April 27th, 2015


Jordan’s Notes:

Lay this side by side with any other opportunity, and it makes a person that doesn’t choose network marketing, look somewhat uneducated (no disrespect intended!h). Compare to a job, a college degree, an advanced degree, buying a franchise, buying a traditional business . . . if someone wants to start a business with little to no risk that has a huge upside potential, there is no better option.
12 Reasons Why Network Marketing is Better

1. Residual Income: (Get paid multiple times i.e.; Like Vending Machines, Real Estate, etc without the risk or significant investment)
2. Leverage ($300,000 @ 5% is $15,000/year $1200/mo)
Vending Machine Example . . .
3. Work from Anywhere (The Mountains, The Ocean, The City or ALL OF THE ABOVE!)
4. Low Capital Investment (Smart Phone and Computer)
What does it cost to start a business?? Leasing, Branding, Product Inventory, Advertising/Marketing, Employees/Payroll, Legal, Collateral (Before you ever take in one dollar!!) Add Franchise Fees if you bought a franchise! Seven Eleven Franchise $120,000 before you get the store! Income: $50,000 after expenses if you do well! No guarantees. High investment for low return.
5. No Territories
6. No Employees: No employee headaches. Payroll. Theft. Personnel issues, etc. You don’t need to be a babysitter! Everyone is independent!
7. Low Start Up: Less than $1000 start-up with unlimited upside!
8. Mentors – People who have already done it! They will coach you FOR FREE!
9. Personal Development ( Thousands of $$ worth of training at no additional cost to you! Nothing to sign up or register for! You get IMMEDIATE access!
10. A Company Infrastructure: The company already invested MILLIONS of dollars that you get to benefit from! LEVERAGE of Equipment, Employees, Product fulfillment, Technology, etc! You get to benefit but you didn’t have to pay a thing!! (quite frankly this is too good to be true.)
11. Unlimited Potential: It’s just #’s. Add a zero.
12. Tax Benefits

DRAWBACK: It takes some work and emotional fortitude to get it going . . . but so does everything else!

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