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November 19, 2012- Jackie Ulmer

The Harvest Can’t Be Prevented – Defining Moments in Your Business.

Recently, Jordan and I were speakers at the Real Savvy Success Event, and we shared the stage with a very dynamic, motivational speaker – Tiffany Peterson. In her encouraging talk, she shared this statement – The Harvest Can’t Be Prevented. She was not referring specifically to network marketing, but to anything we pursue in life, if we keep at it.

It struck a chord with me, Jordan and most everyone in the room! So, tonight, I want to share a little about how this statement, and this philosophy fits into your business

My story – listen in to some details on my story and see how it plays into the topic!

So, back to tonight’s topic –
What does it mean – the harvest can’t be prevented? Think about a farm and the crops in the field. If the seeds are planted, tended to, watered and given TIME, the harvest ALWAYS comes, right?

A farmer doesn’t stop watering, tending, pulling the weeds and so on just because he doesn’t see any small shoots coming up in the first few days or weeks. He continues on because he trusts, he knows, he believes.

Trust, know and believe in the process in your business, too.

There are 4 keys to an ongoing harvest in your business, so if you have a pen, write these down.

The Dream

The System

The Action Steps or Daily, Weekly, Monthly Business Plan

The Defining Moments

Key# 1
Dream – define your why, create dream/vision boards ; take pictures, collect magazines. A billionaire I know once shared with me that he has a dream book and flips through it daily and adds to it.
Surround yourself with things that expand your vision – this includes people, magazines, books, CDs, DVDs and events. Especially EVENTS! They build belief, culture, and defining moments. More on events in a minute.

Jordan’s Helicopter Lessons

My Home at the Beach

So, what is on your list? What things do you WANT, that may stretch you a little now? Get them written down and into your psyche. Feel within your soul what it will be like when you achieve that.

Key # 2

System – its so simple – it’s the daily process and the tools/events we have in place with SOC.
Never lose sight of how simple it is.
Pick your 3 tools that you use most often.
Pick your tools for follow up.
Tools include the cards themselves, the GAW, DVDs, Asend Magazine, our 4 websites.
Anything except your mouth, ha ha! Remember, the more you say, the less you make!
Launch or re-launch your business with an in home Gratitude party. Or do one at a local coffee shop where you can have some seclusion but also create some possible interest with cards, photo store products, brownies and laptops set up!
Plug into calls and events. Plan to travel/attend events 3-4 times a year in your business.
Convention – non negotiable
Regional events and TERs
Super Saturdays

Key #3
Action – do productive activity every day. Income producing activities.
These are the income producing action steps you must be doing consistently.

Contacting new people daily. I share my commitments

Follow up – my own story shares the power in this.

GAW – this is a showing business, not a TELLING business.

Sponsor, train and duplicate – prepare for this.

Gratitude and business launch parties – leverage your time by getting your message out to groups of people at once.

Events – events change lives, get people inspired and grow your business. I’m going to share some ideas for how to REALLY make events count. Listen up!

What is the next event you have on your calendar?

Speaking of the calendar, how does yours look? Do you know what the first thing is I ask my team when they come to me, sharing their struggles? Listen in and I’m going to share!

Another activity that must be done daily is sending cards. The second thing I ask those who are struggling is…how many cards did you send in the last 30 days?

There are a few indisputable facts about Network Marketing that will lead you to a bountiful harvest that you simply can’t prevent! Sending cards and engaging in the product itself is a BIG part of that.

If you want to test this, pick out 5 people within SOC who have the success you want. Ask them how long they have been in the business and how many cards they have sent. You will find a similar story with them all.

Finally, let’s talk about the 4th key Defining moments Who you become as you grow, and you WILL grow.

Success in this business comes down to defining moments. And, there usually are more than one. Jordan calls it – the day you get your swagger.

I’m going to share a few of my defining moments.

So, here are some final thoughts.

For 2013, get to a TER early in the upcoming year. Meet the people who live the lifestyle you want.

Leadership in this business is about learning to generate and manage your own emotions. I was just sharing with my daughter that happiness is a choice, allowing other people to affect your belief is a choice.

Develop an unlimited tolerance threshold.

Belief + thoughts + feelings + actions = RESULTS – if you aren’t getting the results you want but you are taking action steps, weigh in on your beliefs and see if something is holding you back!

Let’s finish the holiday season STRONG and let’s make 2013 a time of amazing growth, abundance and gratitude for us all, and reach out and touch the lives of others.

Thanks for your time.
EXPECT Success!

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