How do you answer: “What do you do?”

Feb 23rd, 2015 – How do you answer: “What do you do?”

HOW DO YOU ANSWER: “What do you do?”

I have a simple answer that I like to use . . . you need to come up with something that is comfortable to you. I say, “I help people set up home based businesses on the internet”, however I see this “shift” to Mastering Relationship Marketing as a real opportunity. I’ll probably now say something like,
“I represent a philosophy and system that helps businesses grow by 20-400%”.

Bob Golden is the master and I love his approach. When people ask, “What do you do?” he leans over and quietly says in their ear. “I’ll fill you in later . . . “ It’s brilliant because it leaves people curious and wanting to know more. Curiosity is a very powerful emotion. Bob gets LOTS of people asking around . . . “what exactly does Bob do?” No one really knows, but everyone wants to! Powerful.


At a weekly networking event they may ask you to do a real quick 30-60 second commercial. I’m a fan of joining one group and getting really familiar with the members of the group. That way, when you show up, you’ll get regular introductions to the visitors.

Here are a four tips:

1. Be a giver – look for opportunities to refer business to the other members
2. Be a connector – Look for opportunities to put people together that could benefit from knowing each other
3. Send Cards to the members of the group – Let them feel the love.
4. Become friends with members of the group! People love to refer business to their friends!

Now let’s get back to your commercial. Your commercial should do 3 things (quickly)

1. Identify a challenge, issue or opportunity
2. Offer a solution
3. A call to action (a good referral for me is . . . )

Personally I like to have a different commercial each week. Because people tend to tune out if it’s the same thing week after week. PLAN YOUR COMMERCIAL. DON’T WING IT! If you have to read it that’s okay . . . but make sure it is well thought out. Also, when you have an alternate, they can READ your commercial if you give it to them.

Here was my 30 second commercial from last Wednesday (feel free to use mine if you like it!):

Dr Ivan Misner, the Founder of BNI talks about “The Law of Reciprocity”. The “Law of Reciprocity” states that if you do nice things for people they tend to want to reciprocate! It’s human nature. I can show you how to MAXIMIZE THE LAW OF RECIPROCITY with A CLICK A DAY. Take a photo and send it with a gift and you can double or triple your annual sales. A good referral for me is . . . .

I usually write mine out and then reference it so I stay on track. I keep it simple and to one point.
If you write it out and read it 3 times, you should be pretty good to go! It’s only 30 seconds or so!


The same principles apply to your 8 minute presentation as your 30 second commercial. Try not to do what most people do . . . ramble on about how great your company is or your background. People will get to know you by your weekly presence. You don’t need to give a bunch of background. Follow the simple formula below. Use your time effectively. YOUR GOAL IS TO EDUCATE THE MEMBERS IN YOUR CHAPTER WHO TO REFER TO YOU AND HOW TO REFER THEM.

1. Identify a challenge, issue or opportunity
2. Offer a solution
3. A call to action (a good referral for me is . . . )

You may have time to go through this 2 or 3 times during your 8 minutes depending on how efficient you are. Here’s a couple of examples:

1. Identify a challenge, issue or opportunity – “You know how stay at home moms have birthday parties for their kids and are always trying to figure out creative ways to invite people?”
2. Offer a solution – “I have a way they can quickly and easily get an invitation into the mail without having to run around to buy cards, stamps, etc. They can do it right from the computer and even add pictures. With a simple click, as many cards as necessary can be sent right from home . . . at about a buck a card.”
3. A call to action (a good referral for me is . . . ) – “A good referral for me would be a BUSY STAY AT HOME MOMS!”

1. Identify a challenge, issue or opportunity – “You know how you go to your mailbox and get legal sized letters from vendors with logos that are offering you some kind of deal? What do you do with those?” That’s right . . . they go right to the circular file. They are more of an annoyance than anything else.”
2. Offer a solution – “We believe that APPRECIATION WILL WIN OVER SELF PROMOTION EVERY TIME!” We show you how you can send something that they will want to KEEP instead of throw away! And you can do it right from the comfort of your chair or desk.”
3. A call to action (a good referral for me is . . . ) – “A good referral for me is someone who owns a one or two person operation that spends money each month on traditional advertising. I want to meet the owner.


“Most businesses are looking for ways to grow. The people you do business with are probably no different. Hopefully by knowing you, there businesses are better off for it. I’m going to give you 3 ways to grow your (or their) business using SendOutCards.

1. With the iPhone App or Mobile Device Website take a selfie with your client. Send them a Thank You card with the Selfie on the front and include 2 brownies or a $5 Starbucks Card. Let the “Law of Reciprocity” work in your favor.

2. Appreciation will win over Self-Promotion every time . . . (I showed a State Farm “Appreciation” letter with the logo on it . . . I asked, “What do you do with these?” Everyone unanimously said . . . “we throw them away!” I said, “Exactly” and then explained why our cards don’t get thrown away.

3. I gave each person in the group a SALES STATISTICS sheet and talked about the #’s.

2% of sales are made on the first contact and 80% of Sales are made on the 8th-12th contact. You can use SENDOUTCARDS as a powerful way to reconnect with someone. When you send a card, as long as it is a card to “Appreciate”, it will sit on their desk, bulletin board or refrigerator. Each time they see it it’s a reminder that you care about them.

Over the past 8 months, you have probably met people that gave you their business card and YOU NEVER HEARD FROM THEM AGAIN. They need me. 2% of sales are made on the first contact. A GOOD REFERRAL FOR ME IS . . . someone who you only met once and never heard from again. You can help me by contacting them and telling them what I have just told you and suggesting that we meet.
Jordan Adler –

I had notes in front of me when I did this presentation. I didn’t rely 100% on my memory. I planned my talk out in advance. I didn’t just ramble on. I had a little plan.
I received 5 referrals after my talk and also got a few business cards from the guests at the meeting. Yesterday I created a simple “Thanks for stopping by our BNI Meeting” card with my picture on the front. (I had walked over and met each guest personally – They each handed me a business card and I confirmed the mailing address on each card. I put them in my “BNI Vegas Guest” Group. Then I sent them each a card with a box of 2 brownies. I will sign up 4 customers and 1 distributor as a result of these actions.

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