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Sept 15, 2014

Sandy Morgan has been a big part of the SendOutCards for six years.

Although Sandy has been bound to an electric wheelchair for many years and has a difficult time verbally communicating, she has not let that stop her. Her doctors predicted she would be a ‘vegetable’. Sandy makes no excuses. She is a winner and she lives life to the fullest despite what others would consider insurmountable obstacles. She graduated from college with a BA. Sandy was inspired through Kody Bateman’s message of “The story in your mind becomes the story of your life” and decided to write a book. “Dance of Victory” was born.

She has written manuals for the Minnesota Department of Education.

For her own mobility, Sandy Morgan has used a 1997 van that her parents bought just prior to their deaths. This current mode of transportation is no longer dependable. The lift became unreliable to raise or lower her. She had the lift removed, replacing it with a portable ramp donated by the local Lions and Rotary clubs. It’s heavy and clumsy for Sandy’s friends and PCA’s use the ramp and Sandy doesn’t feel safe. Sandy’s van is now in need of extensive repairs which would cost more than the vehicle is worth.

With shopping options 35 miles away, she is unable to fully gain access to all that is needed to successfully build her business. By providing her the appropriate vehicle, she can attend meetings, and offsite workshops to continue to grow as a successful Entrepreneur, without limitation.

As friends and family of Sandy Morgan, are now acting on our own prompting to offer her the convenience of mobility many of us may take for granted.

Please help us help Sandy . . . make a donation to help us help her get an equipped vehicle. The cost will be $80K-$100K so your help is needed. Special thanks to Tracey Parnell, Lucie Smiles and Roger Hallback for helping to make this happen.


SEARCH: Get your motor runnin

2. Like the page

3. Make a donation (everything helps – Please do what you can)


Sept 16th is her 5th year Anniversary in SOC

She’s from

Kathryn Asaro Myers

Toronto, Ontario

Kathryn sent me her “Why” statement and it moved me to

want to have her share it with you.

Here I am now with you and my WHY

“I have a true love story…my husband and I have been together since  November 7, 1986 we were married and then suddenly after 9 years were not together and we never had a fight…it took us 9 years to get a divorce and for 16 1/6 years I waited every day for him to come and get me…I woke up and said to myself everyday…today is the day…I would imagine myself in the presence of my husband/ex husband and what I would say but more importantly how I would feel…the butterflies in my stomach lived for 16 1/2 years and one day he came back for me and asked me to marry him in a Send Out Cards…I have that card with me all the time. I AM going to give my husband the life he gave me…David dedicated his life to our blended family and to the recuperation of my ongoing inability to accept that I could no give him a child of our own was a failure that I could not accept and TODAY I AM giving back…our life was right out of a story book with a happy ending everyday! SO the money will be for my husbands dreams to come true…for us to help children all over the world to receive an education and to have a home to live in while they are devoting themselves to their goals and passions. The money will be for Scholarships and for Housing for students to have a life of abundance…I will host an Educational Seminar on Network Marketing and Presentations…I will hire the very best leaders from all over the world to come and share their gifts with small children and to use music, dance, art and books to role play practical life situations that will make leaders of our children and to prepare them for the world of adventure and the unexpected. The money will be put to good use by funding religions from all around the world to feed the poor and to give to the needy.  The money will be spent on day to day necessities for the elderly who have no families in the city that they live in to have family dinners to have weekly flowers delivered to their homes, nursing homes and to the lost family members who are far away…the money will be invested in the lives of those who step up to the plate and play ball with the 24 hours that they are blessed with and the money will be saved for the future of the children who are not yet born…we will oversee the laying of foundations of housing all aver the world to spread spiritual freedom and to foster newcomers into promised lands. The money will last as long as dreams are in reality and for as long as we sleep and wake up we will shake hands with the rich and the poor. We will educate the wealthy on how to be proud and how to be humble and we will share our wealth through preparing meals for students and families all around the world…we will organize a series of shows that will teach everyone how to take care of their health, mentally, physically and spiritually. We will stop at nothing we wont stop until the world listens to our message and our money will never run out because we will continually give it away to those who are hungry and sick…I have only touched the surface because I want to make my husband proud as proud of me as I AM of him…so it will be an eternal act of kindness and love …my WHY is Universal, it is multilingual, it is never-ending, it is undying, it is infinity…I AM so glad you asked and now you know me a bit more today than yesterday!!!”

RaRa is in the House

btw September 16, 2009 is my sign up day and I am celebrating my 5th year!!! Thank You Thank You Thank You


There are exactly 3 1/2 months left in the year. . . about 100 days. The next 100 days can be just like the last 100 days

or they can launch you in to 2015 with so much momentum that your life will never be the same. In my last company, my income grew from $2800 per month to over $34,000 between my 33rd month and my 40th months

Truthfully, this will not happen for you if you simple treat the next 100 days the way you treated the last 100 days. You must become

the person that deserves and expects this kind of growth to attract it. You must change. Money will not make you the person you need

to become. We teach the importance of ‘I am’ statements in the TreatEmRight Seminars. Your ‘I am’ statements will transform you into the

person you’ll need to be to create the massive shift we are talking about here.

If you are fearful, doubtful, apprehensive, unsure, impatient, desperate, anxious, greedy or distracted, you will probably not get the momentum you are looking for. You must re-invent yourself tonight. You must immediately become the person that is worthy of attracting success and being a leader. These are all feelings that we move in an out of all the time. The key is to be aware of these feelings and then reframe them. Flip them around and turn them into empowering feelings that will serve you over the next 120 days.

You must start here. When you go into massive action before creating yourself as a person that deserves success, you’ll get frustrated because you will be spinning your wheels. Remember . . . Affirmation first –  then action. Affirmation without action leads to delusion. Action without affirmation leads to frustration. How many of you know someone that says their affirmations daily, but they never DO anything??!! They are delusional. How many of you know someone that works, and works and works and works, but never gets ahead. They may be in action with no empowering affirmations! This is frustrating! Action without affirmation leads to frustration!

So who are you that deserves and expects success? Are you confident? Are you empowered? Are you empowering? Are you a leader of leaders? Are you lucky? Are you blessed? Are you loving? Are you charismatic? Are you friendly? Are you fun to be around? Are you healthy?

Do not skip this step! Keep it simple . . . write down three things that you ARE that will empower you. Put them where you can see them every day. Read them daily. When you find yourself going ‘South’, immediately re-invent yourself by reading your 3 ‘I am’ Statements.

Breaking loose will require a little extra time and a little extra effort. There is a misnomer that to make twice as much money

you must work twice as hard. Actually the difference between being #1 and being #100 is just a little bit of extra effort. Tonight will be about a personal challenge to do just a little more. Its crystal clear to me and others that are winning in the game of life. We say to ourselves, “If they only knew, they would just do a little more” Its not that tough . . . actually its really tough if you are not being the person you need to be to find and lead people. Its easy once you become that person. You become that person in an instant. Once you become that person, success flows to you quickly and easily at whatever you put your mind to!

In my last company, I had just purchased my first dream home in the mountains of Arizona. It was a beautiful mountain home in the forest with tall cathedral ceilings and huge picture windows that framed the valley below. The sky and the mountains were like a beautiful painting. The pine trees came right up through the decks and when the wind blew, they sounded just like the ocean. My network marketing income allows me to come and go as I please. Every day is Saturday in my world.

One Sunday night in October, I was cruising up to Pine in my convertible. The top was down and the night breeze was cool. The sun had set and the mountain roads snaked up through the pine forests. What I noticed that night taught me a valuable lesson . . . As I drove up the mountain, I noticed a chain of car lights that went on for 50 miles on the southbound road that led back down to Phoenix. I was the only one going UP the mountain that night and thousands of cars were coming down the mountain. The mountains were a weekend vacation retreat for the masses, but I LIVED there!

I was driving UP on Sunday night while everyone else was driving down. You see what happened on Saturday night, was, the boss started to rattle the chain that was attached to the ankles of all those that had to go to work on Monday morning. ‘Time to pack it up!’ I guarantee that if that chain didn’t get rattled, the majority of them would have stayed on vacation!

Winning as an entrepreneur means THINKING DIFFERENTLY. It means going against the grain. It means driving in the other direction. It means standing up for what you believe in. Here’s how I see it . . . We are not average. We will do what average people won’t do.

So tonight we are talking about busting loose in 2014. That means doing more of the right activities than the average distributor does. We are not going to talk about doing more than the average couch potato . . . this would just get you better than average results. We are going to talk about the extra 5% that will make the difference as to whether you plod along or whether you have a banner, kick-some-butt 2014! But we are not talking about burning yourself out or being a work-a-holic. Remember the difference is simply doing a little extra.

What does this mean?

If the average distributor is sending about 1 card per day . . . send out 3 heartfelt cards per day.

If the average distributor never makes it to a Treatemright, go to 3 per year.

If the average distributor meets one new person per day, meet 3 new people per day.

If the average distributor does one gift account walk-through per week, do one per day. Do 2-5 per day to break-loose quickly!

If the average distributor usually doesn’t make it to the Monday Night call, be on all of them!

If the average distributor is afraid to share Sendoutcards, make sure everyone you know at least knows what you are

up to.

If the average distributor does SendOutCards ‘on the side’, consider doing SendOutCards as a major positive force in your life.

If the average distributor doesn’t follow up, make sure you follow up with everyone you meet with cards, e-mails, phone calls. Become a valuable resource to the people you meet. Following up to me means making friends with everyone I like and keeping them friends over my lifetime by nurturing our relationship.

If the average distributor gives up easily, never give up.

Very simply, stand out as a leader of leaders. Become great at what you do. The rewards will astound you.

I have heard it said that the difference between water boiling or not is just 1 degree! Just 1 degree more heat makes a huge difference. Have you ever wondered what would happen if on take-off in a Boeing 757, the pilot was just 1 knot short of take-off speed? What would happen? That 1 extra knot makes the difference as to whether an airplane takes off or crashes. Do you get the point. Its not a huge shift! Its just doing a little more that makes a huge difference!

My challenge to you beginning tonight is to define yourself as someone who wins. Not just someone who gets by or makes a living, but someone who wins in a big way. Starting tonight, own your power. Recognize that your actions today can potentially impact many thousands of people as your team grows. You have the opportunity to change many lives and impact thousands or even 10’s of thousands of people by who you introduce SendOutCards to. My challenge to you is to do just a little more each day, for the next 100 days. Make SendOutCards a top priority in your life for the next 100 days. Instead of trying to work SendOutCards into your life as a side business, make your life about the crusade to change lives and make a difference for many others for the next 4 months.


Periodically one of my distributors will ask me to speak with someone about SendOutCards because they have a bunch of ‘Objections’. What’s interesting is, I rarely get any objections. When i do , I have found its usually because I talked about SendOutCards with them before having them actually send  card.

Objections regarding the compensation plan, the 3 options or how much money can be made usually only come up when someone talks details about the business before showing someone how the system works.

Here’s an example. . .

I got a call from someone that said his boss was interested in SendOutCards. We scheduled a 3 way call, and during the call he asked, “So is it true you are making over $100,000 per month because I have a hard time believing that?! I just don’t see that kind of money here!” This objection should never have come up. Nowhere in our presentation do we say . . . “now interject how much money the top earners are making”! First of all, most people won’t believe its true. Secondly, most people won’t believe THEY can do it so you don’t need to share it! This objection may have cost him a distributor. INSTEAD, JUST GIVE OR SEND THEM BEACH MONEY, PROMPTINGS or SECRETS FROM THE SOC DRAWER AND SAY, “I think this will answer all your questions.”

Most questions are credibility issues and the books will help with that. There is usually a questions behind the question that is hidden from view. Keep it simple . . . just give them the website and tell them that all their questions will get answered.

Normally after listening to a conference call or reading some things on the website they have very few additional questions.

What’s interesting to me is that usually the greatest skeptics will be completely excited after attending a full Treatemright seminar. Not because their specific questions were answered, but because they now trust the philosophy and ideals of the company and they believe in our crusade. Again, its because the questions they had were an attempt at gaining trust in the system and the people.

I rarely answer questions for a number of reasons:

1. Its not duplicatable

2. Usually they are not relevant to building a successful business

3. The questions being asked are usually not the real issue.

When someone starts asking questions prior to me having them do a GIFT ACCOUNT WALK-THROUGH, I simply say, “I’m going to answer ALL of your questions, but before I do, I need to have you see the system because it will provide a framework for the answers I’m going to give you”

If they still insist on asking, I have them give me ALL of their questions and I tell them I will write them down to make sure we get all of them answered. I then write them down and repeat them all back. THEN I TAKE THEM THROUGH SENDING A CARD ON THE SYSTEM. Most of the time, just by doing this, the value becomes so great that the questions become less important.

Simply do 3 things:


2. Set up a Splash Pak Account for them and have them send a card on it

(to someone they care about – IMPORTANT!)

3. Have them watch the 3 short 3 min videos on ID#

Most people don’t see the value UNTIL they have sent a card.


The next time you hear . . . “I don’t have the $395” consider this. We ALL seem to figure out how to get a car with a down payment of $1000-$10,000. Why? BECAUSE IT’S IMPORTANT. When people see your business as IMPORTANT they will figure out how to come up with the money. By having them send a card, they begin to see the importance of the system to them.

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