Is it Just Me?

October 11, 2010- “Is it Just Me?”

Is it just me? Random thoughts . . .

A business for the cost of car payment! $500. It dawned on me that most people don’t hesitate to have a car payment that they pay every single month for the cost of our business one time. And most people that say they don’t have the money to get started in our business are spending $1000 on a flat screen TV that does nothing but feed the mind with negative info. Is it just me or is it really most likely not the money that’s the issue . . . it’s usually that someone doesn’t believe it’s true or they don’t believe that THEY can do it.

I find it interesting that many adults can’t find $457 to start a business after working for 5 to 35 years of their lives. Wouldn’t you think THAT would be enough to get them to figure out how to get things going. But noooooo! Why? Because most people lack the confidence to do it. That’s wher we come in. We help them believe that they can do it and then we show them how they can do it. This is what you get paid for. . . . interestingly ‘broke’ college students figure out how to get $500-$1000 for an iphone and a laptop. They ‘figure it out’ because it’s important to them. When this becomes important to someone AND they believe they can do it . . . then (and only then) will they come up with the money.

Have you ever noticed that when you ‘need’ a loan, the banks won’t give you one. Yet people that don’t need money are always being offered opportunities to ‘borrow’ money. The ‘systems” way of rewarding those that demonstrate responsibility is to offer them the option to borrow more money. A bank knows that a responsible person will most likely pay it back. The same holds true for people that are looking for help in the business. There are people that ‘need’ your time (they don’t necessarily want it) and there are people that ‘deserve’ your time. In other words they have earned a spot on your calendar. If someone has a good ‘credit score’ with you (in other words they have earned the right to receive your help, then spend some time helping them to get going. When someone ‘needs’ your time and attention, more often than not, you will be let down by their lack of ambition. If you are one of the needy ones, it’s time to ‘shift’ that energy and become someone who deserves the t

ime of your upline because of your commitment, enthusiasm, ambition, positive attitude and work ethic.

Ironically if were to go to someone famous like Brett Favre, Robert Duvall or Eminem and offer them an opportunity that could pay them $100,000 per month, they would laugh in face and say they are not interested. Why? Because $100,000 per month wouldn’t even pay their basic expenses. However when presented to someone down at the office, they laugh at you for being outrageously ridiculous. “What?? $100,000 per month?? It must be a SCAM!!” :) We live in a different world. In the entertainment business, $100,000 per month is not a lot of money if you are a top performer. They make millions. If you can’t act, sing or play football, our business can offer you an opportunity to make $10,000, $20,000, $50,000 or even more than $100,000 per month without an outrageously ridiculous up-front start up cost. Do you realize how few people make ‘bank’ in professional athletics, entertainment and music? It’s a fraction of a fraction of a percent. Yet millions pursue it every day. We offer

a level playing field to ANYONE wanting to play. AND did you ever stop to think that the ‘investment’ to become a famous author, athlete or entertainer FAR exceeds the investment to become a successful network marketer. There are headshots, training camps, acting classes, auditions, uniforms, etc for years and years and years with no guarantees. But until someone believes that it’s possible, no investment will be made!

In my first 2 years or so I used to say, “I think this is going to be big” And you know what . . . I was right. It got pretty big. Well, after convention, I had the same occurrence. I really think this is going to be big! When I look at where we have come from and the plans for expansion that are in place, I can honestly tell you that I think this is going to be really big. In fact anyone that was at the convention will tell you the exact same thing. So guess what I started saying to people once again . . . “I really think this is going to be big!” AND . . . I have people today that say . . . “man, I wish I had listened to you 5 years ago!” In fact I have people that signed up 5 years ago that didn’t do a darn thing . . . and some of them have said . . . “Man, I wish I had done something with it!” Well, I promise you that there will be people that will ‘think about it’ for the next 5 years and say, “Man, I wish I had listened to you back in 2010!” Don’t let yourself be that


Write this down . . . (SENDOUTCARDS + YOU = Retire Early)

We all have SendOutCards. SendOutCards is a vehicle for helping people to act on Promptings and for Financial Independence. But SendOutCards is SendOutCards. If SendOutCards was the answer, wouldn’t everyone that was signed up be successful? SendOutCards is simply a vehicle. You must add your unique element of YOU into the equation. Your excitement, your ingenuity, your ideas, your relationships. So as you combine SendOutCards with your unique YOU you’ll begin to experience some growth in your team and your checks. Do you see that it’s YOU that differentiates the winners from the losers? YOU make the difference.


I find it interesting that each of these professions require an investment in education of $20,000 up to $150,000 with no guaranteo of anything but a diploma. Our business has a potential much greate and offers residual income where YOU control your own time for under $500.

>Get paid to use your creativity and imagination with these great-paying jobs!

By Chris Kyle

Imagine this: getting paid to let your imagination run wild.

If you’re a creative person with a great imagination, we’ve got some ideas to help you turn your passion into a profit with one of these eight great-paying careers.

1. Graphic Designer

graphic designer, you can use your active imagination to dazzle clients by imagining and executing visual solutions to their communication problems. Training: Interactive media is a game changer for graphic designers, who often earn a bachelor’s in computer aided design, animation, or graphic design and multimedia. Shorter certificate programs can also help you keep pace with the competition.

Pay: Graphic designers earned an annual average salary of $42,400 in 2008. Those specializing in computer systems design earned an average of $47,860.
Find Graphic Design degree programs now.

2. Marketing Professional Creative brainstorming sessions are the norm for

marketers, who are constantly coming up with fresh ways to communicate with consumers.

Training: It’s not enough to come up with a brilliant plan. You need to know how to execute it.


programs can help you launch your career. An MBA can help you land a more senior position.

Pay: Marketing managers earned an average of $108,580 per year in 2008.

Search for online and local Marketing programs now.

3. Detective/Forensics

If you enjoy detective stories, why not live the life yourself?

Before detectives and forensics specialists can get the bad guy, they have to imagine how he did it.

Training: An active imagination can help law enforcement personnel envision crime-scene scenarios and motivations for different suspects. A lot of legwork is required, but imagination can be the key to cracking a case. A degree in forensics/crime scene, police & law enforcement, or

Criminal justice can help make that your job description.

Pay: The median annual wage for detectives and criminal investigators in 2008 was $60,910.

Find Criminal Justice & Security degree programs now.

4. Business Entrepreneur

Walt Disney once famously said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Creating a successful company requires bold, unconventional thinking. Some people call visionary businesspeople “crazy” –

> until their idea becomes huge. There are no guarantees in the

> business world, but every great business starts with that new

> idea. Do you have what it takes to make an idea come to life?

> Training: Get started with an associate’s
> or bachelor’s
> degree in business administration or e-business/e-commerce,
> and finish with an MBA.
> Pay: says the average entrepreneur earns
> $111,000.
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> for local and online Business degree programs.
> 5. Video Game Designer
> Sharing their own mind-blowing ideas can quickly turn profitable for video
> game designers since imagining new worlds is what they do for a living.
> Training: But imagining that brave new world is just the first
> step. Getting a degree in video
> game design or animation
> can help you share that vision with the rest of us.
> Pay: Video game designers new to the job make about $46,000,
> according to
> Discover
> the magic behind video games with a Video Game Design program.
> 6. Forensic Accountant
> Money laundering is a dirty business that requires smart,
> creative accountants
> to visualize how the white collar criminals do what they do.
> Training: Math courses are the obvious choice here and you’ll get
> plenty of those while getting a bachelor’s degree in accounting
> or busines.
> administration. An associate’s
> degree in accounting can help you land a more entry-level job.
> Pay: Accountants and auditors earn $59,430, with the top ten
> percent clearing over $100,000, according to the Department of
> Labor.
> Find
> online and local schools with Accounting programs.
> 7. Teacher
> An active imagination and a flair for creativity helps teachers
> connect with students. And the more they inspire the students,
> the more the students return the favor.
> Training: Teachers need an active imagination – and credentials.
> Thankfully, getting your education
> degree or teaching
> certificate has never been easier, thanks to a proliferation of online
> teaching programs.
> Pay: Forbes magazine says new teachers made $49,000 in 2005-06,
> the most recent year for which data is available.


> online Teaching degree programs now.
> 8. Chef
> Among other things, inventiveness is a key to being a great chef.
> Great dishes won’t make as big a splash if the artistic
> presentation isn’t up to par.

Training: Prior experience in the industry may help you get your foot in the door. If you want to get formal training, look into getting a degree in culinary arts.

Chefs, and head cooks earn an average of $38,770 per year.That average goes up ($44,660 per year) for those in traveler accommodation.

Search for Culinary Schools near you. Unless otherwise noted, all salary data is from The U.S. Department of Labor, and represents the annual average salary in May 2008.

Again, the schools to participate in these careers cost 20 to 100 times what it costs to participate in our opportunity. And our training ranges from ‘Free’ to $25. The value you get from being involved in this program is unmatched. AND the potential for gain is unmatched.

Let’s take a look at OPTIONS for a family of 4 that are having some financial struggles. Tom and his wife Judy both work and they have to put their kids in childcare which costs them $500 per week for 2 kids.

When they are both working they have to earn an additional $2000per month AFTER taxes which means they must make an additional $3000 per month.

The husband gets laid off. The wife makes $4000 per month at her job. Her take home is about $3000 per month after taxes. Their expenses are $7000 per month so they are upside down by about $4000 per month. They have $30,000 in credit card debt and their house is maxed out. They have gone through all of their savings and they are scared because after 3 months of looking for a job, they aren’t even getting calls back from employers. The situation is grim. What are their options?

1. Tom could go back to school to be better qualified for a higher paying job. The problem is higher paying jobs aren’t available right now. The few that do exist are in short supply and the competition is fierce. It doesn’t solve the problem that Tom and Judy have right now. They are upside down and have no money to pay for additional schooling.

2. Tom could go get a part time job to hold them over. Well . . . now they are dealing with the real life childcare issue. Tom can’t seem to find a part timejob that will pay him enough to even cover the childcare while he’s away from home.

3. Tom could open a franchise. Most franchises cost between $20,000 and $500,000 and require liquid assets of $50,000 or more. Tom and Judy have neither.

4. Tom could start a traditional business and take out a loan to get things going. Tom has no experience running a traditional business and no one will give him a loan because he has no experience and no customers. He also has heard that it typically takes 1-3 years to break even before any profits are realized. This option is out.

5. Tom can’t sing, act or play sports to the degree that anyone would want to pay him. These are the issues that many families are dealing with today. Network Marketing provides the only viable option that I can see today.

1. The start up cost is minimal at a few hundred dollars
2. It can be worked PART TIME from HOME. So typically childcare is not needed.
3. It gives you the flexibility to work as much or as little as you choose. You control your own hours
4. It has unlimited growth potential and you can start being profitable very quickly because the upfront commitment is so small
5. It provides RESIDUAL which can provide income even during the time that you take a break

6. You typically get free training and support from others that have already done it.


PT JOB :( More time away from the kids. No residual. Cost of childcare

GO BACK TO SCHOOL :( $20,000-$150,000 and no income. No guarantees but a diploma

OPEN A FRANCHISE :( Close doors money stops. Manage teenagers. No residual. 3-5 years to break even OPEN A TRADITIONAL BUSINESS :( 90% failure. $20,000 to $150,000 startup. 3-5 years to profitability. BECOME AN ENTERTAINER, AUTHOR OR PROFESSIONAL :( No skills. High risk. Expensive to start.


BUILD A NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS. :) Low start up. Free training. Unlimited Potential. Residual Income. Work from home. Support from team.

Hey Jordan,

I wanted to get your perspective on some stuff that came bubbling up for me at Convention. What I saw as contradictions in my mind. I need a little help reconciling them I think. I guess my biggest concern is, what if they are internal blockages that are holding me back?

Again, this is just when you have time. And if it’d be easier to talk through some of this on the phone, I’m happy to do that instead.

1. Give to give vs. give to get

Makes sense overall as a concept absolutely. But when I put the concept of “give to give” up against some of my “I am” statements, it feels challenging to reconcile the two. For example, when I say out loud, “I live a life of service,” it feels like “give to give.” But when I say, “I am on the Orlando trip in 2011” or “I am an Executive by Convention 2011” it feels like I’m focused on getting something rather than giving.

Not to mention, the latter brings up the green-eyed monster. Speaking of which…

MY ANSWER: Keep in mind that the achievement of your dreams and goals will only happen when you add value to the lives of others. You must give to give in order to see your dreams and goals come to fruition. Any success that doesn’t come from a place of giving will be short lived.

There is no giving without getting . . . just like your hand has a front and a back. You can’t have the front without the back. You must receive as you give and vice versa

2. Re: approaching people to share SOC: “You can’t say the right thing to the wrong person” and “You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person” vs. being a powerful communicator and storyteller

I take comfort from the former. But if that’s true, then how do you reconcile it with the latter?

MY ANSWER: For some people there is NOTHING you can do to stop them from ‘seeing’ it. And for others, there is NOTHING you can say right to get them to see it. Just let go of the requirement to do it right.

3. Time is one of the unalterable principles of success of vs. folks who shot up to Executive in 4 months

The former is comforting but again, how do you reconcile that with the latter? Perhaps it’s not time per se but how many hours you spend showing the presentation…

MY ANSWER: It doesn’t have to do with ‘time’. It has to do with congruity, conviction, knowing, and the energy you send out. The number of exposures does play into it but only when everything else is in balance. It’s a function of letting go and allowing vs trying harder or trying to do it right.

4. Celebrating others’ achievements vs. envy

OK this is embarrassing but at first I was delighted to clap as people crossed the stage but the more it went on, the more I felt this wrenching in my gut that I so badly wanted to be one of them. And it got hard to celebrate them. Blushing now. Is feeling envious a stumbling block or motivation or both?

MY ANSWER: I understand this feeling. In my early successes in Excel, I felt the same thing . . . I felt the ‘pain’ of seeing so many people go across the stage but not me. It actually served me because it gave me a little ‘fight’ to go get it done. It was just the right amount of anxiety to set me into action. That ‘off-balanceness’ is sometimes what’s needed on the other side of motivation

5. Believing vs. doubting

I’ll go ahead and admit I vacillate between the two. And I worry that all that back-and-forth may impede my progress. But I’m hoping that as long as I continue to feed my faith and move forward in spite of doubt that I’ll be able to build an amazing business. Is that so?

MY ANSWER: You’ll always go back and forth between believing and doubting. Doubting is a part of being human. You must get really good at letting go of doubt when it comes up and also transcending from belief to ‘knowing’. There is no doubt in knowing. Kody know’s . . . it’s way more than belief. Think about your faith. It’s the same thing. Believing and doubting live in the same space. But knowing has a place all of its own.

6. Your approach to showing SOC vs. Tommy Wyatt’s friend calling him every day for a month until he agreed to take a look

What you’ve taught me is simply to check in with folks after a GAW to see if they’ve had a chance to send another card. It sounds like Tommy’s friend almost drove him nuts. I’m assuming that that’s just a personality-driven difference as to how to show the business, and we get to choose. In other words, one isn’t better than the other, simply different. After all, your approach feels more comfortable for me.

There is fine line between being persistent and stalking. You can’t cross over that line. You must be gentle with people. Feed them info and then gently check in . . . let them lead but ‘be there’ when the time is right. Actually I sponsored Tommy. I sent him cards for a year but he was really resistant to the opportunity. He then signed up to send cards and used the system for a year. He then started building 2 years after I sent him his first card. You may be thinking about.

7. And the big one: affirmation and action, plus the law of attraction vs. God’s plan for you

This is a big one that I struggle with. Just to be clear, I believe in affirmation and action.� I’ll confess I’ve thought long and hard about the law of attraction (ala Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich, and “the thinking stuff”) but I’m still not sure what to think.� I do believe that our thoughts affect our emotions which affects our actions.� In other words, if you’re always thinking, “I can’t do this,” and saying, “I can’t do this,” you’ll feel crappy and you won’t do it. I also think that ” as a confident, dynamic, and positive person” definitely makes people want to be around me

With that said, my struggle comes from the fact that I wonder if maybe as much as I affirm and take action to succeed at the business, me succeeding may or may not be part of God’s plan. What do I take from that then?� Not that I shouldn’t do my affirmations or take action. Absolutely I should.� But the law of attraction won’t determine whether or not I achieve Executive by Convention 2011; that’s God’s will.� I guess I’m just curious here about how you see all of this.

MY ANSWER: God wants you to win so you can serve and inspire others. We were ALL born to do that (at everything we do).


I got the question today from a new distributor asking if she should put a DVD in EVERY card she sends since we talk about sending out a personal heartfelt card a day AND card with a DVD every day.

The answer is nooooo. Never ever ever put a DVD in a card that is designed to celebrate the life of someone else or just to lift them up. A heartfelt card has NO AGENDA and you are not looking for a ‘reaction’. You are simply sending out to give. No DVD. Just a card to say Thank You, Thinking of You, Nice to Meet you. Congratulations, Happy Birthday, etc. These cards are to touch someone’s life positively. The DVD should be only put in a card that is sent to introduce SOC to someone. Think of someone that could benefit from the 2 fold mission of SOC and then send them a card explaining the business with a free DVD in it. Do this daily as well. In this card tell them why you are excited about it and why you want them to watch it. Then ask them to watch it and tell you what they think. If they don’t call you (which they probably won’t), place a quick 60 second call to them to see if they received it and if they had a chance to watch it. If not, ask them to set aside 15 minutes to watch it. You will get nothing but positive comments from those that watch it. Then have them send a card if they haven’t done so :

Either you choose change or change will choose you!

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