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There has never been a more important event in SendOutCards history. You will witness the unveiling of SendOutCards 2.0 and lots of training to take you through the year. These are life-changing announcements! Make your plans now to be in Salt Lake City on January 5th-7th at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Click this link for more details.


Yesterday I was made privy to an overview of some of the announcements and plans for 2012 that will blow your mind. This won’t just be another SOC training event. You’ll be part of history being made. Please make every effort to be there, if at all possible.


PUERTO RICO EVENT Oct 30: -Sunday (tomorrow) 3pm-6pm. $5 per person. I have a layover in Puerto Rico and will be popping in to speak for an hour. If you have contacts in Puerto Rico, send them out to the event!

Best Western Airport Hotel, in the Venus Meeting Room Second Floor, right next to the American Airlines terminal!!

For more info: olguita.torrens@gmail.com


See the Events page on the corporate site for details.

TUCSON EVENT Dec 3rd: 11am-2pm (Special Guest: Jordan Adler, Eagle)



In 2008, Dawn Billings was selected as one of the nation’s 80 emerging women leaders by Oprah Magazine and The White House Project. Dawn is the CEO/Founder of The Heart Link Women’s Network®, an intimate and innovative women’s networking company dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs showcase their products and services with ease. The Heart Link Women’s Network has over 140 locations in the US, Canada and Australia. Dawn is dedicated to linking women to resources, new ideas, products and services and especially the hearts of one another. She believes that when women are linked they are sure to create a better, stronger, more supportive world.

Laura Wells is the President of The Heart Link Women’s Network and a marketing coach for entrepreneurs and small businesses. She lives in Dallas, Texas and has been married to her husband Jeremy for 17 years She has
 two children – Mason age 15 and Mekenna age 12. Laura is also a Manager in SendOutCards.

Let’s talk about the Heart Link Network, what it stands for and how it can help people . . .

Every woman in SOC must make it a priority to attend a Heart Link Networking event each month!! If there’s not a Heart Link Network event in her area, she should definitely LEAD a chapter. Consistent networking pays off. Attending networking events “every now and then” is counter-productive because it tells others that she’s a “taker” not a “giver. Consistency and following up with those that you meet are imperative to success in business as an entrepreneur. 
Leading a Heart Link Network chapter is a great way to “kick it up a notch” and really grow a business. Heart Link Network chapter leaders are a bit ahead of the game because they are initial point of contact. They are inviting women to attend the events, which means they are the first person that the attendee has a friendship with at the event. When relationships are created, business naturally follows. It’s organic growth which feels much more comfortable to women in business. It is so amazingly simple and fun to be able to call ANYONE to say “Hi Suzie, my name is Laura Wells and I serve our community by leading networking events for professional women. I discovered that you’re a Realtor (or whatever) in our city and I wanted to personally invite you to our event because we only have ONE available spot for a Realtor to attend and I would LOVE to introduce you to some great professional women that I think you’d really enjoy meeting. Our events are exclusive and invitation only – may I send you a personal invitation?” To women, that invitation is a million times easier than “soliciting” her business in a cold-call. Since it’s only $20 to attend, and no pressure, it’s a no-brainer for women. There’s professional women to meet, great food to eat, the opportunity to showcase her business for 3 full minutes, and the excitement of being included in an exclusive event…of course they want to attend! Consistent Heart Link Network “attendees” and Heart Link Network “chapter leaders” enjoy phenomenal perks like online advertising for her business, business coaching, and more. www.theheartlinknetwork.com

How would you describe the difference between a great networker and an amateur?

Great networkers network with their hearts, they attend networking events to create new and fruitful relationships.
 Amateur networkers network with their heads, they attend wondering “What sale can I make tonight”?

Great networkers understand that networking and success are a journey to be savored and enjoyed. 
Amateur networkers think that success is a destination, a hunt for that next magic bullet, when there are no magic bullets. Great networkers are consistent with their marketing. They realize that consistency is the key to success with marketing. 
Amateur networkers are stop and go. Great networkers understand that people make buying decisions with their hearts, and communicate the real and personal benefits of their products and services effectively and easily.
Amateur networkers attempt to communicate facts that never touch another person’s heart, or motivate them to find out more.
 Great networkers rehearse and hone the craft of communication because they know that that 1 to 3 minutes is invaluable and they need to use every word wisely. 
Amateur networkers figure, I’ll wing it. It’s only 3 minutes.”

What is the difference between sales and networking?
Networking creates relationships. Relationships create sales.
How can someone use networking groups to grow a network marketing business?

Usually, it is difficult to grow your network marketing business through attending networking events because most networking events are comprised of business people doing business with other business people. 

What makes The Heart Link Women’s Network so valuable and unique is that every month, we honor “professional women” who are normally excluded from networking events. 

These professional women that we invite to be honored by business women in their communities are Nurses, Teachers, Volunteers, Women in the military, police officers, fire fighters, or spouses of these brave heroes. 

The honorees LOVE being recognized and appreciated because they receive very little of that, but while they are in attendance and having a wonderful time, they get to learn about business opportunities, and avenues of income that they might not know exist. 

These honorees are perfect potential business builders, who could be blessed by these business opportunities and would love the additional income and opportunity to make a difference these companies offer.

What is The Heart Link Women’s Network’s mission:

The mission of the Heart Link Women’s Network is to be the perfect tool to bring women together is a very intimate and positive environment that allows them the freedom to shamelessly self-promote the products and services they are passionate about, while having all eyes, ears and hearts in the room focused on them. Our mission is to create a huge warm market of women who respect, adore and support one another to succeed at living their dreams. If you haven’t heard of the Heart Link Network, it is time to find a place where women are changing the world for the better, together.

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