May 6, 2013


INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION – I know many of you are wondering when it will happen. We have a new executive staff member at corporate, you’ll hear more about this at convention. However, let’s discuss leverage and why you want it to come later vs. sooner. Leverage is a funny thing. Here’s my question: When we officially open Spain would you rather have 10 people in your group or

1000? Why? Well, if you have 1000 people and you don’t know anyone in Spain there is a good likelihood that someone in your group will. The longer it takes for international expansion, the better it is for all of us. I currently have about 4000 distributors in Australia. Guess how many I have signed up there? ZERO! That’s right, because I have a substantial team, members of my group had contacts over there and the result is a down line down under!

The way I view it, we are already open all over the world! Why? Because we live in a country (same applies to Australia, Singapore and Canada) that represents many cultures and languages. If you really want to prepare for international expansion, build a healthy team where you live! If you don’t already have an active group of 1000+ people, you are really not ready for international expansion!


I highly recommend going back to read Beach Money. People are people! I have found that despite the speed of technology and the overall pace of life, the only thing that has changed is the impatience of people. Everyone wants it faster. This is generally how things are being served up to us. We have become more and more intolerant to taking the time to practice the fundamental principles of building a solid business. What’s interesting is that most people are broker than ever! In our quest for “faster” we have forgotten what it means to nurture relationships! The numbers have not changed. If you begin to notice this, you can really stack the deck in your favor. So few people understand the value of time as it relates to communication and business building. People crave to be listened to, understood and “gotten”. Just like in everything else, most people do little to nothing when starting a business of their own. Why? Most people are impatient and have a LOW TOLERANCE THRESHOLD. There are so many companies flashing big checks now and making outrageous income claims that people are treating network marketing like a lottery rather than a legitimate business. Sure there is big money to be made in network marketing, but there are many things that go into becoming a top earner in this profession. Thousands don’t make money in network marketing (by the way, this has little to do with the company or our profession). Thousands don’t make money in Real Estate. Thousands don’t make money in movies. Thousands don’t make money in music. Thousands don’t make money in pro sports. This does not make these professions bad. The top slots are reserved for those willing to pay the price! What’s the price of a $1 million per year income? Ask ANYONE who has done it. When it comes too easy, it’s usually gone in a heartbeat.


As cliché as it sounds, you will not pay the price until you have belief at a level of knowing. You won’t risk the time, money or ridicule until you no longer have doubt. In the early 1900’s if you asked 1000 people, “Is it possible to fly?” how many would say, “yes!” Probably two and they would be hauled off in straight-jackets! Today, if you asked 1000 people “is it possible to fly?” only about two would say it’s not possible and THEY would be considered crazy! Yet between 1900 and 1903, Orville and Wilbur decided it was possible. If you have seen the films, you know that they risked DEATH and WORLD-WIDE RIDICULE! But because they knew it was possible, they were willing to take the chances. If they did not believe it, they would not have done the work!

When I ask the question, “Why don’t more people make $100,000 per month in network marketing?”, (you could also ask the question, “Why don’t more people make $100,000 a month in SendOuCards?”) the answer is simple and clear. Most people don’t believe it’s possible so they don’t do the work. It’s not as simple as just trying it for a couple of years. Look what the Wright brothers went through! Interestingly, millions of people have made $100,000 a month in our modern society (it’s only $1.2 million per year). Yet, if you ask 1000 people “Is it possible to make $100,000 a month?” only about 20 or 30 will say yes. Then if followed up with the question, “Is it possible for YOU to make $100,000 a month?”, only about 2 out of 1000 will say yes. Therein lies the problem. This is the #1 reason why more people don’t do it. How can you attract others when you don’t believe it yourself?

29 years ago, I wrote down that I would make $100,000 a month. It took me 25 years and I have not had a month under $100,000 in almost 5 years. Why? Because I believed it (actually I KNEW IT!) and therefore I did the work. I believed I could do it in SendOutCards. By the way, I also know that many others can do it in SendOutCards as well. Here’s why:


The Las Vegas strip is filled with thousands of people from all over the world. There are successful business owners and people that live in manufactured homes. I am probably the highest profile distributor in SendOutCards, due to Beach Money and speaking on stages all over North America and Australia. I can go walking on the strip for 3 or 4 hours with my girlfriend Sierra and I won’t get recognized once! What does that tell me? The strip is a cross section of the world. We haven’t even scratched the surface. The only way people will know about us is through distributors (you!). The new video has not been seen by many. This and the new DVD coming out is our ticket to mass exposure. “CLICK AND ORDER” is the revolution that everyone understands when they hear the story. They get that there is a major trend in the world that is shaping the way we do business. They have all witnessed the phenomenon of i-Tunes and the disappearance of bookstores and video rental stores. Everyone gets it! We just need to show them the opportunity to create wealth by plugging into this trend! We have already proven that it works! It’s not up for debate. We have the golden ticket! There is no limit to what you can do with this business. Remember, the past does not equal the future. That’s why you are here! If the past was equal to the future, then you may as well just lay down your sword now! You are here because you believe that you can do something significant with your life that hasn’t happened before!


The reality is; not everyone will see it now.
Remember this:
Technology Adoption Life Cycles:
The demographic and psychological (or “psychographic”) profiles of each adoption group were originally specified by the North Central Rural Sociology Committee, Subcommittee for the Study of the Diffusion of Farm Practices (as cited by Beal and Bohlen in their study above).

The report summarized the categories as:

  • Innovators – are risk-oriented. Came up with and developed the ideas (Kody Bateman and the Orig SOC Team).
  • Early adopters
  • – Demarr Zimmerman, Diane Walker and 8 others that are no longer around represented the top 10 in the first few years of SOC’s growth. Then the wave of people that came in from 2005-2013. We were all part of the early adopters.
  • Early majority – We are at the very beginning stages of this phase (this represents 30% of our growth). This stage has never happened in our company.
  • Late majority – This group needs proof and must see LOTS of people doing it before they participate. This group represents the other 68% (early majority and late majority represent 98% of our growth).
  • Laggards – Too little too late.

By the way, companies go through cycles that represent all five of these stages. After completing a full cycle, a company can re-invent itself and start all over at the “Innovation Phase”.

People are people. The numbers don’t change. You’ll find that most people that you show our business to will not be interested. Stay in touch with them! Some will come around later! People will quit and people will leave! Have you noticed that people leave sports teams all the time? New people replace those that become distracted or tired. It’s the cycle of life and it occurs in our business as well! Some will run the course and some will share our vision and be willing to see the job through.

I’m looking for the “Michael Jordan’s” that have never picked up a basketball! There are thousands of them out there. My quest is to find them!


Did you realize that once you hit Manager (3 personally sponsored MD’s that promote to SD and being “Q” qualified), anyone you personally get started pays you $240? That’s $24 an hour if it takes you 10 full hours of work to find, sponsor and train that new distributor. With focused energy that’s more than achievable! When you make Sr. Manager, you now receive $290 when you get a new distributor started. That means $29 an hour if it takes you 10 full hours to find, sponsor and train a new distributor! But it even gets better. Some of those distributors will find others that get their customer requirement met over time. It’s not inconceivable to get $100 – $300 per hour for the work you do in this business. Most attorneys that bill $100-$300 per hour must go to law schools for many years and spend in excess of $100,000 to get their degree. We don’t have a bad gig here! Oh, and we haven’t even talked about the ongoing residual income!

Network marketing is a business. People must treat it like a business and not a lottery. On a side note – those companies that promote flashing checks and all the hype really cheapen our profession. Besides being blatantly illegal and frowned upon by the regulators, it gives our profession a bad name. I get sick to my stomach when I see posts like “My friend made $24,000 last week!” or “We do the work for you! You do nothing and you’ll collect checks of $20,000 a month!” If you are looking for a real business and not a “scheme”, then make your choices carefully! Becoming successful requires leadership, patience, diplomacy, masterful communication, relationship building and even a little luck. It takes time to establish a solid base and like any other business, there are a few things to master. Network marketing is one of the most rewarding and challenging professions out there. The uniqueness is that it offers a level of freedom and potential that most other professions don’t.


A couple of weeks ago I did a call on GIVING and the impact that giving can have on your business. Right now I’m reading GIVE AND TAKE “A revolutionary approach to success”:

“There is something distinctive that happens when givers succeed. It spreads and cascades. When takers win, there’s usually someone else who loses. Research shows that people tend to envy successful takers and look for ways to knock them down a notch. In contrast, when givers win, people are rooting for them and supporting them rather than gunning for them.”

We are going to begin to see the cascading of the years of giving that our distributors and customers at SendOutCards have been sending out to the world. It’s inevitable. I pray that you are here to experience it. Our game has just begun. There will be people that will doubt and lose faith. There will be many others that have the vision and character to see the job through with us.

There are technological innovations in the works that will position us for an avalanche of success. So much of embracing the future is letting go of the past. Whatever is holding you back, now is the time to let go of it and step into your new future with SendOutCards.

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