Holiday Tips and More Great Stuff:

November 15, 2010

Holiday Tips and More Great Stuff:

I just have a few tips to share this week. I would love to get more from those listening so please send them in by emailing me at

Many tips I received this week said to make sure you send yourself a copy of your Christmas or Holiday card so you can proofread it for any typos before you send it out to your entire list. Very smart.

I would like to add that it is imperative to get your entire campaign out before December 15th if you want your cards to arrive before the 25th. I would even go so far as to say, get your cards out by December 5th.

Now is a great time to start compiling your list and checking for correct addresses. Email your face book friends. Perhaps you’ve connected with people from your past this year. Maybe you’ve made new contacts that you don’t otherwise communicate with. Also, if you’ve moved this year, like I have, reaching out to collect and verify addresses will most likely give you an opportunity to update those that give you their addresses.

Paula Yudelevit

Suggested a great tip for any holiday, but especially for Thanksgiving. Put a favorite recipe on one of the panels of your campaign card.

As a side note, if you are planning on sending Thanksgiving cards, make sure to get them out this week. Thanksgiving is already one week from Thursday!

Paul Smith suggested something I know I already do. Many of you may already do this as well. Keep your camera with you or if you have an adequate camera phone, keep it handy when at holiday parties or family functions so you capture the festivities and send them as a great sentimental keepsake.

It’s rare that I will be at a Sendoutcards event and there aren’t at least 10 people with a camera ready for pictures to capture that “picture plus moment!”

Thanks for sending in your holiday tips of the week

Remember that there are 4 legs to the table and without all 4 legs the table is unstable . . . soooo, one leg is the DREAM. The second leg is the PRODUCT. The third is the PROCESS (How to) and the 4th is the SYSTEM. Megan’s tips were around strengthening the PRODUCT leg and I’m going to spend a few minutes on the PROCESS.

Let’s talk about GROUPS and a couple of ideas for following up.

I have my contacts set up in groups and then I simply ‘Act on Promptings’ (part of the two fold mission of SOC). I scan my groups once a week and look for groups that haven’t heard from me in awhile that I’m inspired to send a card to.

Here are a few of the most common groups I send cards to.

POTENTIAL DISTRIBUTORS (Those that have looked at SOC and haven’t gotten started)

LEADERS OF INFLUENCE (People with large networks)


CLOSE FRIENDS ASSOCIATIONS AND EVENTS THAT I HAVE ATTENDED and met people (I set up a separate group for each one)

Once in awhile I’ll have a ‘FLASH’ of inspiration for a card and I look to see who I might send it to. Sometimes it’s just a card. Sometimes it has brownies or a DVD. There is no right or wrong. It really depends on what you inspired to do and what your budget can handle. Again, I visually scan my groups once per week or so and decide who I want to send cards to (Card from 35,000 feet – Wi-Fi on Aircraft was sent to about 1000 people and I immediately signed up 3 distributors that have been ‘looking’ at SOC for 5 years!)

If you are not sure how to set up or send a campaign to a group, watch the webinars under SYSTEM TRAINING on your MAIN MENU. You’ll need to learn to do it to send your Holiday cards so you may as well learn to do it now! It’s really, really simple once you try it!

Please e-mail your questions to Megan.


Write this down . . . “There is no LINE’ A line is something someone teaches you to say to GET someone to sign up. Remember, we are not out to GET people . . . we are out to GIVE something to people that makes them say hmmmm . . . I really like this! I could use this! I could share this!

A ‘line’ is manipulation.

It’s not sincere. It’s canned. We all need to look at the people we are showing SOC to as potential partners. We treat each person with respect whether they are working with us or not. It’s not us against them. In other words we don’t approach it as ‘What can I do or say to GET THEM TO SIGN UP?!’

Instead, we look at each person as someone to share our excitement and knowledge of the system so that they can truly appreciate how it will help them. We speak from the heart. We give them ideas that will help them be better human beings and have a better experience of life.

When someone asks me what they should say in their follow up cards my answer is always . . . ‘I can’t answer that because I don’t know your relationship with each person you are following up with.’

Be sincere. Share what you love about the system. Explain why you love it and how you use it. Ask them to try it for themselves. Get their feedback after they send a card. Show them how they can make money by helping others get started. There is no right or wrong. Speak from the heart. Anything ‘canned’ will feel ‘canned’ and end up in the trash. Most importantly, ACT ON


Finally . . . be careful who you get advice from . . . There is a guy I know that works for a company that sells $9000 Coaching programs. The programs help people increase their income and productivity as an entrepreneur. He has told me no less than 10 times in the past 3 years that he is ‘ready to sign up’ in SOC. Each time I say ‘Let’s go’, he says . . . he doesn’t have the money. This is not a function of him being low paid. It’s a function of him not managing his money well and integrity around his word. How can I do business with a guy like that? He’s not a product of his product. He’s been through the programs himself yet his results stink. He wants me to buy his coaching services yet his business life is a wreck. He’s not a very good product of the product. I’m not so much concerned about whether he sells a solid product. I know he does. I have a hard time doing business with a guy that doesn’t stay true to his word and can’t come up with $500 to go into business after 3 years of setting an intention!

There are many ‘gurus’ out there that say they will ‘help you’ build a business yet they have never built anything substantial using what they sell. I would never take advice from a financial planner that doesn’t have his or her financial house in order. I would be very careful about buying investment property from a Realtor that has never owned investment property. I would also be very careful about taking advise from Network Marketers that have never built a substantial business. It’s so easy to get sidetracked by people giving you tips about how to build the business yet they have never built a 5 or 6 figure Network Marketing income. Take advise from those that are doing it successfully.

Your sponsor may not be active or successful in the business and that’s okay . . . but go upline and find someone that has what you want. Look for the fruit on the tree and follow that advice.

You can’t go wrong if you follow the advice of the top 10 or 20 team builders in SOC.

1. Expand your DREAM by reading, listening to CD’s and going to seminars

2. Use the PRODUCT to it’s full capability

3. Practice the PROCESS till you become really good at it

(The Daily 8)

4. Plug people into the SYSTEM. Let it work for you! It’s free to promote and it will make you more money than you can imagine if you will just use it.

By doing these 4 things, you will be strengthening all 4 legs of the table and you will go on to build a solid and successful business.

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