August 26, 2013


40 hrs/wk X 50 wks/year = 2000 hours per year
X 40 years = 80,000 hours

Compare this to:

20 hrs/wk X 50 wks/year = 1000 hours per year
x 5 years = 5000 hours
(Open “Outlets”)

Ray Kroc was the founder of McDonalds. McDonalds sold burgers, fries, cokes and shakes.
His “experts” came to him and said “Ray! We need to starting selling chicken and fish! Burger King is doing it!”Ray said, “Noooooooo! We need to focus on OUTLETS. We must sell more franchises! When we have more franchises than all the other fast food restaurants combined, THEN and only then will we sell chicken and fish. They waited and continued to open up OUTLETS. Once they had enough franchise restaurants, they launched chicken and fish and became #1 in the world!

We are in the DISTRIBUTION business. We are in the business of opening OUTLETS. The more OUTLETS (distributors) you have, the more customers you’ll have and the more cards and gifts will be sent!

Have someone send a free card to get a customer.
Have someone watch the DVD to get a distributor.
Have someone do both to get both!

“The internet is the best way to build the business because you can get to thousands of people at the click of a mouse!”

“Simply attend networking meetings as the most effective way to build solid relationships and then call people and set up appointments”

“Invite people to the opportunity meeting and let the top people close them from the front of the room!”

“Give us $600 and you can be part of our advertising co-op and well split the leads with you.”

“For $200 per month, we will give you 300 fresh leads per month. Simply load them in to the auto-responder and let the work be done for you. Why waste your valuable time calling uninterested people!”

How do you sift through all the noise and how do you determine who is telling you the truth and who is lying to you?

There are even people out there telling you that your upline is lying to you and that what they do and what they teach you to do are two different things!

Here’s the bottom line.

A. Your upline will usually tell you the best they know because they want you to be successful. The more successful you become, the more successful they will become. The problem is, sometimes THEY don’t know what’s best for long term sustainable growth.

B. Be careful you to take advice from. There are many people out there that are trying to cause you to doubt your system so you will buy support systems and leads from them. Many times they are not looking out for your best interests. Usually, they are not making money at the business they are trying to “help” you build. Ask yourself ,”where’s the fruit on the tree”?

Today I had a great conversation with a young entrepreneur from another company that is having great success but is looking for more growth than he is already having.

He asked me what I thought of “co-op” advertising. There is nothing wrong with co-op advertising campaigns. However, they don’t pass my test for building a long term sustainable self-generating residual income.

Ask yourself:

1. Can an 8 year do it and can an 8 year old teach it? If “no”, it’s not duplicable.

2. If I disappear will it continue to grow? If no, don’t do it.

Many systems are great for bringing people in quickly, but unless they are simple and duplicable, they won’t be long lasting.

All of this being said, realize that as your team grows and gets very large, you will be getting paid from the efforts of people doing all the things that work well and the things that don’t work so well. In other words, I am not an internet marketer and I would have no idea where to start if I were to put a campaign together. However, I get paid off the work of hundreds of internet marketers.

I won’t teach or promote advertising campaigns or co-ops because they don’t pass my test. When I go to the beach for a month, I want my business to continue to grow. I have found out that without personal contact with other human beings, the system slows down.

Imagine that you have 1000 people on your team and imagine them all connected to each other like the branches on a tree. Now, imagine that each one did a presentation today and each one sent out brownies and a card to someone that didn’t know anything about SOC. Now imagine that 2 out of 10 wanted to sign up. You did very little today but your team of a thousand sprouted 200 new seeds waiting to drop to the ground. Also, do you realize the 1000 boxes of brownies went out in your group today to people that know nothing about SOC? Do see how much more effective this is than you coordinating and running an advertising campaign which depends on YOU to run it?


You must master a few simple things to become a great success in Network Marketing. I can remember getting started thinking to myself, “Self, if I can simply learn a quick 20 minute presentation and then find others to show it to, I can be a huge success! I was only partially right. I also needed to teach my team to be able to do the same thing! It’s really a pretty simple formula!

In order to do this on a consistent basis, you must consistently create an audience for yourself to do your presentations and you must learn to ask them to “take a look!” There are many ways to create an audience. I recommend looking for ways to add 2-6 contacts a day to your contact manager each day. It’s even better if you meet them in person. You must now learn how to contact and invite them to take a look. I say, “I would like you to take a look at something that I think you will find interesting and pretty unique. When can I have 30 minutes with you in front of your computer over the phone?”

So, is your upline lying to you? The answer is no, but many people are grasping for the right way to build it. They really don’t know how to build it but they want to help so they make stuff up. It’s not so much that what is being taught is bad. It’s just that it’s not simple and it’s not duplicable.

Let’s say you have this beautiful tree that is growing each week. You want it to grow faster so you try a new type of plant food. The food doesn’t make it grow faster so you try digging it up and replanting it in another pot. That doesn’t seem to work so you try moving the pot to a new location. The plant loses half its leaves. You try extra water and a little more plant food. Then you replant it again. It loses all of its leaves and you wonder why. Were you doing the wrong thing by giving it extra food and water? Did you mess up by replanting it twice? The experts told you that’s what you needed to do to get it to grow faster! Did they lie to you? No!! Under certain circumstances, you did the right thing. However, your results would have been much better if you had been patient and stuck with the fundamentals of plant care.
Someone recently handed me an entrepreneurial newsletter. In it I read a short article called “The Truth about Corporate America”.
This is directly from the article:

“You’ve dreamed about your first paycheck, your cushy office and being on your own. Your game plan is to wow the top execs and move your way up the ladder at warp speed. Armed with your degree, sense of self-worth and optimism you can’t wait to join the ranks of Corporate America.

But what if it isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be? Is there a reason the business world is often referred to as the “Rat Race” or the “Grind”? Yes. In the face of layoffs, low pay and stingy raises, the reality of Corporate America, well . . . might be different than what you pictured.”

According to Parade Magazine in April of 2007, Workers only saw a 1.1% raise in the past year. The average paycheck in Corporate America stayed flat between 1990 and 2004 at $27,000. Wages are falling but layoff fears keep employees working more hours for the same pay. More people than ever are worried about being laid off. Job security is quickly becoming an urban legend. Between 70,000 and 80,000 corporate employees are laid off each month . . . about 30,000 more than just six years ago according to CNNMoney.com.

As I pick up the local paper today, page after page paints a dismal picture of the real estate, mortgage and financial markets. For years, the average American watched their home value sky-rocket and many borrowed thousands out of their homes to finance an ever expanding appetite for living the good life. Kim Butler, on one of our past calls, described a stalled economy that stops spending money out of fear. Each newspaper and news station paints a picture that instills fear and doubt. More layoffs, tight lending practices, plummeting real estate prices, failing banks, company losses, a stagnant stock market all contributed to the fear. The tendency is to want to give in to this fear and really pull in the reigns. I understand!

How do successful entrepreneurs respond to these conditions?

First, I want to say that being an entrepreneur starts with your identity, not your bank account. Most all entrepreneurs started off with no money. Being an entrepreneur is a state of mind. Entrepreneurs see opportunity while others see doom and gloom. Entrepreneurs are resourceful. Entrepreneurs create opportunity. Let’s look at the human body as a system. What happens if we, as human beings, stop moving our bodies? We begin to decay. Movement keeps us healthy. By walking, running, biking, swimming, etc. our system stays healthy because we are moving the lymph and blood through our system and keep our muscles in tune. By breathing we get oxygen into our bloodstream and then to our brain and organ tissues. What happens when we get too sedentary? We begin to die. The same is true for an economy. A stagnant economy dies. Your personal economy is just like the human body. When you are green, you grow and when you are ripe, you rot. You must keep your system alive, vibrant and in motion.

What does this mean in real terms?

Keeping your economic system alive means sending cards each day. Investing money in yourself and your business and being in action. As an entrepreneur in this environment, the challenge becomes staying abundant and not getting sucked in to the scarcity mindset that is all around us. We must learn to recognize the amazing opportunities being presented to us in this environment. The tendency is to want to pull in tight and wait it out. In my opinion this is a big mistake. The biggest opportunity to grow a monster business since we began is occurring right now. I see two different types of people. I see the person that cancels their subscription because money is tight. I see another type that increases their subscription and starts sending 5-10 cards a day because they know that more people are looking for ways to make money than ever before in the history of our country. The small business revolution is on and more and more people have been trained to recognize network marketing as the best way to break in to entrepreneurship than ever before.


Again I want to emphasize that most entrepreneurs started off dead-flat broke. Many struggled to pay bills and many have actually filed for bankruptcy more than once. I’m not advising bankruptcy, but I am saying that if you are struggling, you are in good company. It’s hard to find successful entrepreneurs that haven’t struggled for months, and sometimes years, before breaking out.

All of this being said, as an entrepreneur you must look at your business as a combination of ideas, money and people. Great entrepreneurs look for ways to creatively put ideas, money and people together to create opportunity for others. The absolute worst decision you can make for your business is to shut down any one of these three. You must continuously generate ideas, infuse your business with money and build your team.

Yes, there is always an element of risk when you invest in your business. However, we need to look for ways to minimize the risk and increase our chances for success. Fortunately we have a team of people that have already done it.

If I were to give you steps to succeed in a tough financial environment, here’s what I would say:

1. If your ship is sinking, plug the leaks right away! Find a source of income right now that will allow you to pay your basic expenses and meet your basic needs.
2. If you have to have a job, look for something that will allow you to meet lots of great positive and successful people.
3. Network Marketing is designed as a part time business. If you want to build a successful business, work your business part time until you can do it full time. Don’t wait to do it full time. I’ve seen people try to get themselves in position before doing anything. You are already in position. Each day that goes by costs you money. Organizations take time to mature. You’ll make more money on the 24th month of a mature organization than in the first 18 months combined. Don’t wait!
4. Your $31 per month pays for cards and gifts each month. When sent out in the form of cards and gifts, each $31 you spend can pay you back hundreds or even thousands of dollars over time when used effectively. Remember that you ultimately get paid for adding value to the lives of others. Your points are simply workers that have the potential to add tons of value to the lives of others.
“Do nice things for others with your points and nice things will come back to you partially in the form of money.”
5. If you have to cut back, cut back on things that you really don’t need or care about first. If you are serious about being a successful entrepreneur, don’t cut back on the resources necessary to build your business. $1000 wisely invested in your business today can produce returns that can’t be measured over time.

A. You must have your basic living needs covered for you and your family (food, shelter, clothing, reliable transportation).
B. You must have a working computer.
C. You must have a high speed internet connection.
D. You must have a phone.
E. You must have some points and postage each month.
F. You must be able to meet people daily either offline or online.

Talk is cheap. Everyone says they want to be an entrepreneur, but few are willing to do what’s necessary. In traditional business start-ups you must come up with between $25,000 and 1 million to open a business. Most businesses won’t even break even for 3-5 years. We offer a business that allows you to start-up with a few hundred dollars and break even in your first few days, weeks or months. We offer a business that you can start without giving up what you are currently doing. Our business gives you a true chance for residual income. Most traditional businesses have conventions and trade-shows that cost thousands to attend. It’s usually not an option to not attend if you want to stay on the cutting edge. The best thing about our business is it’s so inexpensive to get in to and run. The worst thing about our business is it’s so inexpensive to get in to and run.

There has never been a better time to build a networking marketing business. More and more people are coming to the realization that they won’t be able to retire on their current investments and savings. Most people are beginning to see that the equity in their home isn’t going to provide the financial buffer they once thought. Options are limited without large amounts of capital required to start a traditional business. We provide the business model, company infrastructure and leadership support necessary for anyone with ambition to succeed.


Your business starts with your imagination. In fact, all successful manifestations start with the imagination. Imagine what your life will be like. In “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, Willy sings, the song “Pure Imagination”. He sings, “If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it, anything you want to do it. You can change the world there’s nothing to it!”

There is “nothing to it”, as long as you are able to imagine a compelling future, believe it and put some action behind it. When it’s so real that you can’t tell the difference between your imagination and your reality, your life transforms seemingly overnight. I know this because I have done it many times. Many of you have experienced the same thing and brought your dreams to fruition.

For example, maybe you dreamt about taking your family on a great vacation. 6 months later, you are on the trip. Maybe the trip involved hammocks and palm trees in the winter. Possibly, you spotted your dream car on the road and visited the dealership. You may have looked it up on the internet or checked out some cool photos in a car magazine. 1 year later, the dream car may be yours. You started by imagining what it would be like to drive that car.

At one point in your life, you may have envisioned a dream job or business for yourself. You researched it, met the right people, prepared yourself and, “BANG”! The job was yours! It all started with your IMAGINATION.

Almost every modern convenience we enjoy today started with one person’s imagination. Someone sat there and said, “imagine what it would be like if…”

From the time Orville and Wilbur flew in the first manned aircraft until the time we put someone on the moon was only 60 years. All because of imagination!

As a child, I used to have visions that were so real, I couldn’t tell the difference between my dreams and my reality. I used to dream that I could fly. In fact, I can remember going into my backyard and closing my eyes. With the right thoughts, I could lift myself off the ground and float for a few seconds. This may sound crazy to you, but as I child, it was as real as actually flying. With some practice (I used to exercise my mind), I could stay in the air for 30 seconds to a minute. Over the next few years, I was able to go into my backyard and lift myself off the ground almost effortlessly. I can remember the feel and smell of the grass below my feet and the feel of the air on my face. I would float above the houses in my neighborhood. Everyone thought I was crazy when I told them my stories of flying. I practiced flying for years.

25 years later, I found myself camping with some close friends on Mingus Mountain in Central
Arizona. We took a short hike to the top of the mountain and as we walked out of the forest up to an opening in the woods, we looked in awe at 150 or so colorful hang gliders all assembled and spread out adjacent to tents and pickup trucks. As the wind picked up, one by one each hang glider pilot positioned himself up on the top of the ramp leading off the mountain. A short dirt ramp tilted slightly downward was a launching pad for a magical flying carpet ride into the clouds. As each pilot stepped off the ramp into the air, I was instantly brought back to my childhood. They were being lifted off the mountain in much the same way as I was lifted off my lawn as a child. This was it. This was my real chance to fly. One by one, each pilot was lifted into the air until a gaggle of triangles floated in sky above me. It took my breath away.

On Monday, I started doing my research and made a few phone calls. I found out that a glider costs about $5000 and you need to take lessons and also have good reliable transportation. I had none of the above. No truck and no money. But I did have my imagination. And I continued to imagine, believe and I took action. For me it seemed impossible, but I’m not opposed to doing the impossible.

Over the next 6 months, I saved up $500 to take my first 3 lessons. I was the least likely candidate to fly hang gliders. From the day that I saw the gliders flying off that mountain to the day I had my first 3 hour flight, was 2 years. I paid for 1 lesson at a time and bought a used glider for $500. I picked up and old jeep and rigged it to handle the glider and I met some of the wives of the other pilots that could drive for me. I took 6 months of grueling lessons out in the desert and eventually on a cloudy day in September of 1995, I stepped off Mingus Mountain for my first mountain flight. Although it was only about 20 minutes long and the weather was less than perfect, it was a day that changed my life. I went on to fly hundreds of times all over the US and Mexico. My imagination led me to experience what it felt like to be an eagle, to soar above the mountain and feel the wind in my face, to lose myself in the experience of flying.

Let’s talk about doubt. There was no place for doubt in my journey to flying. Dreams and doubt really don’t live in the same place for those that succeed. Doubt would have killed my dream. Doubt is like a cancer that limits what’s possible. Doubt kills. Dreams send out positive energy and doubt sends out negative energy. Imagine what path my journey would have taken if I had begun to doubt? A doubting person doesn’t continue to take the necessary actions. A doubting person puts their bright future at risk. Doubt is a disease that kills growth.

Can you see that flying and doubt don’t work well together?? What if flying represented your success in business? Flying without doubt is easy. Flying with doubt is scary!!!!

Our business is painless and fun, when doubt is not present. Our business is painful when doubt is present.

As I said on a previous message, people will doubt at different stages of growth. As doubt creeps in, I can see the impact it has on their business. Do you see that there is no space for doubt in Kody Bateman’s life? We are simply a microcosm of Kody’s business.

Let’s talk real life now. Back in late 2004, when I was considering doing SendOutCards as a business, I had people tell me that they had heard of SendOutCards and that there were already people doing it. There were 2000 people in the company at the time. They were doubtful and I was not. I went on to build a group of 35,000 distributors. They didn’t. When no one has done it, many people doubt if it can be done. Once in a while someone comes along and they have no doubt. They just have a dream. Once it’s been done, then doubters will ask, “yes, but can it be done again?” Usually the people that ask this question, as a skeptic, won’t do it. The one that will do it is the one that had the dream. In my last company, there were 18 or so people that had more distributors in their group than I do today. I plan on building my group to over 1,000,000 people. Do you know that daily I have people ask me if I think it’s possible for others to do what I have done? These questions usually come from doubters. The dreamers are actually already doing it! They are on their way!

Many people get to a certain point and begin to doubt. I know who they are because typically their incomes will plateau. Sometimes they plateau at $1000 per month. Sometimes they plateau at $8000 per month. I’ve even seen some plateau at $50,000 per month. And then I get a call with all the questions. Usually I want to get off the phone because that energy conflicts with my energy as a dreamer. It hurts me. I want them to see what I see, but all they see is doubt and fear. Will the company be around? What will Kody do with the company? Is the market saturated? How big can this actually get? Is there still room for me? What about this and what about that? Do you see that unfulfilled, unrealistic dreams don’t live in the same space as these questions?

When no one has done it, the big question is “can it be done?” Once someone has done it, the question becomes, “is there room for someone else to do it?” There are those that see it and those that don’t.

Here’s where I am with all of this. No one believed it was possible to earn money in greeting cards. All the experts in Network Marketing said, “It sounds like a great idea but there’s no money in it.” Today, some of our leaders are earning $10,000-$50,000 per month. My income this month in a company that virtually everyone said “there’s no money” is about $170,000 (for the month). If you have a dream, you might see an opportunity for you to do the same thing if you go out and build a team of 35,000 people. Is it possible?
I know it is, but not for someone who doubts. Doubting will not get you off the mountain! Dreaming will.

You must dream.
You must prepare.
You must act.

“Imagine what my life will be like if…. ”

What if our company grows to 5 million users in many countries around the world?

What if I just had 1 distributor in every town in the US?

What if 20,000 or 30,000 of them are in my downline?

What if I get checks each month totaling $5000/mo.? $10,000/mo.? $30,000/mo.?

Where will I be living?

Who will I spend time with?

What charitable causes will I be supporting?

Where will I travel to?

What will I do with all my free time?

What will I drive?

Where will my kids go to school?

Where will I invest my money?

What will my mornings be like?

How will I spend my evenings?

Imagine what your life will be like!


Just the title conjures up power. Keep this in your mind and it can empower you daily to take meaningful action. Meaningful action leads to results. Sometimes it’s just getting started. Have you ever noticed that when you get in motion, you tend to stay in motion? Have you also noticed that when you get stuck you tend to stay stuck? Your success in business may require you to consciously break that cycle of inertia by doing something positive even when you don’t feel like it. There are many days that I don’t feel like working. All I need to do is, get started. Once I start I’m off to the races! There may be tougher weeks that require daily jumpstarts just to keep going. Other times you’ll just be on a roll!

I have a friend named Alistair Humphreys. He’s from the UK and when he was 24 years old he decided to ride his bicycle around the world www.roundtheworldbybike.com. Alastair rode from England to South Africa, crossed the Atlantic by yacht and then cycled from Patagonia to Alaska. Crossing the Pacific by freighter, Alastair completed his expedition by cycling back to England from eastern Siberia. He traveled through 60 countries, on 5 continents and covered 46,000 miles in 4 years! His trip was self-funded and 100% of the donations went to “Hope and Homes for Children”.

When Alistair was riding through Arizona up from Mexico, the local news station picked up the story that his bicycle was falling apart and he needed a new one to continue his trip. I believe he went through 5 bicycles on his journey. My good friend Casandra Smith saw the news story and called me. I got in touch with Alistair and met with him at the AJ’s on Camelback and Central Ave in Phoenix. The special cycle he needed cost $2000 and I decided to buy one for him so he could continue his journey. We have been in touch with each other ever since then.

As we sat at the coffee bar at AJ’s that morning, Alistair shared with me some details about his journey through the jungles of Africa. He said that there were many times that the ground was so soft that he couldn’t ride on it and had to walk for miles in the scalding heat. He also shared about times at higher elevations that he could coast down the mountain roads for hours.

Your business is much the same way. The question is, how bad do you want to complete the journey and is your commitment to the crusade worthy of the time you are spending on it? Think about your life, your family, the lives you will touch and the fun of it all. There were many days that Alistair had to wake up in the morning and re-start his journey. Other times he could coast for hours. Sometimes starting is all you need to get you through the day.

This leads me to the topic of “Promptings”. Your promptings are your inner voice. I have noticed, that when I am out of practice listening to my promptings, I begin to question myself. My promptings guide me on my journey. Your promptings will keep you safe and when you truly act on them out of love and not fear, they will always lead you in the right direction. Other people cannot give you your promptings. In other words, when you doubt yourself and ask others for advice, you’ll typically be lead in a different direction. Kody says, “If you act on YOUR promptings it will lead you to your genius!” It’s so true. Everyone told me not to go with SendOutCards as a business. They told me that there is no money in it! I consulted what many of you would consider to be industry experts. They ALL said that there is not a long term future here. That was 4 1/2 years ago and man, were they wrong! I followed my promptings to go for it. It felt right and I knew that if it felt this right for me it would probably feel this right for millions of others! And were just getting started! I can easily see us going from a $50 million dollar company to $100 million, $500 million and then a billion. It’s in the cards!

I have seen many people from other companies recruit on the basis of “fear of loss”. Recruiting on the basis of scarcity, never leads to long term success. Success is short-lived when the basis of it is about what you’ll lose if you don’t get in now. It usually sounds like this; “Get in early if you want to make a lot of money! You’ll miss out if you don’t sign up now!” You always get what you focus on. I choose to focus on abundance. I can indefinitely attract hundreds of thousands of people in a world of abundance.
Abundance is forever and is based in love. Scarcity is about fear of losing out and the result is short lived. Your team will be on to something else that offers a better promise when you recruit this way. If you find yourself being lured by “fear of loss”, I suggest your re-evaluate your values and motivation.

I was offered $1 million dollars to join another company 4 1/2 years ago after having success in my last company. I was told that if I didn’t sign up right away, I would LOSE OUT on the opportunity to recruit thousands of people that were looking for a home from my last company. I was patient and looked inward for the answer. I listened to that voice that told me the right thing to do. I turned down that $1 million dollar offer. I joined SendOutCards. No one in SendOutCards had made 10K in a month. There was no track record for success in this company when I joined. I followed my promptings.

You’ll have many questions on your journey. These are questions that only YOU can answer. Write them down and sleep on them. LISTEN for the answers. You’ll know if you listen. In fact, you already know the answers. They just need to come to you. Here are some of the questions you may ask yourself on your journey. Again, don’t look for someone else to give you the answers, because you’ll end up on a journey that is not yours. LET GO of having to KNOW everything now. Simply stay in action, ask and listen to your inner promptings.

Usually if you are struggling, it’s because you are holding on too tight and trying too hard. You must define your life (who you are) through your “I am” statements, stay in action and let go of the result. Listen to your inner promptings and they will guide you. Here are some of the questions you may be seeking answers too. It’s great to ask the questions, but let go of having to know the answers now.
Write the questions down and listen for the answers. They will come to you:

What do I say in the card?
What do I say to someone when I call them?
How long do I wait to follow up?
Should I jump in full time?
Should I send a card first or should I call them first?
How much money can I make?
How many people should I contact each day?

There are hundreds of questions that could be asked here. You’ll have your own. Let the answers come to you and most importantly, LISTEN. The reason I emphasize this is because most of us have stopped listening and that’s what causes us to doubt. ACT on your promptings. I am in the habit of sending cards daily. I jump on my computer,look in my contact manager and listen for that voice that tells me who to send cards to today. I KNOW what to say in the cards to the people that are important to me. No one else can do that for me. Those are my relationships and mine only!

Here are a few key points from tonight’s call
(Turning stagnation into powerful action):

1. Meaningful daily action leads to positive results. Take action each day even when you don’t feel like it. Let your commitments and your promptings guide you.

2. Your “I am” statements will define who you are.

3. RE-START as many times as you need to. Sometimes you’ll need to re-start daily until things get moving. This is not unusual even for the top producers in our profession (or any profession!).

4. ALLOW your promptings to guide you on your journey. Advice from others can be helpful, but make sure and listen to what your gut is telling you. Doubt happens when you stop listening to your own promptings.

5. Make your choices out of love and not fear. Choices based in scarcity almost always lead to ruin. If you are deciding to do something because of what you will lose if you don’t, your success will be short lived. Choose your life path from a place of abundance. There is no urgency or fear on this path. It’s a path of a never-ending flow of goodness. You’ll attract what you focus on.

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