March 28th, 2016


Because many of you are on this call to learn why people don’t sign up!
When I phrase the title like I did, more people show up! If I had phrased the title of the call, Why people sign up, about 30% fewer people show up. And therein lies the problem!

I’m going to get kind of philosophical with you tonight. Most people spend most of their time trying to figure out why things don’t work? Why won’t my business grow? What’s wrong with me? What am I saying wrong? Why people don’t sign up?

Asking this question (it’s all the same question) is what most people do and this is why most people have trouble with the business. It causes your brain to FOCUS on all the things that don’t matter.

The few that make it, have a different focus. They focus on, “What has to happen for more people to see this and sign up?” Do you see that the answer to the second question will lead you to a result that you want vs one that you don’t.

Let’s use a metaphor to drill a little deeper. You’ve heard me talk about the hummingbird over and over again. I won’t bore you with that story once again but I will say that no amount of coaching, motivating or training will help the hummingbird fly through the glass window. Having a bigger why won’t make a difference. Trying harder won’t make a difference. Being more positive or enthusiastic will only cause the hummingbird to have a good attitude as it slams into the glass. “Ouch! That hurt, but I can handle it!! Because I’m a tough little hummingbird!” None of it matters. The only thing that will help the little hummingbird is if he can shift his attention towards the open door! Until then, all the other stuff doesn’t matter.

So most people are focused on asking the questions that disempower them and cause them to focus on the window . . . “Why won’t this work for me!” “Why don’t people sign up??” “What am I doing wrong?” THIS REPRESENTS A FOCUS THAT WILL CAUSE YOU TO FAIL OVER AND OVER AGAIN. It’s much like slamming yourself into the glass over and over again expecting to get a different result!

And how do I know most of you are thinking this way? Because this call is 30% bigger when I ask the question, “Why don’t people sign up?”


You must catch yourself when you are flying towards the glass. Shift your focus from “Why don’t people sign up?” to “I’m in search of people that are ready to get started.”

OK, I tricked you. Enough philosophy. Now let’s get into the call . . .


I read an article this weekend in an airline magazine that had an interesting insight. The topic was on “Pitching People”. The phrase “Pitching” is being used to describe presenting something to someone. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Over the years, I’ve met and worked with many of the world’s most prominent investors. Asked what draws them into a particular investment, their answer is always, “The People”. When I reflect on businesses I’ve invested in, the answer is the same – and often (as many have) I’ve invested in the weaker’ idea because of the people, and dismissed the ‘better’ idea for the same reason.”

Do you think this applies to our business? Let me ask you this . . . if you were to be presented a business idea by someone that you question their integrity or they are just not that nice to be around, will you do business with them? Are you more likely to do business with someone that you enjoy being around? Of course, if it’s just a bad idea, you probably won’t do the business, but if it’s a good idea and you have a choice between working with someone you really like to be around vs someone that you don’t enjoy all that much, where will you go? You get the picture.

The fact is, there are certain people I would much rather do business with than others and some people I would rather just not be around. I’m sure you probably feel the same.

So what can we do to be one of the people that other people just want to be around and possibly do business with?

1. Ask questions and listen. Be interested in them.
2. Pay sincere compliments
3. Look for something in common
4. Be a giver without expecting anything in return (but don’t overdo it!)
5. Pay attention to personal grooming.
6. Become a connector of people
7. Be patient and not pushy

FOR THOSE WHO MUST KNOW – There are four main reasons why people don’t sign up.

1. BELIEFS ABOUT YOU (Be likable)


3. BELIEFS ABOUT THE COMPANY OR COMP PLAN (Show third party tools)


BUT – This is a trap. If you find yourself analyzing too much why people aren’t signing up, or if you seem to be “stuck” in this loop of “What’s wrong with me?” “Why can’t I do it?” “Why is no one interested?” the only way out, is to STOP!! STOP trying to figure out why. Everyone is different and everyone is on a different timeline. Some will NEVER want to do it. Some will want to do it later and some will be ready to do it now!

For the most part you can’t control others beliefs about you, the profession, the company or themselves. Sometimes these run pretty deep.

Your job is to FIND the ones that are ready to do it now, and stay in touch with those that might want to do it later.

Spending an inordinate amount of timed trying to figure out why some people take action now and and others don’t is not a winning strategy.

Your winning strategy is to be likable and keep your calendar full with appointments to show the business for you and for others on your team. Then become a master at following up with cards, good news and invitations.


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