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July 23, 2012

When I got started the situation was much different. I simply observed what Demarr did to get my attention and I replicated the same things. I broke it down into 3 simple daily actions. I did those things each day and I taught those things each day. There were not gifts or gift cards. There was no photo store. It cost $745 to be a distributor and you didn’t get paid for training. You made $25 on each $745 distributor for your first 10. Then it went up to $125. Our cards were simple and there was no photo editing software.

I broke the business down into 3 simple daily actions. I still do these 3 things today:

a. Send out at least 1 personal card a day (GRATITUDE CARD).
b. Send out at least 1 DVD each day in a card.
c. Walk someone else through sending a card each day (GAW – Gift Account Walk-Through).

Each week I scheduled one 2-hour training in a conference room to train my new customers and
distributors. We would convert customers each week once they saw the capabilities of the system.
We did this each and every week and taught the team to do the same thing.


from the time they log on to the time they send a card. Then explain the capabilities of the
system (campaigns, gifts, video cards, etc) and look for ideas that will make their life easier.

IMPORTANT: Sending them a link or just signing them up will typically lead you nowhere.

The 30-DAY GRATITUDE CHALLENGE makes it even easier to do what I’ve just described.
You must get people on the computer (either in person or over the phone) and walk them through
sending a card on the system. Do this every day (one a day). This is key!!

To get POOR BUSINESS RESULTS – Do SendOutCards only when you feel like it. Send a card once in a while. Talk about all the things that you wish SendOutCards would do that they currently aren’t doing and all the things you don’t like about the system or the company.

To get MEDIOCRE BUSINESS RESULTS – Do the Gratitude Challenge. Mention the business only when others bring it up or ask you about it. Send out the “couch video” link, ( ID#) and see who logs on a sends a card.

To get GOOD BUSINESS RESULTS – Do the Gratitude Challenge. Join and attend networking groups. Have a specific plan. Continually add people to your list and show the business each day. Attend one Treat ‘Em Right seminar. Proactively explain SendOutCards to the people you meet. Be generous with your cards and gifts. Go for the contests andbe on Kody Bateman’s ‘Q’ coaching call each week.

To get OUTSTANDING RESULTS – Define yourself as a self-actualized leader. Be responsible for your success and the success of those around you. Become a contribution to the organization as a whole. Do the Gratitude Challenge times 5. Send out at least 5 to 10 gratitude cards per day. Send out Sendoutcards tools to potential customers and distributors each day. Set 1-5 appointments per day to WALK SOMEONE THROUGH SENDING A CARD and training new card senders and distributors. Become known in your community as a “connector of people”. Do the 3 daily actions X 5. Be so consistent that your team views you as a ROCK in your organization. Go for all the challenges and win them. MOST IMPORTANTLY – Take time to get someone in front of their computer and walk them through sending a card, then have them watch the videos. Become the person that everyone knows is the person (you) who stays in touch and always remembers. Do the napkin presentation or at the very least show the 4 videos on your .biz site ( ID#).

  1. Focus on ideas will add value, look for ways to make someone’s life easier. What do they want? Show them how SendOutCards can help them get it. (Today ; a doctor that wants more patients).
  2. Distinguish between “reactive gratitude” and “generated gratitude” – abundance comes from generating gratitude each day by choice vs waiting for someone to do something nice for you and being grateful for that.
  3. Be excessively generous.
  4. DO GIFT ACCOUNT WALK THROUGHS – Jerry Knight story.
  5. Know the numbers, the computer doesn’t care! (1 out of 20-30 will do it big).
  6. Plug people into the system, become a cheerleader and promote the Treat ‘Em Rights,
    major events, conference call, etc.

If I were to do it again, I would do it exactly the same. I would do 3-5 GAW’s a day (in person or over the phone. I stay with them all the way through).
Daily I look for ways to expand my list with new people.
I send 3-5 cards per day! I’ve send 55,000 cards to date!
I send at least 1 DVD (on average every day).
I attend most of the Treat ‘Em Right events and all of the big events.
I promote everything!
I network like crazy. I joined one group in AZ and got to know everyone in that group very well. I then went to their events and was introduced to many others.
I taught (and continue to teach) all of these principles to others both on and off my team.
I dream big and encourage others to do the same!


  1. Refresh you list.
  2. Call each person. Be intentional, personable and friendly. In a forthright way (with confidence)
    let them know that you would like to show them something that you really think that will love.
  3. Show them the videos and ask them if they would like to take the 30 day gratitude challenge.
    If they say yes, then ask them if they would like to make money helping us promote it.
  4. Tell them how they can help 3 other people take it and get their points for free and tell them how they can help 3 other people teach it and get their money back. That’s it.

Here’s what I know: SendOutCards is WAY better than it was 7 years ago when I got started. The cards look 10 times better. The photo editing capabilities are second to none. We have gifts and gift cards which didn’t exist 7 years ago. We have the PHOTOSTORE which vastly expands our gifting options.

There is a huge pent up demand for our service. People that use it love it and many can’t live without it once they try it.

The “Gratitude Challenge” is an idea that makes the world a better place. How can anyone argue that sending out a card a day to express appreciation doesn’t work?

SendOutCards, IS worthy of a worldwide movement. Millions of people will be using SendOutCards over the next few years. There is no logical reason for it not to go viral. Re-read “The tipping point” by Malcolm Gladwell. Many worldwide movements took years to catch on.

Ask yourself if you would be using the product if there were no compensation plan attached to it. If the answer is no, then at some point you will become miserable. You must love it so much that you would refer it regardless of the compensation attached to it.

All the indicators point up. We are perfectly positioned. People will doubt and many will quit because of impatience. Quitting is a characteristic of the common man. Most people quit everything they do. Leaders persist and see the job through. ‘Anyone can steer the ship when the sea is calm’.

I also have seen THIS compensation plan produce more millionaires in network marketing than any other compensation plan in our profession BUT IT’S NOT THE PLAN THAT WILL MAKE YOU A LOT OF MONEY!

Kody Bateman has done the impossible virtually everyone told him it couldn’t be done and we are doing it. And he’s not done. I have been told countless times by industry experts that there is no money in SendOutCards AS I’M CASHING SIX FIGURE MONTHLY CHECKS. I also know that it’s just numbers, anyone can go and do what I have done by simply replicating what I and others have done.

I can give you all the reasons why I think your business isn’t growing. But it really only comes down to a couple of simple things. I have a simple process that consistently allows me to sponsor 1-4 new distributors per month. I can teach you how to do the same thing. And you can teach it too.

I know that it works because it has allowed US to put over 140,000 distributors into our company.
I also know that if you do it differently, your results may or may not be all that good.

It’s a SIMPLE formula that works. I watch as others get frustrated, doubtful and complacent and they wonder why it’s not working for them, it’s crystal clear. Let’s get down to the real truth and talk about what it takes to build and duplicate. There is no short cut. There is BIG MONEY in SendOutCards if you focus on the right activities and keep it simple. Getting desperate and trying to go fast actually slows down the process. Slow IS fast.

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