If you are anything like me . . .

August 3, 2010

TONIGHT: If you are anything like me . . .


Congrats to all of you that got your 3 distributors signed up! That’s a
huge accomplishment and the foundation for building a business.

In talking to some of those that did it, here’s what I found out . . . (this is a clue)

A. They had a REASON to do it (ie; didn’t want to be left out, wanted to show up
on the list, wanted the 30 extra bonus points, etc) Bottom line . . . they had a reason
to take action NOW

B. They took massive action. They expanded their list. They took a look at everyone
they had shown the business to in the past and went back to them. They made phone
calls, left messages, answered questions, etc

C. When they talked to people they built a sense of urgency . . . (ie; “I’m working on
a promotion and if you are ever thinking of doing this now would be the time because it
would help me”)

D. They gave THEM a REASON to do it NOW!

By the way, these lessons can be applied at any time. You don’t need to wait for Kody to
have a promotion to apply these basic principles. I’ll review them one more time . . .


Take a look at the STAY CONNECTED link and get in on the action! I’m an Eagle and really don’t
have to sponsor more people . . . but I love the game and I love helping people get introduced
to SendOutCards. It’s really fun and I can’t imagine doing anything else! Sooooo, I didn’t want to
be an Eagle and not be on the list. I was in Fiji at the Reef on Tony Robbins Resort (Namale). I had no
phone service. I did have sketchy ‘Skype’ and I did exactly what we just talked about. I e-mailed 5 people
that have been ‘thinking about it’ for a number of months. It was 7am in Fiji and about 2pm in Chicago. I did this on the 31st in Fiji (which is the 30th in the States) That’s right . . . on the 30th, I still didn’t have my 3!! One person said “LET’S DO IT!!” Two others really tried to come up with the money and one signed up today! I think two more will be signing up in the next few days.

This promotion (just a reason to take action) caused us to have 2 of our biggest days in SOC’s history!

If I can do it without a telephone, you can do it!


Do your best to come out and join us (even if you are brand new to the business). This
is a perfect opportunity to ‘launch’ your business into the Holiday Season! You’ll get to be
shoulder to shoulder with our founder, Kody Bateman and I’ll be there with SOC’s ‘other’
Eagle, Demarr Zimmerman. This will be an event to remember!


Check out www.socsupersaturdays.com (all of the important events can
be found on the STAY CONNECTED link on your MAIN MENU!)


Michele Reynolds 100 reps
Donna Smallin Kuper 300 reps


Michele Harris
Donita Pierce
Elizabeth Waring
Kenneth Bissonnette
Steven Rosa
Maryellen Raymond
Comac Marketing
Debbie Hill
Two Roads, LLC
Sue Halvorsen
Miriam Dady
Yvonne Sherron

Senior Managers:

Mia Farland
Barbara Hemphill
and Andrea Anderson
Sherree Sparks
Gifts by Request, Inc.
Colour Tech Marketing Inc
Relation Marketing
Jason Barber

Rolodex Award (these people have done
100 Gift Account Walk-Throughs/Presentations):

Vera Darius
Dick Ullrich

If you are anything like me . . .

1. YOU HAVE DREAMS: Early on my dreams were simple: Go Camping once
a month. Go to the Beach 2 days a month. Buy a Fax Machine. Buy a Cell Phone.
Upgrade my wardrobe. I still have the original list.These were my dreams before I had
sponsored my first distributor in Network Marketing. As my business grew, my dreams
grew! I am still working on ‘Stretching’ my dreams. I see myself as a ‘Pacesetter’ (in
fact I have a little gold pin I carry around with me with a ‘P’ on it for PACESETTER.
When I see someone going above and beyond – taking the lead and being a great
example for leadership and growth I give them this pin. As a ‘Pacesetter’ I also
must set the Pace for ‘Dreaming’. This weekend, I was in Fiji for an Anthony Robbins
retreat. Fiji is more beautiful than any photograph or video you have ever seen.
This was a ‘cleansing’ retreat which included 7 days of Raw Foods, vegetables and fruits.
There was time for spa treatments and exercise daily and lots of nutritional training.
Just the environment alone was cleansing for the soul. The warm breezes and periodic
rain forest showers made it even that more spectacular. I am always looking to take my
dreams to the next level so that others can see what is possible.

Sometimes dreams can be a simple as having the time to go walk barefoot in the grass
with your son, daughter or grandchild. I was at a juice bar yesterday in LA and I asked
the guy behind the counter if he had a concoction for energy that was healthy . . . he said,
take off your shoes and find some grass. Feel the earth. Hmmmm. Sometimes we make
things so complicated! So you are probably just like me. You have dreams. Start where you
are and don’t be afraid to stretch a little. Your dreams a year from now will probably be
grander than they are today. You’ll then become a pacesetter and inspire others to stretch.

2. YOU HAVE SETBACKS: I can make a list of my ‘setbacks’. All of them seemed so
devastating at the time. America West filed bankruptcy and I had to lay off my staff. My
company went out of business. I lost $150,000 on a Real Estate deal while I was still making
under $30,000 a year at my job. In my last company, we lost half our customers and half our
income due to outgrowing our service provider. My income went from $50,000 per month to
$4000 per month. We rebuilt it over a 6 month period. You will have major setbacks. What you do
with those will determine your success or failure. You’ll have breakdowns. I have had a few over
the years. You’ll get frustrated. You’ll even doubt whether you are cut out for this. Again,
only those that persist make it. You may be just like me . . . maybe you have been involved
in other programs or business’s and you have found that it is just too tough and so you quit.
I was on that program for over 10 years. There is no success formula that includes quitting.
So after 10 years, I finally figured out that the lessons I need to learn will come from persisting
and not from quitting. You’ll sometimes doubt when you are making nothing. You’ll doubt when you
are making $100 per month. You’ll doubt when you make $1000 per month and you’ll even doubt
when you are making $10,000 per month. It’s hard for some to believe this but even at $100,000
per month, there are times that doubt can creep in. It’s our nature. We must constantly guard
the gate to our mind. Setbacks are part of life. So you are just like me if you have setbacks,
frustrations, confusion, uncertainty and doubt at times. It’s part of the plan. Tony Robbins
says that when you get confused it means you are on the verge of a breakthrough!

AND THEN THEY DON’T: Hmmmm. Really? Yes!!! This happens to me all the time. I have had
people tell me that they were surprised when they heard this. I have had people say, “I can’t wait
to get to Executive so I have ‘credibility’. Maybe then not so many people will say ‘no’. Haha.
People will do this for their reasons and not yours! They will do it on THEIR schedule and not
yours. Even if you do get them to sign up, many times they won’t go to work until conditions
are perfect and guess what?? Conditions are NEVER perfect and therefore, some people NEVER
get to work! I met a couple on the plane going to Salt Lake City about 6 months ago. I gave them
the Success From Home Magazine. They read it and got really excited! I talked to them 3 more times
by phone after they returned home. I had them send a card and I sent them a DVD with a card.
They told me they were ready to sign up and then I never heard from the again! I still send them
cards about once per month but I have no idea why they didn’t sign up. Maybe someday! I spoke with
a good friend about SendOutCards 5 years ago. She had no interest. About a year ago she called and
said she wanted to learn more. We got together and I had her send another card. I sent her ‘Success
From Home’ and she watched the DVD. I’ve probably sent her 12 cards over the past 5 years.
About 2 months ago she told me she was ‘Ready to Go!’ She has been having trouble coming up
with the money. I emailed her from Fiji and haven’t heard back. I can tell you 50 stories like these!
AND I can tell you many stories of people that I have been signing up as a result of doing the exact
same things. You are probably just like me!

Interestingly, I have found that I always find time to fill all the hours in the day. I have also found that
everyone seems to fill all the hours in the day. Business mastery includes learning to create and manage your schedule in such a way that serves you in your life. Life always seems to get in the way when you are a ‘victim’ to it. We all have the same 24 hours in a day. How you use those 24 hours will determine how much time freedom and financial success that you possess. ‘Struggle’ is a mindset that will follow you wherever you go. It will follow you from company to company until you learn to release it. Struggle doesn’t serve you and it will keep you where you are financially. Struggle is a mindset.
Let go of ‘struggle’ and begin to find your lessons in your quest for freedom. We are all ‘busy’ with stuff.
Stuff always seems to be there . . . pick up the mail, do the dishes, pick up the kids, wash the windows,
clean up the clothes that are all over the floor, wash the car, repair the door, play softball, take the grandkids to the movies . . . we all have stuff to do. My question for you is, when . . . at what point do you say, I’m so tired of running so hard that I’m willing to set aside 1-2 hours per day as a priority so I can get back to really living my dreams? I can remember when I had a job at America West and they had
just filed bankruptcy and cut my pay in half. I was working my Network Marketing business at night because I had full time job with employees (although I was laying people off at the time). I was sleeping 4 hours a night. I remember pulling up to a traffic light at 68th St and Thomas in Scottsdale. I closed my eyes and went into a deep sleep at the light. The guy behind me honked the horn and woke me up!! I don’t recommend this, but I do want to demonstrate my level of commitment to get out of the Rat Race. Sometimes this means cutting out 1 1/2 hours of sleep for the next 2 years so you can live your dreams for the rest of your life.

Be careful here . . . just because you are getting up 1 1/2 hours earlier doesn’t mean that you’ll use that time productively unless you are committed to the outcome. Focus and commit to your daily activity and results.It’s easy to begin to fill that time with the same ‘stuff’ that kept creeping in before. So just like me, you may have found it tough to find the time to do the business. Until you figured out that you are not a victim to your circumstances . . . and you realize that everyone has the same 24 hours. We choose how we spend those hours.

5. YOU HAVE HABITS THAT SERVE YOU AND HABITS THAT HURT YOU: We all have habits that consume our time and money that don’t contribute to the overall purpose for our lives. And we have habits that feed us in ways that are immeasurable. Here are a few examples of habits that cost us money or time that don’t serve us; sleeping late, procrastination, drinking alcohol, drinking coffee, cigarette smoking, cigar smoking, dilly dallying, dinking around on the internet, watching television, reading the newspaper, etc. Here are a few examples of habits that can contribute positively to the overall purpose of our lives; Listening to personal development CD’s, Reading personal development books, exercising and eating healthy, dream building, time and activity management, meditating, networking, etc. About 20 years ago I removed the TV’s from my home because I was watching 3-5 hours per day. Interestingly, after I removed them, I found an extra 3-5 hours per day to build my business! And
you know the result! Well about 5 years ago, I bought a place in Phoenix that had a flat screen TV. And guess what happened . . . I fell right back into my old habits. I started watching an hour before bed and an hour when I woke up. I would also tend to squeeze in an hour during the day. I worked out less and it seriously cut into my business building time. So for the past 2 months, now, I have turned off the TV. It’s a waste of time. It’s a crippling habit that won’t serve you or me. The newspaper is also a waste of valuable time. You have only one life. Don’t spend it readingabout how screwed up everyone else is. The world is an amazing place and you deserve to experience it to it’s fullest.

You’ll also inspire many others to do the same . . . but not if you are reading the paper and watching TV every day. Replace thesehabits with things that will feed you and drive your business to the next level! So you are probably just like me . . . you have habits that serve you and habits that hurt you. Work on replacing those that hurt you with those that serve you!

I would venture to guess that if we were to get together and compare notes, we would find that we are way more similar than we are different. In fact it was this realization that got me to where I am today in Network Marketing. When I sat with a group of top leaders in my last company before I had even signed up my first distributor (ever!), I realized that they are just like me! They have the same dreams, challenges, fears, opportunities and doubts that I had. I realized at that moment that ‘I can do this!’ And because of that belief I went out and did it. I want to encourage you to have the same realization and then go out and in the words of ‘Nike’, just do it!

Your friend,

June 1st, 2009- Answering the Toughest Questions You’ll Get TOUGHEST QUESTIONS (it was tough for me to come up with ‘tough’ questions .. . because there really aren’t that many!): HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH SOMEBODY THAT . . . ?
When your vision is big, you’ll typically have the conviction to ‘deal’ with anything. Sometimes it just makes sense to say ‘next’ if your answers aren’t satisfactory. Shift yourself from ‘believing’ to ‘knowing’ is a feeling and its a choice. It’s not something that happens to you. It’s something you take responsibility for.


There is no MONTHLY FEE – You are paying for cards each month. To get the discounted price on gifts and cards (30% off – .31 per point vs .49 per point), you must be on an autoship. If you cancel your autoship, you revert to the RETAIL PRICE of .49 and must remain there for 6 months.

There are no contracts and points roll over. If you send 2 gifts per month, you’ll use all your points at 100 points per month for $31.

If you are in business and you don’t plan to use 100 points per month, I would seriously reconsider. My goal is to have someone get great value and see huge results. This will only happen by sending out a few cards and a few gifts per month.

OR you can save up your points and use them all during the HOLIDAYS at the discounted price. Think of it as a HOLIDAY CLUB!

Lastly, if you want a residual check, you must have at least $30 in PERSONAL VOLUME and 2 customers. The $120 coaching bonus does NOT require this volume, but your residuals do. You can qualify yourself by having $30 in month of points going to your account.

Don’t risk losing a check!

WHAT DO YOU SAY IN THE CARDS YOU SEND? Each card is different.
I say what’s on my mind. Here are some things you can say in cards:

a. Compliment them – “you know what I appreciate about you? . . . ”
b. Congratulate them – “I heard that your business is really doing well!
That says a lot about you . . . ”
c. Acknowledge them – “Thanks for always being there and for being such a good friend to our family . . . ”
d. Inform them – “I wanted to let you know about something cool that I think you’ll enjoy . . . ”
e. Reflect on Experiences – “I have such great memories of the time we . . . ”
f. Put pictures in the cards
g. Entertain them – “I laughed when I saw this picture . . . ”

I look for reasons to celebrate the lives of others. My cards come alive with experiences, photos, energy, people, places, etc.


You don’t. Some companies are around forever. Others aren’t. SendOutCards has been around for 5 years and is debt free. SendOutCards is healthy and growing. Many companies are downsizing today. We are growing in sales and revenues each month.

When you partner with a company, you want to make sure the company is solid. However, as you earn money (in anything you do), you want to look at putting a percentage of your money away and investing for the future.

I used a large percentage of my income to reduce my debt and to buy additional assets that produce income (Real Estate) Educate yourself so that as you earn money, you can have a plan for growth outside of SendOutCards.

I believe SendOutCards will be around for years.


It’s interesting. The average sale at Walmart is $300. Many teenagers with no money buy $300-$400 i-phones and $2000 laptops.

It’s not that people don’t have the money. Many people have the money.

If they are not coming up with the money to join you it’s usually because they don’t see the value in what you are showing them. If they get really excited, they will figure out how to come up with it.

Learn to stack value into your talk with them when you show them SendOutCards. Learn to explain how the system will benefit them as they send a card to a loved one. Tell them stories that you have heard that will make them see the importance of having the system.

Help them to see how many other people around them will want SendOutCards. If they know just 10 people around them that could use SendOutCards, then their $400 start-up just turned to $1200. That’s 300% growth. Most people saw a 50% decrease in their stock portfolio’s over the past year.

Give them examples of how it’s being used.

Right now, is the best time to offer an opportunity to someone to make some extra money. There is fear and anxiety in the job market. What about a way to supplement ones income . . .

Create a car payment or a house payment with your SOC income and really take the pressure off!
Here are some things people spend $400 for:

1. Tires for the car
2. A Cheap Flat Screen
3. A weekend party
4. 2 nights at an ok hote
5. A nice chair
6. 3 pairs of women’s shoes
7. An i-phone
8. A washer and dryer
9. A SendOutCards business that has the potential to earn someone enough money do buy ALL of these things within a few months. It’s all perspective.


SendOutCards just went through a MAJOR upgrade from a 4 year old system to one that has many more bells and whistles. Many of the new features have been requested for years. The migration required a HUGE investment in technology, staff, expertise and time. Millions of bits and bytes of data have been transferred from the old editor to the new editor. We have paid a small price. Kody is committed to always being on the cutting edge. When I joined the company we were sending out 200 cards a day and operating on a $24,000 machine. Today we are sending out 50,000 cards per day (250,000 per day over the Holidays) and running on 4 $600,000 Xerox I-Gen’s (the most

sophisticated machine in the industry today. It has the capability to do things that we are not currently doing)

During the migration, we have seen slowdowns of the site, that required a $200,000 system upgrade to handle the migration of data from the old to the new editor. 95% of it is behind us.

Until you have been to the headquarters and seen the magnitude of what we are doing and how many cards and gifts are going out daily, its hard to appreciate what goes in to making a system like this work. There are robotics putting together boxes and stuffing envelopes. There are conveyor belts running thousands of cards per hour and spools spinning putting stamps on envelopes.

I get 10-20 cards per day and I send about 10 per day. Once in awhile there is a glitch but in most cases things are working perfectly today. There are laser tracking systems that have been installed to increase accuracy.

With all of this going on, there will still be glitches and problems. We will fix them and then there will be new ones as we grow. It’s the price we’ll pay for growth and progress. We can strive for perfection however, we can expect progress.

It’s important to send any glitches that you are experiencing to feedback@sendoutcards.com so our programmers can identify what’s going on and fix it.

Here’s an observation. I am on a plane about once per week. The airline industry is almost 100 years old, employees some of the best IT programmers in business today AND is a multi-billion dollar industry. Even with this, MILLIONS of bags are lost each year (some never to be found again) AND a bag is 50 lbs! Where do they go???

We are not immune from this kind of thing happening. As we grow, there will be challenges and we’ll work to solve them just like the airline industry.

When you are sending 2-3 million cards per year, a 2/10’s of 1% error rate is still affecting a few thousand cards. To the person who’s card is affected, there is no excuse that is good enough.


Here’s how I answer that question. I say, “I will give you all the links so you can go over everything. However, if you have a need to understand it so you can explain it to others, you’ll seriously slow down the growth of your group. Others will feel a need to understand it before they can proceed. It’s kind of like going for a 3rd degree black belt. You must master the ‘kicks and punches’ before getting you first belt. If you walked into a Dojo and asked the Sansei to tell you how to get a 3rd degree black belt, his/her explanation would probably overwhelm you to the point of quitting before ever getting started.

Let’s take it one step at a time. Nothing matters until you have your money back. Step 2 is getting your first promotion. If you insist on learning it, PLEASE don’t try to explain it to anyone unless you want to stunt the growth of your team. Go to your SOC site and click on CUSTOMER SERVICE. Then click on SITE INDEX. Then click on

MARKETING COMPENSATION PLAN. You can print that and read it.

I have found that by going over 3 things, most people get excited:

1. Have them send a card
2.Go over the 3 options to get started.
3. Talk about how to get your money back (Help 3 people get started)


No. SendOutCards is a Network Marketing company. Pyramids usually get shut down by the Attorney Generals within 12 months. We have been around for over 5 years. We are a legitimate business opportunity with real customers who use our service daily. Many famous authors and public speakers use sendoutcards. Our attorneys monitor all of the company activities to insure that we remain compliant with local and national laws governing direct sales.


SendOutCards has a responsibility to protect the data of our customers. Each SendOutCards site is double encrypted.

If SOC sold its customer data to other sales organizations, we would be out of business within about 60 days, not to mention opening ourselves up for big lawsuits. It would be the ‘kiss of death’ to our company. Our site is “Hacker Safe” Double encrypted and we follow the exact same Act that the Banks do. We are required to adhere to the stipulations of the Gramm-Leach-Billey Act which states:

“In accordance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act), SendOutCards does

not and will not disclose non-public personal information to any third party

in compliance with Sections 313.13, 313.14, and 313.15 without the express

written permission of the individual involved. SendOutCards does not share

or sell publicly available personal information. SendOutCards does not

provide for the collection of non-public personal information and does not

recommend that such information be keep in a SendOutCards account by an

affiliate institution”


www.sendoutcards.com UNDER “CUSTOMER SERVICE”


The closest competition we have is the US POST OFFICE, AMERICAN GREETINGS

AND HALLMARK. These companies represent about 95% of the greeting card market. They actually have web-based programs that will allow someone to send a card online. They have spent millions of dollars trying to get people to send cards with no success. SOC is experiencing explosive growth and they are completely stagnant. Can you guess why?

1. Their cards cost $2-$5 EACH and ours are .62 (But this isn’t why we are winning)

2. You can not put your handwriting into their cards (But This is not why we are winning)

Kody learned early on that no Advertisement or Internet Campaign works to get people to send cards. They just don’t do it. He realized that the only people signing up were the ones that were SHOWN how to do it (someone walked them through it – show and tell!) . In other words, Kody would only sign up the ones that were “walked” through sending a card on a gift account! So he had to come up with a way to get THOUSANDS of people to walk others through sending cards. We are the only network marketing company to offer a greeting card service.


Where do I start?

There have been approximately 300,000 gift accounts done to produce about 50,000 active distributors. There are 350 million people in the US alone and we have found that almost no one signs up until they have had a ‘Gift Account’.

2. A city doesn’t really grow until there is ‘Leadership’ there. We probably have 20 STRONG leaders. There are 25,000 towns and cities in the US. You do the math.

According to my calculations, there are over 12,000 towns and cities that don’t have 1 distributor yet. Your business may start in your city/town but most of your income will come from other places as your team grows.

3. I have 42,000 active reps in my group. Broken down, that less than 2 in every town and city in the US. Could you duplicate that in the next few years?


I don’t know of one. ALL of my contacts were people that I met at networking functions and trainings. I meet them, shake their hand, get their business card and then mail them a “nice to meet you” card. I then call them and set them up on a ‘gift account’. All of the people that I know that are having success are doing just what I described.

I walk about 1 person per day through a ‘gift account’ and sign up about 1 per week (I recommend going on a ‘BLITZ’ in your first few months to launch your business, but 1 per week after that is a great maintenance plan for growth!)

If there were an AUTOMATIC way to bring people in, Kody wouldn’t need us.
The US POSTAL SERVICES program would be growing like a weed (but its not!).
Keep it simple.



I stopped in LA the other night to celebrate the birthday of a friend and as I was driving on my way back, I said to myself . . . “Why am I going back when I can spend another day out at Venice Beach and the 3rd St Promenade! So I turned around and came back!I took a walk down the boardwalk to the 3rd St Promenade, grabbed some dinner and watched Star Trek after taking in some AMAZING music by the live street musicians. I am always amazed at the amount of talent there is out there. If you haven’t been there, its about 1 block off the beach just off the Santa Monica Pier by the Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster. On my way back to the condo, I walked along Main St through Santa Monica. I walked for about 2 miles and casually observed all the various businesses along this route. Just on this one street, there must have been a few hundred businesses. Tanning Salons, Yogurt Shops, Pizza Joints, Yoga Studios, Bars, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Boutique Outlets, Accounting storefronts, Furniture Stores, Convenience Stores, Real Estate Offices . . . and on and on. It really hit me this time. There are a lot of people that can use SendOutCards. This is just one street in one small city. Can you imagine the number of

opportunities there are to show SendOutCards to people? Can you stretch your mind to think about all the hundreds of thousands of Entrepreneurs that don’t have storefronts but own small businesses from their homes or from commercial buildings. Can you imagine how many stay at home moms could use sendoutcards. How may moms are there just in your town. Now think about each one of these people sending out 1 card a day. Think of the positive energy that’s created as each person hits the send button to say something positive to someone in their life. Can you wrap your brain around the magnitude of this? We have the most fun and unique program in the world. Why wouldn’t everyone want to be a part of this movement? Collect a few pennies off each card sent and you have a virtual gold mine.

Most people join SendOutCards because they see some personal benefit to using it. But can you see that as you share it with others and as they become inspired by it that you are expanding your value to humanity and that’s what you get paid for. What happens when you throw bread crumbs into your backyard? The birds come. Keep throwing out breadcrumbs and you’ll get more and more birds. They seem to tell their friends about the bread crumbs. Imagine that the cards you send are like throwing out bread crumbs. The birds get value from the bread and that’s why they keep coming back!

Although initially its all about you, and yes . . . your involvement makes a difference as you send cards and help people to feel good by your kind words, the real magic happens as you share it with others and help them to become card senders. The shortest path to inspiring others with our program is the gift account. A few tips for doing a gift account:

1). Stay with them when they send a card (either over the phone or in person)

2). Have them send the card to someone they know and care about other than themselves.

3). Have them write something meaningful in the card

4). Make sure they know how to get back into their gift account so they can send a 2nd or 3rd card on you

5). Keep giving them points and postage until they either sign up or stop sending cards (usually they

will sign up after sending their second or third card). You can replenish an account from the GIFT

ACCOUNT section at the top of their contact when you open it – Click on EDIT GIFT ACCOUNT DOING SMALL AND LARGE GROUP MEETINGS

These can be really great for leveraging your time and creating fast growth. I can save you a lot of disappointment if you follow along with me.

1. You’ll always get the best results if you have 1 or 2 people in the group that are already signed up and when you get an ‘invitation’ to speak – here’s how it usually goes. You do lots of gift accounts for yourself and for the members of your team. A real estate agent or mortgage broker signs up and then they invite you to speak for a small group. These are always the best because they will talk you up before you arrive.

Cold calling groups are a tough way to go because you don’t have a relationship with any one in the group. When you get an invitation or if you ask someone in your group to pull some people together, you’ll always do much better.

2. Three type of guest meetings (Office, Home, Hotel) –


I had a call from someone that said they knew someone at Russ Lyon Realty in Prescot but no one in the office was signed up. I did get permission to come in and six people were in their conference room. We did the 15 minute presentation and they all seemed to like it. No one was ready to sign up. I sent them each a thank you card and a newspaper insert. I followed up and was asked to come in a second time. I did and we did another presentation.

I followed up again with a card to each. No one in the office ever signed up. Jerry Knight signed up a mortgage broker at a BNI meeting and was then asked to come in to speak at Core Mortgage. They had a large team. Both the father and son that ran the offices signed up. They had lots of influence over the others and gave a real strong testimonial. Within a few weeks about 1/2 the office was using the service. We came back 4 or 5 times to sign up more and more people and make sure that everyone got trained.

James is a friend of mine and he has been cold calling real estate offices for a few months now and has mastered getting an appointment to come in and show the office manager or broker the system. After a few conversations he can get an invitation to come in and speak to their group.He has found that they love his presentation but they almost never sign up. He usually has to follow up multiple times and send multiple cards before they warm up enough to sign up. He is just now starting to sign them up after 3-4 months. He will eventually sign up most of the people in the offices as long as he continues to maintain a good positive relationship with them.


Keep in mind that Hotel Meetings are not duplicatable if they don’t pay for themselves. In my opinion you should never do a meeting that doesn’t at least break even. Otherwise, your team can’t/won’t duplicate it. Collect money at the door ($10) to cover the cost of the room. Each person is responsible for carrying his/her part of the meeting. We are all independent and no one person should have to carry the load. I am not a huge fan of ‘opportuntity’ meetings unless the objective is to get people in front of theircomputer and have them send a card. I have found that most of our strong builders came from people that just wanted to use the system. Many of them would have run the other way if an opportunity was discussed.

You may have as little as 5 minutes or as much as 30 minutes to do your presentation.
An ideal presentation should have the following components:

1. One or two testimonial stories
2. A Gift Account Walk-Through
3. An explanation of what the system will do (PIctureplus, Campaigns and Handwriting)
4. Either 2 or 3 of the package options depending on the situation –

Some office won’t want you presenting the distributor package to their employees.

5. Sample cards to show
6. A close

1). ONE OR TWO TESTIMONIAL STORIES – Share examples of how you have used SendOutCards and specifically what results and feedback you have gotten.

2). A GIFT ACCOUNT WALK-THROUGH – If you have no internet connection, you’ll need to skip this. If you are limited on time but have a wi-fi connection, you can do a quick demo yourself. Ideally, you’llpull someone from the group to send a card to someone they care about while all the others watch.

3). AN EXPLANATION OF WHAT THE SYSTEM WILL DO – I will show a quick PICTUREPLUS example and show some of the cards. I will give 2 or 3 examples of how different professions use pictureplus. I will explain that someone can send multiple cards allwith one click. I tell them that I sent out over 3000 holiday cards in 15 seconds last December.

4). PACKAGE OPTIONS – In some offices, the broker/boss won’t want you to discuss the Entrepreneur Package. In this case, only talk about the $99 retail package and the $298 Wholesale Package. Otherwise, have notepads and pens available and have them each write out the options as you go over them. I find they get a better handle on them when you do it this way.

5). SHOW SOME SAMPLE CARDS – Have LOTS of cards out on the table (or on

a display table). Pick up a couple of them and talk about them. Hold them in your hand.

6). A CLOSE – I like to close with an invitation to sign up and at the very least get a free account (Gift Account). I have them each pull out a business card and write RETAIL, WHOLESALE, ENTREP or FREE on the card. I also want to make sure they have their address on the card and their birthday so I can send them a thank you card and a birthday card. I will send each person the Newspaper insert.

You can also close with the 3 options note pad. Give each person the sign up form and fill it in whether they want to sign up or not. This is just another way of getting their contact info.

If you are in a meeting where lots of guests came with others, simply give your reps some guidance in the close . . . ‘Get with the person that invited you here and make sure they get you started or at the very least give you a free account to try out the system’

REMEMBER, MOST PEOPLE WON’T SIGN UP UNTIL THEY HAVE SENT A CARD ON A GIFT ACCOUNT! THIS NEEDS TO BE YOUR NEXT STEP FOR EACH PERSON IN THE ROOM. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO BUILD A TEAM. Consider having your calendar at the meeting and actually setting follow up appointments to have each person send a card.

In a home meeting and hotel meeting, use lots of stories from the group if possible. If you have many users of SendOutCards in the room, have 3 or 4 of them share a story of how the cards have impacted them or someone they know. This is the most powerful thing you can do. In fact, in many situations, I’ve seen an entire group ready to sign up after hearing 4 or 5 great testimonials.


I have seen many people try and rally a large group together before they have a group. Usually they will run ads, and make lots of phone calls. Typically this ends in disappointment. You can get lots of people that will say they will be there and then few to none show up. Some of you have probably experienced this.

This typically is not the quickest way to get a large group together. The quickest way to get a large group is to start small and grow your team from the ground up. Once you have about 100 on your team you’ll be able to get 5 to 10 of them to each bring 1 or 2 guests and then you can grow it from there. You’ll also have way better results with people joining your team because of the power of the testimonialsof those already on your team.

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