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Let me tell you a story. When I lived in Tempe and worked for America West Airlines, I drove a 1987 Jeep Wrangler. At the time my income at the airline was about $16,000 per year and the Jeep was constantly breaking down. At the time, in the summer of 1987, it was over 110 degrees F and the air conditioner in the Jeep had gone out. A 17 year old with no insurance had hit me and the front end of the Jeep was smashed in.

After the accident, I was driving down the freeway and didn’t know that the hood latch had been broken in the accident. The wind caught the hood and it flipped up at about 70 mph and slammed into my windshield shattering it. The deductible on my insurance was $75 and I didn’t have that to fix the windshield.

About 4 days later a policeman drove up behind me and I could see him squinting to try and see through to the front of my Jeep through the windshield. He figured that if he couldn’t see through the spider vein cracks in my window that neither could I.

He pulled me over and gave me a ticket.

One thing that I learned in this experience is that if I focused on the windshield, I could not see where I was going. If I focused on the road ahead, the cracks would blur out and I could see the road. This was not the safest situation, but it was a strategy that got me through the tough times.

And believe it or not, this strategy got me through the tough times in my Businesses as well. When I keep my eye on the horizon the problems right in front of my face don’t seem quite a significant.

About 25 months ago I was faced with a situation that turned out to be financially devastating for some of my peers. Some of them went completely broke. In the moment the future looked really bleak. I was bleeding to the tune of about $20,000 per month after my last company went away. No one in SOC had ever made any serious money (not even $10,000 per month).

I learned to change my focus to change my state. I need to be in an empowering state to be resourceful, productive and efficient. My jeep taught me to focus beyond the problems that are in my face daily. Focus on the future. Focus on the horizon. Look beyond the day to day challenges that tend to get in the way and hold you back.

This minor shift in focus has helped me through two financially devastating situation . . . Eventually I was able to fix the windshield and eventually go on to purchase nicer luxury automobiles.

Successful people can ‘view’ a brighter future on the horizon even when it’s still out of their line of sight. Vision is the sign of a great leader and it’s a skill that can be developed. Just consider changing your focus.


Years ago, I was in a consistent habit of working out daily. I used to stretch, sweat and eat healthy almost every day. As time went on, I got busier and busier and the workouts became less and less. I stopped stretching and started traveling. I would go out with friends and eat foods at restaurants that ‘clog’ the body. My workouts went for 90 minutes per day to less than 20 minutes 3 times per week. I felt myself slowing down.

This morning I was ‘Running Stairs’ in the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas prior to a trade show sponsored by some of our team. As I was working out, I started to think about what it takes to be in shape and stay in shape and how to get there. It really comes down to 3 simple things:

I started to wonder . . . Do we get old and slow down OR do we slow down and get old??

So let’s say there is someone who has never paid much attention to his shape or fitness. At the age of 40 he decides to get fit. He goes to two fitness trainers. One gives him 10 textbooks on fitness and tells him to start out by reading them. The other fitness trainer has him follow these three simple steps . . .

1. Sweat Every Day
2. Stretch Every Day
3. Eat clean water rich food that isn’t packaged
4. Start NOW.

After a few months, who will know more? Obviously the person that read the books! But who will be in better shape. The person that DID the 4 steps without knowing much.

There is MOUNTAINS of information on the internet, in the bookstores and at the library on health and fitness. One could get lost in all of the information. There are classes and programs on fitness. There are college degrees on fitness and nutrition. How do you pick what to focus on? Where do you start? What’s really important?

Let’s talk about GETTING RESULTS. All of the things that can be learned are important, but in terms of getting and staying fit, there are really only 4 things:

1. Sweat Every Day
2. Stretch Every Day
3. Eat Clean water rich food that isn’t packaged
4. Start NOW.

Within each step, there are an unlimited number of possibilities, in terms of GETTING GREAT RESULTS, the key is to start now. There is lots to learn on the journey that can help someone grow and excel. But most importantly, let’s focus on the 4 basic things that need to be done.

If someone did these 4 things, how would they look and feel after 1 year??

We really need to keep the business we are in as simple as this to succeed quickly. I want to share with you a conversation I had this week with one of our industry leaders that has recently started with us. This guy had 165,000 people under him in his last company and he was known as someone that kept it very simple. He was from a small town and is a man of few words. After reading a bunch of the e-mails and going through all of the training he said:

“Jordan, doesn’t it really come down to 4 things? Someone needs to learn to:

1. Send at least 1 card every day
2. Set up a gift account and show someone else how to send a card at least once per day
3. Sign up Distributors and Customers
4. Teach 3 to do the same.”

He then said, “Is there really anything else someone needs to know??” Hearing him say this was like getting hit between the eyes with a brick . . . Duh!!

Now just like in health and fitness, you can expand on each of these things, but half the challenge is keeping it so simple that it can be easily done and taught quickly.

$$ So easy that a 7 year old can do it, teach it and won’t lose interest
$$ In a job we get paid to create manuals, policies and procedures, etc – In SOC we get paid to get new card senders started
$$ People don’t have time to learn or start a new project. People are busy and already have full lives. Too much info and they will quit before they start!

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