August 25, 2014


Your residual check is a result of your volume

Your volume is a result of your customers

Your customers are a result of your distributors

(The distribution system used in network marketing is word of mouth . . .

People telling people about a good idea. Without this we have no business!)

YOUR BUSINESS IS EITHER GROWING OR IT’S DYING – Because we live in a rapidly changing environment,

when you are not growing, you are losing ground. What happened to Sears and Woolworth? What happened to Blockbuster

and Hollywood Video? What happened to Barnes and Noble and Bookstar? Even your little  business must grow or it’s going to die.

The beautiful thing about this is you have control over the growth of your business! Think, “New Buds on the Tree”. When you are green you grow and when you are ripe you rot. As a team we must be in a constant state of growth.

A LITTLE SHIFT IN PHILOSOPHY: Most likely the thing that got you interested in this call was the title . . . “How To Get More People!” Let’s talk about the word, “Get”. Getting is the energy of doing something to someone else so that they act for our benefit. Granted this is what got you interested in this call because intuitively you know that you must get people to join you to grow your business. However the energy of “getting” is the OPPOSITE energy necessary to succeed. In fact as I study the habits of of those that achieved long term financial success, the energy they send out is the energy of GIVING. So when we ask someone to join us, it must be in the spirit of giving more value than they expect. In the book, FREE by Chris Anderson, he talks about the Billion $$ brands being created as a result of companies giving immense value to their consumer base for FREE! They attract people through a model of giving. Eric Worre created a community of 400,000 people because for many years he interviewed top leaders in the field of Network Marketing and offered the videos to the marketplace for free. You didn’t even need to provide your email address to watch the videos. He had over 1000 videos produced and posted before his business really took off! Immense value offered without the expectation of getting anything in return . . . as a result in 4 years he became known as the #1 trainer in the network marketing profession and companies pay him big money to train their people.

Now don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here. Giving and receiving are like the front and back of your hand. You can’t have a front without a back. Giving and receiving go hand in hand. Asking someone to do business with you can be done in the spirit of giving or in the spirit of getting. If people run from you, you may be perceived as a taker. If they are attracted to you, you may be perceived as a true giver. If you are wondering how you are perceived you can always ask! Especially if you don’t like the results your are getting you may want to take a little poll from the people that used to be your friends! Be prepared to learn from the experience!

The message to get here is that your business building activities must be approached in the spirit of giving AND as long as you are building in that vain, it’s ok to ask people to do business with you! They will appreciate it. The only time someone feels pressured is if you are trying to get without a value exchange that is of equal or greater value.

HOW TO GET MORE PEOPLE (How to give more value – Giving value to more people is how you get more people!)


Jordan Adler

There are only 3 ways I know to get more people:

1. Put more people into your network

2. Work to add more and more “connected” people to your network

3. Give more value to the people in your network

Let’s take a look at #1 “Put more people into your network”. You don’t need to have a lot of strategies to do this. You’ll need 2 or 3. Here’s how I have added people to my network over the years . . .

1983-1992 America West Airlines – Started in customer service, then training. Met LOTS of people as we grew the airline from 180 people to 15,000. Added people to my “rolodex” and did my best to stay in touch. Met mostly vendors and employees. Became close friends with about 200 of them.

1981-1992 Tried 11 different network marketing companies. Attended many seminars and workshops. Personal development became my “thing” Didn’t make money but met LOTS of like minded people. Added them to my rolodex and did my best to stay in touch.

2005-Present Networking Groups like BNI, Chamber of Commerce, etc. I attend the same group events over and over again to get to know the members of the groups. I want to be remembered and recognized as someone who contributes positively to the results of the group. I joined one BNI Chapter and stay there for YEARS.

Take a look at your life and where you are meeting people. If you are not meeting new people regularly, I recommend realigning yourself to be in contact with more like minded people that you can become friends with and add to your network. Check out It’s a great place to go to find people that want to meet new people for all kinds of things.

#2 Work to add more “connected” people to your network. I have found that people with big networks are the most exciting people to meet. They typically hang out with very interesting people and are a source of constant social engagement.

Over the years my network has grown to THOUSANDS of people that know me, remember me, trust me and some of them even like me. I want to be known as someone who is ROCK SOLID. I want to be known as someone who is a positive contributor and a great resource. In a minute were going to talk about ways to do this.

YOU MUST DEPLOY SHORT TERM AND A LONG TERM CAMPAIGNS FOR ADDING VALUE TO YOUR NETWORK – About 20 years ago I attended a speakers seminar and I heard about a guy called, “The Pumpkin Man”. He’s a Realtor and

for 30 years he’s been giving away pumpkins to all his clients and even potential clients (YES, IT COSTS HIM MONEY TO DO THIS!) and today he is one of the most successful and known realtors in Arizona! People remember him as the Pumpkin Man. In fact, I have not talked to him or seen him in 20 years but I remembered him  . . . couldn’t remember his name but definitely remembered his brand! He took a long term approach of giving that has paid him millions of dollars over the years in Real Estate commissions.


1. Set up splash pak accounts and have them send a card

2. Register people for Sendcere and show them how to use it

3. 3-way someone into a conference call that you think they will benefit from

4. Give away or send one personal book per month to someone that could benefit

5. Give away or send one personal development CD per month to someone who could benefit

6. Connect business people together that could benefit from knowing each other

7. Take one person per week out to lunch just to get to know them

8. Do one random act of kindness per day

9. SendOut one personal card a day without the expectation of getting something in return

10. Host or “sponsor” a business event at least twice a year (buy the coffee)

11. Volunteer or assist at personal development events

12. Sign someone up for SendOutCards and teach them how to use it!

13. Set someone up as a distributor and RECOMMEND that they listen to ten of the past conference calls

over the next 10 days.



A. To grow your residual check you must sponsor more distributors

B. Shift your energy from “getting” to “giving”

C. There are only 3 ways to get more people (1. Add people to your network.

2. Add better people to your network.  3. Give more value to those in your network.

D. Deploy short term and long term campaigns for adding value


IN YOUR COMMUNITY. People will want to be around you and will want to do business with you.

Last thing for tonight . . . you may have noticed a buzz coming from Corporate. Things are ramping up and about to get really crazy.

You’ll want to be on the train when it leaves the station. Get yourself up to speed and begin to share Sendcere and SendOutCards with

people in the spirit in which it was designed. Be like a child with a new toy that you want to show to everyone.

There is no need to master the presentation. There is no need to perfect it. Just excitedly show it the way a child would show off

his/her new toy. Let other people absorb your enthusiasm and excitement. It’s time to take SendOutCards to the world. SendOutCards

is an idea that is worthy of a worldwide movement. It changes people for the better. Even people that aren’t involved are touched by SendOutCards

in a positive way. No other network marketing company can claim this. How many times have you heard . . .  “My life is better because you lost weight!”

EXACTLY. When someone is touched by our product they don’t even need to be involved.

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