Nov 28th, 2016


We can’t make people send cards . . . but we certainly can help them with some ideas for their cards!
Cards are designed to lift people up and inspire . . . not to “sell”. Think about it . . . when we put a sales pitch on FB virtually no one “likes” it (people don’t like sales pitches!) This is why promoting in your cards should not be done too often. I will periodically promote SendOutCards features and new developments or “vision” in the cards I send . . . but mostly the cards I send are designed to tell inspirational stories, lift people up or express a sentiment. When we put something inspirational on FB LOTS of people “like” it. That means the like stories and personal sentiments that touch the heart. This is what we need to focus on mostly in the cards we send.

I spoke with a gentleman yesterday that had signed up 2 weeks ago and I asked him how many cards he had sent out. He told me ONE. He sent a thank you card to a client. I think that’s really great, but one card in 2 weeks won’t break any records! Let’s explore ideas for sending holiday cards and how to get things rolling. It’s time to build up some MOMENTUM during the holidays. We are the kindness company. Let’s show it.

It’s that time . . . if you are behind the curve, no worries! You are still good. This doesn’t have to take a ton of time. But most importantly,
get contacts into your contact manager. Private message people (I don’t recommend putting it on your wall) like crazy from your FB Friend list
or text them from your phone . . . and just start entering people in if you haven’t done this already. It will take you 20 seconds to enter each person in. I enter 2-3 every day. I’ve entered 4300 in the past 12 years . . . all myself!

If you want to set up groups, put your arrow on MAIN MENU and click on GROUPS. Then you can name a few groups that you know you will use. For example, FAMILY, CLOSE FRIENDS, CHURCH, ETC. Once the groups are named, when you enter a contact, the groups that you named will be listed below and you can put a check mark by the one or ones they belong in.

Now it’s time to create your holiday card campaign . . . click on CAMPAIGN MANAGER under MAIN MENU and then NAME YOUR CAMPAIGN. Let’s explore some ideas for your card. Some will take longer to create than others but keep in mind you are sending to a lot of people at once so it is worth taking some time to create it.

1. USE A CARD FROM THE SENDOUTCARDS CARD CATALOG UNDER HOLIDAYS AND JUST ADD A PERSONAL MESSAGE (This is my least favorite idea because it doesn’t really fully utilize the features of the site.)

2. STEAL AN IDEA FROM SENDCERE – Try going to and log in with your SendOutCards USER ID and PASSWORD. There are a ton of great ideas here. Try different search parameters . . . Christmas, Holiday, Snow, Joy, Cheer, etc. See what comes up! You can steal any of these cards or just use them as ideas. If you want to grab a card to use and edit, simply click the little greeting card icon under the card and then once it is in your editor, you can click on “Save as Picture Plus Card” Then when you are creating your campaign card you will find it in the card catalog under MY CARDS. You can edit it there.

3. USE A CARD FROM THE HOLIDAY SIGNATURE SERIES – I’m pretty sure this is what I’m doing this year. It’s on higher quality paper (costs 5 points per card). Upload a photo . . . modify the message and you are good to go! If you don’t have it but you have purchased the $395 bundle in the past, you can upgrade for $49 by calling customer support. 🙂

4. GET CREATIVE! Here’s a list of examples that others have used in the past:

a. USE A TEMPLATE – There are many photo templates under the TEMPLATES tab in your card editor. You can even put them
inside the card. Then add your photos to them.

b. CREATE A COLLAGE – You can upload up to 40 photos at a time (although I limit to 10 at a time) and then you can just drag,
drop and resize. Feel free to overlay photos. One side of the card can be a collage of your year in photos and the other side can
have a holiday message.

c. GOOGLE HOLIDAY MESSAGES AND QUOTES: There are thousands on the internet that you can steal and modify.

d. STORY CARD: I have received many cards in the past that have each family member featured along with a short
year in summary . . . an update on each family member. This seems to work best if the cards are going to people you know

e. A HOLIDAY STORY – If you have a holiday story that is inspirational, that can add a nice touch to the card. A story of giving or
a something that touches the heart.

f. A PHOTO CARD – Don’t feel like you have to come up with something brilliant to say. Sometimes photos are all you need in a
card. If you have the budget, do a 3 panel card and load it up with photos of your year in summary . . . trips, graduations,
achievements, family gatherings, etc

(You’ll need to work fast!)


I. GET IDEAS FROM THE INTERNET – A quick search will give you many ideas and examples. Use it!

Most importantly, set the date and time you plan to hit the SEND button on your Holiday Card . . . focus on working up to that date.

There are thousands of people STRESSING ABOUT HOW THEY ARE GOING TO GET THEIR CARDS OUT THIS YEAR! Make sure that you mention SOC as an option for them. It can save them time and money. The $399 HOLIDAY CARD SIGNATURE SERIES IS PLUG AND PLAY! Includes 100 2 panel cards and 100 stamps. It also gives them perks like the Custom Brand Manager and a signature!

“According to the Greeting Card Association, Americans purchase approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year, with 1.6 billion of them purchased during the holiday season. Women are the leading consumers in this segment, making 80% of the greeting card purchases annually. With 7 out of 10 card buyers considering greeting cards to be essential to them, the overall sales of greeting cards is estimated at between $7 and $8 billion annually.
What about businesses and holiday greeting cards? Well, 65% of small businesses plan to send cards this holiday season. 53% of those cards will go to customers/clients, 25% of them will go to employees and 22% of them will go to vendors*. Historically, the businesses that send the most paper greeting cards are in the automotive and insurance industries.
Compare the 65% of stores that send out holiday cards to the 73% of small business customers who look forward to receiving holiday greetings from the companies they patronize. There is an expectation that may or may not be met. YOU are in the greeting card business! According to these stats – businesses need YOU to meet their customer and client expectations!
What does this mean for your SendOutCards business? Your best move right now is to contact the businesses in your area and ask them whether or not they’ve sent their holiday cards. If they haven’t, share these stats with them and offer to help. Offer to import their contacts and set up their holiday campaign – either with the new Holiday Signature Series or one of our other Bundles. The importance of timing cannot be overstated. NOW is the time people are looking for a solution to their holiday stress. Help them solve their problems and you’ll have a loyal customer for life.
*SOURCE: American Greeting Card Association and 99 Designs Small Business Study”

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