Hidden Elements

February 7, 2011

TEAM CALL – ‘Hidden Elements’ 2/7/11
My name is Jordan Adler and if we haven’t met I want to quickly introduce myself
and how I started in this business. I started my business just like you. Demarr
introduced me to SendOutCards back in late 2004 by sending me cards with DVD’s and
emails. By the way, the DVD he sent me was one that about 1/2 the people in SOC didn’t like.
But it was good enough to get my interest.

After getting deluged with cards from Demarr, I finally watched the DVD. He also emailed me.
I didn’t get a special deal and I signed up just like you. I paid my money ($745) and joined SOC as a
brand new distributor with zero distributors in my downline. I had boxes and boxes of business
cards and knew lots of people that had businesses.The top person in SOC was earning about 1/2 what I
needed just to pay my bills. But I didn’t join SOC to build the business. I joined because I believed that
the SendOutCards service was something that I needed to support my life. In fact after Demarr had me send a card, I couldn’t see myself without it. I decided to build it after realizing that virtually everyone needs SendOutCards.

Some of the people that I sponsored in my first two years were:

Judy O’Higgins
Jim Packard
Bob and Betty Ann Golden (2nd Level under Jana Rengifo)
Todd Falcone (Didn’t really work it for about 2 years and still works part time)
Mark Herdering
Jerry Knight

Judy and Mark had limited success in Network Marketing in the past. By the way, Mark did 58 gift account walk throughs before he got his first distributor signed up (Sara and Bobby Basloe – they have 2500 in their downline today).

Todd is one of the most successful MLM Trainers in the entire profession but I really didn’t know him very well. I sent him cards after attending one of his seminars. He was one of 8 other trainers that I sent cards to, Jim Packard was an Entrepreneur but had no MLM experience. I didn’t know Jim when I signed up. He was a referral from a friend who didn’t initially get involved with us. Bob and Betty Ann didn’t really get going working SOC for about 18 months after I brought them in. By the way, Jerry Knight and Mark Herdering are SM’s with thousands in their groups. Jerry was my assistant for years and retired from Phelps Dodge about 10 years ago. She is one of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet. She has Sam and Cid Merrill (Execs from AZ) in her downline. Jerry had never experienced success in Network Marketing in the past.

You might notice that Tommy Wyatt and Curtis Lewsey are not on this list. That is because they didn’t get signed up for almost 3 years after I signed up. They are ‘Eagle’s’ today with thousands in their organization.

By the way this group represents over $2 million A MONTH in volume to the company and has over 55,000 distributors in their collective downlines. Their leaders read like the ‘who’s who’ of SendOutCards. None of these individuals can take credit for their success . . . the people they have sponsored have led them to others that have gone out a done it. They have done a great job of ‘passing the torch’. Because of that they have fantastic lifestyles today.

This group represents over 90% of my organization and I have signed up a total of 217 people in 6 years. This means that 1 out of 31 represent over 90% of my entire group. (217 divided by 7) However keep in mind that about 60 of my 217 came in during the past two years. It’s unfair to count them because a few of them (3) are growing very quickly. You will notice that the numbers are about 1 in 30 that build a really strong organization.

What can you learn from all of this?

1. You must figure out how to consistently bring in 1-4 new distributors per month.
2. Some people get started because they love our product. Some want to make money.
3. Typically 1 in 20 to 30 will build it big over time. The others will become users of the product
or my get sidetracked and quit.
4. Some people sign up and take months before they ever get going.
5. Some people have lots of experience in MLM and others have none.
6. Virtually ALL of these individuals were HUNGRY and weren’t afraid to learn, grow and go to work.

The other day I had someone that was ‘dogging’ a new and upcoming leader. This person
is growing very very fast and they were trying to discredit him somehow . . . I heard “Yeah but
he had lots and lots of people he knew from another company when he signed up!” Implied in this
is somehow it’s unfair. I said, “No, it’s not unfair. He spent the past 25 years developing relationships with people that trust him. He is reaping the rewards of building those networks of people. You can’t take anything away from him for that. What can you learn from him? When you have lots and lots of people that like you and trust you, your business will grow very very quickly. We have the only product in the profession that can help you do that!. AND it’s what we teach at our seminars and on our conference calls. This is your opportunity to do the same thing”

So let’s talk about some of those ‘hidden elements’ that can make or break you . . . as I was coming up with this call, I realized that the only thing that is really important are the fundamentals. The fundamentals will make you or break you. Vince Lombardi used to start each season with ‘This is a football’. He would teach the basics and drill the fundamentals. Everyone seems to be looking for the magic bullet. Like there is something we’re not telling you (why would we do that????) The more successful you are the more successful we are . . . it doesn’t make sense to hold anything back. I POUR myself into you each Monday Night hoping that you’ll get what you need to grow to the next level. And I continually scour the trainings of those more successful than myself so that I can continue to grow.

1. DREAM – INVEST IN THEM “Public declaration of your dreams will recruit others that
believe in them and expose those that will undercut you” Randy Gage This is the greatest
gift you can give yourself and your family. Start dreaming again and then begin to live your
dreams TODAY. Take $100 a month and do something that will feed your dream. Increase it
as your income grows. This is one of the most important thinggs you can do. When you become inspired, others around you will become inspired. If you were on the outside looking into your life, would you look and say . . . ‘I want to be just like him/her?’ Think about it . . . when you meet someone that has a dream life, at some level you say to yourself ‘I want what he/she has . . . maybe I should listen!’ Strive to become that person by living your life NOW. It has little to do with what you HAVE. It has to do with who you are and who you are becoming on the journey. People are attracted to the ENERGY OF GROWTH.

2. THE ENERGY YOU SEND OUT (Mya Angelo Quote)
Your Cards – What you talk about – Sponsoring – Superbowl Party

3. PATIENCE DON’T PUSH – Give people the space to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
Let them move towards you. Fill your pipeline with so many people that you don’t get anxious when someone doesn’t call you back. Get 100 people in the pipeline. The worst thing you can do is wait by the phone for someone to call you to tell you they are interested. Become an ‘educator’ look for the people that give you permission to take the next step with them.

I had a guy come up to me and say ‘hi’. I had met him once before. I asked him what he was up
to and within 30 seconds he started to go into the comp of his travel company mlm and then told me
I need to sign up for it. At half time he found out I have 60,000 in my downline and went in for the attack! DON’T DO THIS!!!! If someone asks you what you do, give them a 30 second HIGH LEVEL overview and if they express a little interest, tell them you will set up a time to meet with them about it. Don’t present the business on the run.

5. LEARN TO TELL STORIES THAT INSPIRE and MOTIVATE – David Magic at dinner. Start with ‘Can I tell you a quick story? . . . ‘ and then tell the story. I have noticed that most of the great business builders have learned to become great story tellers. Give examples with stories.

AND THE CARDS YOU SEND OUT. IT’S INVISIBLE. Because people will watch you as you build your business . . . some will come around later. It’s all about THEIR timing and not yours. You’ll planting seeds. Most of you haven’t even been in the business for 3 years yet Tommy and Curtis started working the business after my 3rd year. You must don’t know when that one person will join you that will go to town. The cards you send and the conversations you have can create an invisible momentum that can take months or years to come to fruition.

IT’S ABOUT YOU AND THE ENERGY YOU SEND OUT INTO THE WORLD. YOU GET BACK WHAT YOU SEND OUT. If you don’t like the result you are getting, take a look at the energy you are sending out. 2 days ago after sending a card on our system, a guy said to me . . . okay, now let’s look at the comp plan because if the comp plan doesn’t make sense, there’s no need to move forward. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Comp plans don’t make winners. Every company has big earners and lots of people that sign up and set their kit on the refrigerator waiting for money to fall from the sky. Your success if about your energy and who you attract. (The card sitting on my coffee table – melts my heart). When someone tells you that their comp plan is ‘better’ run the other way. There is socialism and there is capitalism. A comp plan where everyone makes money regardless of whether they do the work is a socialistic comp plan. There has never been a successful program where everyone mak
e money because 90% of the people aren’t willing to do any work. Everyone is equally a loser. You want to be part of a system that rewards you for creating value with lots and lots of people.

8.YOU TEND TO ATTRACT WHAT YOU BELIEVE – If you have doubts about network marketing, you’ll probably struggle because you’ll attract others that doubt. Again . . . it goes back to the energy you are sending out. If you believe in the dream you tend to attract others like you. If you are attracting lazy and unmotivated people, it’s important to really dig in to your personal development. Go back and read, ‘The Business of the 21st Century’ by Robert Kiyosaki. Re-read ‘Promptings’ by Kody Bateman. When you doubt, others will doubt. When you believe, others will believe.

9. TO STAY POSITIVE YOU MUST STAY PLUGGED IN – We do live in a very negative world. It’s so easy to get caught up in the drama of negativity that’s all around us. Even if it’s 15-30 minutes a day, read from a personal development book or listen to a CD in your car. You’ll be happier and you’ll raise happier children.

10. CHALLENGES ARE THE GIFT YOU MUST EMBRACE TO GROW AND SUCCEED – As difficult as it is and as tough as your life may become at times, the gift of challenge will fuel your growth like nothing else will. Take each challenge as a lesson to re-create your life in a way that will serve you and your family better. We hear it over and over again, but as soon as you can view each challenges as a gift, your life will transform at breakneck speed. Rather than being a victim to your challenges, be the source of positive change that is guided by your challenges.

11. ALWAYS BUILD WITH INTEGRITY – Always do the right thing. Imagine you are in the front of the room and someone comes up to you and says, ‘I was sent here by someone in _(another state)_ and I don’t really know them very well. I would like you to be my sponsor instead’. You are one distributor away from winning the company trip. If you sponsor this person, it will bump you up one spot. It’s the very end of the challenge and this one person can mean the difference as to whether you go on the trip or not. What should you do? As you grow a large organization, you will be tested with these types of situations each week. You integrity will be challenged. Your reputation is never worth risking over a check or a promotion. A check is one time, but your integrity is forever. Protect it at all costs. Usually when you start making decisions that will benefit you and hurt others, it will come back to bite you on the butt. Don’t cut corners. When you build with integrity, in the long r
un you will always come out on top. We treat each other with respect and we do our best to do things that will serve and not hurt others.

12. YOU MUST GET PEOPLE IN FRONT OF THEIR COMPUTER AND HAVE THEM SEND A CARD TO SOMEONE THEY CARE ABOUT. BE THERE WITH THEM IN PERSON OR OVER THE PHONE WHEN THEY DO IT. – Let’s dissect this. It’s a misconnect for MANY people. Here are the most important components of this statement:

a. You must have THEM send a card (not you, THEM)
b. They must send it to someone THEY care about (not to themselves – to someone they love like a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, child or parent)
c. You should be ‘with’ them when they do it . . . most people won’t go all the way through to sending the card unless you stay with them until they hit the ‘SEND’ button. People get sidetracked very easily in our fast paced, technology saturated society. Schedule the time and be with them all the way through.

SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENS WHEN SOMEONE SENDS A CARD TO SOMEONE THEY LOVE. AND THEN THEY GET THE BENEFIT OF THE FEEDBACK ONCE THAT PERSON RECEIVES THE CARDS. This is a disconnect for many of you. You are hoping someone will ‘get it’ by just watching the video and its very rare. THEY must send a card on the system. If you have stopped doing this, please go back to it. You’ll see much better results :)

Thank you!


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