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January 2, 2012-

Welcome to 2012! I just celebrated my 7 year anniversary in SendOutCards and I am amazed as I look back at all that has occurred in these short years. When I walked into our headquarters for the first time, SendOutCards was being operated on a little $24,000 printer in a garage. Today we are running on four $600,000 Xerox Igen printers with an amazing staff of over 100. Our biggest day in 2004 was about 350 cards, today our biggest days are over 700,000 cards! The cards were on flimsy paper with 1/20th the number of options. No gloss finish. No gift cards. No gifts. No Big Cards. No Video Cards. In a nutshell, we’ve come a long way.
We are just now getting started. 2012 will bring changes beyond your wildest imagination. Strap on your seatbelt because we are going to go fast AND we are going to have a good time doing it! I hope you are ready to have the time of your life and create a legacy for yourself and your family. That’s what this call is about, creating your legacy and making your dreams come true in 2012. Ready?

1. My top 2 books of 2011 and why they will open doors for you in your business if you read them.
There are two books that really stand out for me. These books are game changers. I talk about the power of focus and how a minor shift in focus can transform your life and your business. These books will do just that. I recommend you pick up both of them, study them and then put what you learn into immediate action.
-Start with Why, by Simon Sinek.
(I listened to it on audiobook that I bought on That way I can multitask while running or working out). When your passion to do something is intense and meaningful, you inspire others to get behind you. Consider the Wright brothers, Steve Jobs and Harley Davidson. These represent companies and individuals who were clear about who they were and where they were going. They were passionate and had unwavering certainty about their direction. You will adopt the mindset that will inspire people to act. You create a sense of belonging by involving people in a cause that is greater than themselves. Kody has a saying, “Find out who you are and then give yourself away”. Companies and individuals that KNOW WHO THEY ARE, express passion around it. They tend to attract others to their cause. I catch myself from time to time reverting back to selling people on what we are doing. My job (and yours) is to inspire action by being the best at who I am (who we are). There are millions of people out there that will resonate with our mission. We simply need to live it, breath it and be it.
-Brains on Fire, by Robbin Phillips, Greg Cordell, Geno Church and Spike Jones
This book is an easy read AND it will challenge you. I love this book. It’s one of my favorites of all time and it applies DIRECTLY to what we do. You’ll become very clear that what seems to be intuitive to most that are in pursuit of business, is the very opposite of what is necessary to create an effective “word of mouth” movement. The book compares marketing to relationship and you’ll see that word of mouth movements start with one person that gets “related” to another.
Manipulation Authenticity
US vs Them We
Getting Giving
Start and stop Ongoing
Money over people People over money
Elitist Collaboration
Broadcasting Out Engagement
Technology Focused People Focused

Most successful top earners focused on RELATIONSHIP BUILDING vs MARKETING.
BONUS: Oh and while were on the subject, whatever challenges you have experienced in your life that are holding you back, it’s time to set those aside. Watch this 4 minute video and you will begin to believe that ANYTHING is possible for you. This is my favorite video of the year:
Amy Purdy – “Living Life Beyond Limits” PLEASE TAKE 4 MINUTES NOW AND WATCH THIS VIDEO.
IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN IT WATCH IT AGAIN. You’ll hear some things you didn’t hear the first time.

2. How to make your dreams come true in 2012:
I love to talk about dreams. Most people stop dreaming at some point between 20 and 30 years old. They give up. They get jaded. It’s time to start exercising your dream muscles once again. It’s the most powerful thing to do AND it’s something you can start doing right now. Last night I had dinner with Dakota Rea and his friend Anna from Hungary. Anna is 20 years old and speaks 4 languages. Her mother is in Network Marketing in Hungary but she has never really fully understand her mother’s chosen profession. Dakota is one of the top experts and consultants on attracting the “Gen Y” community into Network Marketing. He is passionate about changing the way young people look at business. Anna has a scholarship to one of the top universities in the world (in Milan, Italy). We had a great conversation about college, work, income, residual, being in business, etc. Anna has big dreams and she loves school. However, she doesn’t see school as a good way to make money. She sees it as a place to learn and grow. I shared with her that I have a college degree and I worked in corporate America for 17 years. After 17 years, the company I worked for cut my pay to $14,000 per year. I looked around me and virtually EVERYONE I knew that had spent 10 to 20 years in corporate America was struggling financially. Oh sure, there are always a few isolated cases of people that had lived so below their means that they were ok financially. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be just “ok” financially. So, we talked about the job model compared to the business model. We talked about her dreams and how she was not going to get her dreams working for someone else. She could clearly see that the ” model is becoming obsolete. She talked about how tough the job market is even with an advanced degree and the ability to speak multiple languages. She wants to experience the world and not be tied down to a job. She even clearly articulated how 80% of what she was learning would be completely irrelevant in the real world. Interesting. So, millions of people spend $50,000-$100,000 to obtain a degree that prepares them to work for someone else in a marketplace with limited opportunity. Working a job, it will take 20 years or more to pay off the loans AND most of the individuals in this “plan” are doing it knowing that it will never truly get them what they want. They simply have given up on what they want.
I didn’t try and talk her out of pursuing her college degree. But we did do a compare and contrast analysis of the value it would provide to her based on what SHE said she wanted out of life.
Dreams are one of my favorite topics to talk about. About 4 times a year, I make a list of all the things I want to accomplish in that year (and beyond). I look at the list often. I have also found that when making the list, most of the time, I don’t know exactly HOW I will accomplish these things. but just by writing them and being aware of them, the planets tend to line up over time. As simple as this is to do, most people don’t do it. It can be as simple as numbering your paper from 1-10 and then just writing 10 things you want to do this year. If you do nothing else, at least do this!
I have seen miracles happen in the past 20 years because I never gave up on my dreams. Some of these things took 10 or 20 years for me to see come to fruition, but I never let go. Here are a few things that I wrote on my dream list that have come to fruition. (I’ve gotten really good at “exercising my dream muscles”):
1. I started stretching for 15 minutes a day – This has been one of my most amazing accomplishments of 2011. I feel 1000% better because of just doing this. Thanks Sherry Double for inspiring me to take this step in my life.
2. Private jet travel – I have now leased a private jet 4 times. This is one of those things that seemed IMPOSSIBLE to me when I first wrote it down 15 years ago.
3. Had a personal lunch with Tony Robbins. Tony knows who I am today. Back in the early 90’s when I read his first book, I decided that some day I would have lunch with him. In 2004, I sat across from him in a group of 12 people for 3 1/2 hours.
4. Custom Wardrobe – I hired a tailor to customize a closet full of clothes for me. Shopping is not something I enjoy all that much. This has been on my dream list for over 10 years and FINALLY I took action and made it happen.
These are 4 out of about 50 accomplishments. I encourage you to create YOUR list. Don’t judge yourself OR OTHERS for going after their dreams. We should all encourage each other to go for it! Your dreams are within reach. Be patient with yourself and most of all have faith and never give up on your dreams.

A good friend of mine, Marie Menges in Jerome gave me a book called “The God Machine”. It’s not what you think. It’s the story about the invention of Helicopters and how they came to be. I opened it up to the inside jacket cover and read the sleeve. It said, “Among the earliest of the helicopter hopefuls were 19th century American greeting card printer Mortimer Nelson”. WOW! I got the sign. Soooooo myself, Dakota and Anna booked a flight to the grand canyon (yesterday) in a helicopter. It was a PERFECT day. Maverick Helicopters picked us up at 1:30pm on New Years day (what a way to start the year!!) and took us to the heliport. I sat in the front and asked a million questions of the pilot. As we lifted about 4 feet off the ground and just hovered, I think I caught the bug. After flying over the Nevada desert for about 45 minutes we flew through the grand canyon along the Colorado river. We then landed at the bottom of the canyon right on the ridge above the river. We were surrounded by red canyon walls. We watched the sun set. It was surreal and almost emotional for me. We then took off and after the sun set, we flew at eye level and experienced the lights of the Vegas strip from above. All of this because Marie gave me a book and I got the sign. So, I have decided to learn to fly a helicopter and I’m really really excited about it. I called Marie to thank her for helping me to get excited about adding a new dream to my list for the new year! :)
Here are a few things from my list for 2012:
a. Do a carbon fiber wrap on my Toyota FJ.
b. Visit Kiva onsite.
c. Go global (100 countries).
d. 2 million customers paying $9.80/mo.
e. Take the Williams train in AZ.
f. Schedule 3 “Equity Estates” trips.

3. Three SIMPLE qualities that I learned to model in order to attract thousands of people into the business – I received a call from a guy about a year ago and he said, “We have 250 mutual friends on Facebook, we need to meet”! We met for lunch at a little cafe at the Aria. It turns out he’s 30 years old and he’s one of the most well known people in all of Vegas. His name is Henry. We have hung out a few times with friends and he has introduced me to some of the most interesting people I have ever met. I was with a guy the other day that knows him and we were talking about how it is that Henry knows so many people. Everyone loves Henry! It came down to 3 things:
1. Henry is friendly to everyone (he sends out positive energy).
2. Henry makes you feel special and important (he sincerely compliments people he meets).
3. Henry is enthusiastic (he loves life and it shows).
These are three very simply things that he does all the time AND the result is, Henry is one of the most well networked, well liked people in all of Vegas! These are qualities that any one of us can learn to use in our daily lives to expand our network.
4. A proactive, dream enhancing, technique for expanding your life and meeting 10-40 quality potential distributors EACH WEEK! SHOP FOR YOUR DREAMS NOW! You’ll meet 10-40 people per week. Make a list of some things you want to buy/do in the next 18 months. Go shopping for them now. Get each person’s business card. Build rapport. Ask questions. Be inquisitive and learn in the process. Send each person a thank you card with a Starbucks card or brownies.

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