Jun 1, 2015


Closing implies that we do something to someone . . . like we cast a spell on them and suddenly and magically they want to sign up with us! It doesn’t work that way in real life. CLOSING IS JUST THE NEXT LOGICAL STEP when all other requirements have been met. So the question I have for you is, did someone “close” you? Or did you at one point just say to yourself . . . “I’m ready”. And then either you took the next step on your own or someone else walked you through it. Closing is one step in the process. Most people view the close as the end of the process. Even the word “Close” somewhat implies the finishing point. Actually, the close is the BEGINNING of the process. Your new distributor’s business starts when they say yes to getting started. So let’s look at the close as the next logical step on your potential distributors journey into entrepreneurship.

If you ask someone to get started and they are not ready, they will perceive it as pressure. But if you ask someone to get started and they are excited, they will welcome your question. So how do you know? You look for signs . . . some of the signs are SUBTAL (Like smiling, nodding, asking lots of positive questions, etc) some of the signs are blatant (Like, them saying, “I love this!” or, “I think this has huge potential!” or, “It looks like there is big money in this!”). When you get a sign, that’s your que to ASK! When the signs are positive, it really doesn’t matter how you ask as long as you LEAD them into the next step. Remember, your job is to take them to the next step in the process. They don’t know what that next step is, so you need to LEAD by making a suggestion.

Here are some great examples:

“Are you ready to get started?”
“You obviously like what you see, can schedule training and get you going?”
“On a scale of 1-10, where do you see yourself? I’ll assume a 10 means you are ready to go!”
“Can I get you set up in the system and schedule you for training?”

Remember if you ask a question like this pre-maturely, it can be perceived as if you are pressuring them. You are looking to ask the question when you perceive they are ready because you notice positive signs.

They don’t know what the next logical step is so it’s up to you to tell them. Suggestions are great. You propose the next step and they tell you what they want to do . . .

“Can I suggest that we get you in the system and schedule you for training?”
“Why don’t we get you going and I’ll work with you to help you get your money back as quickly as possible”

Please don’t make this more difficult than it is . . . when someone has all the information necessary to make a good decision AND they are interested in moving forward, that’s the time to ask.
You can’t ask wrong. Just ask and lead them into the next step.


Sometimes when a potential distributor is dragging their feet or giving you excuses it’s because they don’t have everything they need to make a decision. So they may “him and haw” about why they
aren’t ready. They may say they have to think about it or do some “research”. Here is something you can do to move them through the process. This is something that most people don’t cover in the presentation that is extremely important. I also look for ways to make it easy for them to explain what they have just learned to a friend or family member. Even if he/she has heard it on a video, it goes by so fast that a detailed explanation can give you some mileage.

This weekend in Jacksonville, I was surprised at what happened after our texting exercise. We set up over 200 appointments in a 20 minute texting session using a very simple 2 step texting script.
Not one phone call was made and many of the participants walked away with 1-7 appointments each! But here’s what surprised me. Although I have trained on how to give a simple presentation at least 10 times on our Monday Training Call, I had at least 5 people come up to me in a state of PANIC because although some of them had been in the business for years, they realized they now had to give a presentation and had never done one!! So some of you will get on this call week after week, month and month and listen as an audience member. And I’ll teach a very simple step by step process for showing the business, yet you have never set an appointment so you didn’t have a need to ever give a presentation!! And some of you have been in the business for years and have never given a presentation! So after the texting exercise, you came to the realization that you now have to show the business to someone and had no idea where to start! So I’m going to do it again! And I’ll keep doing it until all of you are showing the business at least once or twice a week. We make this WAY harder than it is! It’s “show-and-tell” time.

1. Tell how and why you got involved in the business (2 minutes)
2. Either a). Set up a Splash Pak Account with a user ID and Password and walk them step by step through
sending a card to someone they care about OR b). Have them watch you send them a card from your phone after taking
a selfie with them and attach a two pak of brownies
3. Show the 8 minute Steve Schulz video from OR use the Mobile Pocket Presentation to show the money
4. Ask the question

(This is so very simple once you do it one time. The most important thing you can do here is start. If you are not setting up appointments and showing the business,
you really don’t have a business. I know that LOTS of you are doing this already, but many of you are not. I’m trying to help you here. If my helicopter instructor had
gone over the steps for flying the helicopter in a classroom 50 times over the course of a year, a year later I still would not be able to fly. We had to get in the helicopter and do it.
I’m suggesting that you do it and not just continue to be a spectator. If you can’t figure something out or are struggling with something, just ask. The steps are SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE.)

But here is the missing piece . . . I think this is something that has been left out of our training that can really help to increase your chances that someone will be interested.

AFTER STEP 3 HAVE THEM PULL OUT A NOTEPAD AND A PEN . . . (it’s important that you have them write this down and not just tell them. They will remember it
if they write it down and it will be easier for them to explain it to others if they write it down)


Please write this down . . .

PC = 1pt
GC = 3 pts
3-Panel = 4pts
GIFTS 7pts – 700pts

NO CONTRACT (Cancel at any time)
ROLLOVER (Points rollover for a year)

.39 per point for a customer (PC = .39, GC = $1.17, 3 Panel = $1.56

$39/mo = 100points per month

MD – MARKETING DISTRIBUTOR $395/$59 Annual Renewal

WEBSITES – FREE (No Monthly)
10 Customer Accounts (25 points each to give away) – INCLUDED
Wholesale price on points (.31 instead of .39)
Unlimited Training – INCLUDED
Mobile sites – INCLUDED

Then stop and get a reaction. Look for positive “Signs” . . .


The first four letters in Leadership are “Lead”. What does it mean to lead? It means to go first!
That means as a leader, you want to go first. When you sign up, it’s just you . . . so it’s up to
you to lead. Lead by going first. You set the first appointment. You sign up the first customer. You sign up
the first distributor. You start the first meeting. You attend the first event. You be the first in your group to go
to convention. It doesn’t happen any other way. You must be OUT FRONT. That’s how you become a leader.
Without exception, the leaders you hear about went first. This is your time to go first Everything I’ve talked about
in this call is about leadership and leading. So I’m calling on you to be a leader and lead. That means, YOU GO FIRST. Callie Shields
went first. Melissa Barlock went first. Billy Aycock went first. Mathew Shorty Wells is going first. Casey Eberhart went first.
Jules Price went first. The list is long of people that went first . . . now it’s your turn to go first. That means LEAD. Go back
and review this call and start there. Lead by texting people and setting up appointments. Lead by showing the business at least
a few times a week. Lead by booking yourself for convention. Lead by getting your next promotion. You need to do it before you can expect
people in your group to do it. YOU GO FIRST!

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