January 14, 2013


  1. CREATE SOME “MOTION” IN YOUR BUSINESS: If your life is stagnant, your business will be stagnant. Think of it as water. Water in motion creates life. Water that’s stagnant begins to decay and smell. You are like water. You are a source of life. You can feed others by offering appreciation and encouragement. You can bring new life to people by offering them value through the SendOutCards system and business. The more movement you create the more your business and your life will grow. Think “conversations, stories and exposures”. Exposures are like “show-and-tell”.
  2. DO IT NOW! Many of you have been waiting for some magical moment. Now, is the magical moment. You’re here for a reason. The world needs you. Some of you have been coming back to this call each week for months and you really haven’t done much. But you know why you are here and you know why you are in SendOutCards. It’s time to stop thinking about doing it. It’s time to stop planning to do it. This is your time. This is your year. 18 months from now you could be sitting on a healthy residual income. There is nothing more to figure out. You can’t learn to ride a bicycle by studying it. You have to get on the bike! You can’t learn network marketing by just going to trainings and being on calls. You must do it.
  3. MOST IMPORTANT STRATEGY: REPLACE YOURSELF! If I could identify just one thing that will make or break you in the business, it’s this: the faster you replace yourself, the faster your income will grow. Network Marketing is all about duplication. In our business model we make money by 1). getting a few customers, in order to get qualified. 2). Building a team of “customer gathers”. You can make a little money getting customers, but you can make a lot of money by building a team of customer gatherers. My boss’s boss at America West Airlines taught me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned, “Each time you replace yourself, you become more valuable”. This concept is almost counterintuitive in conventional business. You might think that if you do such a great job training others, someday you won’t be needed any more. In actuality, you will become more valuable and in greater demand. In real life terms, you must begin to train people about the business even before they are part of the organization. I like to treat people as if they are already in. I have found that when someone feels like they are already part of our cause, they end up joining it. Replacing yourself is probably the most critical skill for making money that I know.
  4. LEVERAGE THE TOOLS, TECHNOLOGY and EVENTS: If you want to have the strength of 100 people TODAY, use the tools that are at your fingertips TODAY. At your immediate disposal, you have access to (for almost nothing) a resource that is worth thousands, if not 10’s of thousands of dollars. Each day you don’t do something for your business, you are flushing money down the toilet. By using your three-way calling (you all have it on your phone), you can three-way someone into a LIVE daily opportunity call. Your top leaders have committed to being on these calls each week for your benefit. This represents pure leverage. By leveraging the tools and technology that is available to you, you can accomplish in one day what you couldn’t possibly do in a month. I would not be where I am today if I had not leveraged the tools, technology and events. I rarely talk about the business. I use the tools, technology and events to SHOW people the business. Here are some examples:

a. After someone has sent a card on a gift account, three-way them into the daily call. Nothing is more powerful to moving someone to action.

b. If someone is on the fence, copy a link from one of the weekly training calls and send it over to them. Tell them it’s only 20 minutes and that it will help to instill confidence in them regarding our company and the business.

c. Do a calling and mailing campaign to invite 100 people to an event when you know it’s coming to town (you don’t have to wait until an event comes to your town). You can pick any event! Let people know that you have an inside track and will arrange to have a free ticket waiting for them at the door. Do your best to be at the event and sit with your group. There is little that is more powerful to building a team than having people at an event and being with them to experience it.

Here’s what I say, “Were having an event next weekend that I really think will help you with xyz. You’ll get so much out of it. I would like to invite YOU to be my guest. The seminar is worth at least $300 in my eyes but because I’m a distributor, I can get you a complimentary ticket. Would you want to come with me?” Did you notice that I don’t invite them as part of a group? When I invite someone to an event, I invite them as if they are the only one coming as my guest. I want them to feel really special, which they are. Also, I let them know that I want to sit with them.

Always think about ways you can maximize the exposure of the business to your community. Most importantly, do it in a way that will add value. Speak to them about how the business or service will be of benefit to them.

Here’s an example: “Julie, as a Realtor, when someone buys a home from you, can you imagine how they will feel when you send them a personalized card with their picture on the front standing in front of their new home? They’ll save that card forever. If you really want them to talk about you, include a $5 Starbucks gift card or a box of brownies! Oh and by the way, you probably know at least 50 others that could use a service like this. Just by referring it, you could create a nice residual income that could become quite substantial over time!”

  1. YOU CAN MAKE BIG MONEY IN SENDOUTCARDS: Yes, there is big money in SendOutCards if you have big volume going through your organization. How do you create that? The formula is simple.

a). Get yourself qualified! That means getting at least 2 subscription customers and $93 in personal customer volume. I think it’s a good idea to continue to sign up customers. I have 25 subscription customers.

b). Show the business to others and find a few others that want to do the same. Sponsor 1-4 people per month for 2-4 years. Your income will gradually grow into something worth talking about. Most of all, you’ll have a residual income (something that 99% of the population will never experience). Don’t take this lightly. Residual income is a gift that is indescribable. When you offer this business to someone, you are offering them something that is priceless. Ask anyone who gets a residual check each month. Yes, it will take work and time, but there is nothing else like it.

  1. PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE: You are a promoter. You’ll need to promote the dream. You’ll need to promote the product. You’ll need to promote the process. You’ll need to promote the system. This includes promoting the 7/30/Q plan and the events. I don’t push, I promote. I don’t tell people they have to do something. I highly recommend that they do for their own good. I don’t chase people, I lead people.

Now, I want to speak from the heart here. I’m going to talk to you as a close friend. Many of you are my close friends. If you want to make money, you’ll need to hold yourself accountable at a higher level. If you were your boss, would you get promoted or fired for your level of activity? Conceptually, the business is ridiculously simple. If everyone did it, the opportunity wouldn’t be as great as it is. I want to see each of you live your dreams. Each day I have people coming to me wanting to know what they are doing wrong. There are a few key indicators that will determine whether you are going to make it. Here are some of them:

  1. Are you meeting new people each week? If not, figure out something (this is YOUR job as an entrepreneur) that you can do each week to meet new people. Focus on making friends and CONNECTING with those you meet.
  2. Are you sending out PERSONAL cards each day? You get back what you send out. Make sure your cards touch others in a meaningful way.
  3. Are you FILLING YOUR CALENDAR with APPOINTMENTS? It’s not enough to just talk to people. If you are talking to people on the run, most of those you talk to are making a decision before getting all the info they need. Set aside time on the calendar where both of you will be 100% focused on looking at everything – Be honest with yourself here. Take a look at your calendar right now. Is it FULL of appointments to meet with new people over the next 2-3 weeks?
  4. Are you scheduling yourself to attend at least 3 Treat ‘Em Right Seminars per year in addition to the Convention? I’m going to be honest here. I know this is possibly a real stretch for you. I’ve been there. I was the person staying at budget motels sharing with 6 other people in the early days. I had $36,000 in debt on 22 credit cards. I took the bus to work for 2 years. The reality is, LEADERS ATTEND THE EVENTS. If you don’t attend how can you ever expect the members of your team to attend? And if your team is not there, you don’t have a business. I stepped out in faith and I believed. In light of MANY HUGE SETBACKS, I didn’t quit. I’m the same guy that had my bank card confiscated for bouncing checks. I’m the same guy that never made more than $28,000 in a year at my job for 17 years. This MONTH my SendOutCards residual check was almost $200,000. I had a goal to make $100,000 a month for 25 years before I got there. I haven’t had a check under $100,000 a month in 4 years. I don’t take this lightly. I recognize that it’s because of many great people (most that have become my closest friends) that this is possible. It would be no fun if I couldn’t take others with me. I lose sleep trying to figure out ways to communicate all of this so that you may someday experience the same thing.
  5. Are you on MOST of the LIVE DAILY OPPORTUNITY CALLS? Set a goal to have a guest on all of the daily calls. Do everything you can to fill your week with new people looking at the business. This is one of the greatest catalysts to growth that we have available today.

As a friend I would like to tell you that any doubt you have about whether this is possible for you or whether you can do this is unfounded. There are thousands that have done it. Most people think that there is some secret formula. Yes, there are skills to learn and some phrases that work better than others. But in the end, nothing will ever replace being sincerely excited about what you have in your hands. When you share your excitement like a kid that just opened an Wii or X-Box for the first time, others will sense that and some will want to be part of it. We have one of the coolest products in the entire profession. I have seen companies with really weak products sign up 50,000 people in 60 days because their distributors were excited.


a). Sign up a few customers and get yourself qualified.

b). Use the tools, technology and events to share SendOutCards with others. Be excited about what you have in your hands and most importantly embrace the gift that only network marketing and SendOutCards can offer.






My business is what it is today because of the things I have talked about in this call. I live this stuff. Try and let go of the past. Much of success has to do with unlearning the way we are used to doing things and embracing a NEW MINDSET. This business requires a shift in focus, attitude and language.

We (as a company) are not victim to any set of circumstances regarding our size or growth. We create our future. The ENERGY of this team will determine who comes in and how fast we grow. Please take this to heart. WE will determine our future. We will determine our growth. We will determine who joins us from here on out. SendOutCards is unique and special. It’s not for everyone. But there are millions that will resonate with our cause and want to be part of growing with us. Our job is to find them and let them experience who we are.

HOW TO MAKE MONEY with SOC in 2013

Review of email I sent out-


Here’s a very simple strategy that I am using to build my business. It’s almost identical to what I have been doing for years but makes it even simpler and easier using the DAILY OPPORTUNITY CALL.

  1. Send out AT LEAST one personal card daily (no sales agenda, just reach out in kindness).
  2. Walk AT LEAST one person each day through sending a card to someone they care about and then show them the OPPORTUNITY VIDEO (on the right side of your .biz site (i.e.: This is the 3 minute video that has the penciled hand drawing out the plan.
  3. Three-way someone into the DAILY OPPORTUNITY CALL (At least one per day!)


This is the daily strategy-


Make a list of 100 names and do the above in your first 30 days with each of the 100 people on your list. You’ll earn all the qualifications, bonuses, promotions, etc. and you’ll make more than your money back. That means you are profitable!! You’ll be qualified. You’ll make the 7/30/Q club. You’ll be a certified trainer and you’ll get recognized! Simply call each person and say, “I found something I want to show you. It’s really cool and I think you’ll like it. It may not be for you but I at least want to show you”. Then follow the 3 steps above.

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