.

12. I welcome challenges as a way to grow and get feedback that will help me (us) get better.

13. One to five people will set you free (1 in 20-30).

14. It’s just numbers. “The mountain doesn’t care”. The difference between a $1000 check and a $10,000 check is just a zero.

15. FAST growth is easy once you find the right people. You can’t measure the size of someone’s heart. The duds can lead you to the studs. You don’t know who they know.

16. Changing companies is not an answer to your problems. Whatever challenges you are experiencing will repeat themselves with your new company within a relatively short period of time, unless you have changed your philosophy or improved your skills. Everyone is excited when they join a new company. It’s what you do after the euphoria wears off that will determine your long term success. I didn’t make this up.

17. DISTRACTIONS are the killer to growth. Facebook, TV, the internet are the “Greener Pastures”. Sales pitches from other companies are the 4 greatest distractors.

18. The fuel in any business is people (fill your pipeline).

19. You need a relatively small amount of people to make a fortune. There are enough people for everyone (in all companies). Your attitude regarding “lack” or “abundance” will drive your actions and ultimately determine how big you get in the business.

20. Those you think will, won’t and those who you think won’t, will.

21. Your job is to GET PEOPLE STARTED, and not to manage your team. Let the system do the managing.

22. You CREATE your future, it’s not something that happens to you (SAC Excel).

23. More meetings mean more money.

24. Problems go up. Inspiration goes down and across. Never express challenges downline.

25. Just like the high school, the gym, and scouting, some people work to get to the top and others quit or are satisfied with where they are. People are people.

26. AVOID THE 4 DISTRACTORS and fill your calendar with appointments to show the business.

27. Sponsoring a new distributor usually makes your problems a little less scary.

28. Apply the 8 year old test.

29. Just because it sounds like a good idea, doesn’t mean that it is. Focus on the opportunities that have the potential to duplicate. Fund raisers and big corporate accounts don’t duplicate.

30. Put yourself in situations that make it easy to meet people.

31. Everyone can be “got” by someone.

32. It’s physically impossible to saturate an area.

33. You can borrow the influence and skills that you lack.

34. For every person that is stuck because of a challenge, there is a handful of people that have gone to the top that experienced the exact same challenge.

35. Challenges become your excuses or your reasons (the same challenges).

36. When you become stuck or stopped, it simply means there is something you need to learn.

37. Your dreams are the #1 driver of your personal motivation. Motivation is what keeps you going long enough to succeed.

38. Adopt the philosophy: TODAY IS THE BIG DAY! (You don’t know who you will meet today that will lead you to an explosive organization) .

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