Feb 16th, 2015 GO FASTER!!

ACCELERATORS! These are the little things that added up can shave years off your timeline to the top. It’s the difference between never getting there and being a superstar. Don’t take these conversations lightly! Each item I’m talking about on this list can massively improve your productivity and even take you to the top. So here we go:

1. TREAT PEOPLE NICE! – They will reciprocate (we talked about this on a recent call)
When we do nice things for people they tend to want to do nice things back.
Generosity will create allies and leverage. Be generous every day. Look for ways to serve others
regardless of whether you are getting anything in return. Be source of light in the world.

2. HAVE SOMEONE WITH YOU! This was a big one for me. Many years ago I decided that
I would try not to do a presentation for someone without inviting someone else to come along to listen or observe. I’m very aware and conscious of this. When I have someone else downline or crossline with me I am at minimum doubling the impact of my presentation. I’m training and modeling and over time, as you teach this simple idea, your group very rapidly is multiplied and replicated. So if you are doing something with one part of your group, invite another part of your group to sit in, observe or participate. Staggering leverage.

3. FOLLOW A MAP! Getting to a destination without a GPS or a Map adds years to your journey and can be very stressful. What is your roadmap? . . . learn the journey from those who have gone before you! You can wing it or make up your own map, but expect your journey to take 10 times longer. Most likely you won’t get to your destination. “This is where you go first . . . now go here . . . then here . . . keep going, even though it may feel like you are going the wrong way, keep going. Put one step in front of the other. Go fast here . . . slow down here. Nice. You’re really getting closer. etc”

4. WORK A LITTLE HARDER! I’m not exactly clear what the actually physics of this is, but for whatever reason, that extra 5% of work you do at the top end of your maximum productivity adds 100% or more of additional benefit to your results. I’m sure there is some mathematical reason for this . . . for example 100% get’s me x and 105% get’s me x times 10. Here are a couple of reasons why this may be true. a). There are fewer people playing at this level so you’ll stand out and get showcased and edified by others which gives you additional exposure and impact in the marketplace. b). You attract others playing at this level – usually people that are well networked, more successful and great communicators. Again each little thing adds about to a big thing. So because you chose to turn off the TV and put in an extra 5% at your highest level of productivity, your business doubled or tripled. Your skills will be better. You’ll attract better people into your business. You’ll be promoted at a higher level.

5. LET YOUR DREAMS DRIVE YOU! Motivation is key. Arbitrarily write down at least 10 things you’ll do as a result of your success in the business. Put them out in front of you as a carrot. Post them where you’ll see them every day. I still love finding magazines that have photos of my dreams and cutting out the pictures and creating a notebook or dream board . . . this is a big deal. Get excited about the life you are creating for yourself and for your family! There is a reason why this step is in virtually every personal development book on the planet. It’s part of the road map. You will have up days and down days. Let your dreams inspire you to turn off the TV and go to work! This is a massive accelerator . . . imagine an architect that attempted to build a building without a vision for what the final structure will look like. They know every detail before breaking ground. You are the architect of your life. If you’re not clear what it will look like, it will take you much much longer to get there! Motivation comes from having something to look forward to. Don’t you agree that you’ll move faster if you are motivated then if you are not? So give yourself something inspiring to strive for!

6. UNPLUG AND RECHARGE! We live crazy busy lives! And sometimes we get so overwhelmed with the pace that our productivity declines. At least once a week, give yourself a 2-3 hours to completely unplug and regroup. Clear your mind. You’ll find infinite sources of creativity in that space of doing nothing for a few hours. If you have kids and a job as you are building your business, it may be challenging to do this but it is as important as getting some sleep or finding time to eat. This won’t happen by accident, You’ll never have time to shut down. You must schedule it on your calendar or it won’t happen. This is one of those things the seems somewhat counterintuitive. In fact you may have seen my post on FB saying “Most people do the opposite of what they need to do to be successful. This may apply to you here . . . I don’t know. But I do know that most people either rarely work OR they never take a break. You’ll need to work very hard to get your business going and then make sure you take short breaks in between. Catch your breath. Regroup. Find your peace. Get inspired again and again on your journey.

7. LET GO! This is an accelerator like no other! Most of us are so over controlling that we don’t allow the breathing room for growth. Remember, your business wants to grow! Be patient and give it time.
Trying to motivate your team is a perfect example of holding on too tight. Sponsor someone, train them and then get out of the way. Let go of the outcome. Getting frustrated when someone doesn’t do anything is a form of holding on too tight and being too attached. Sometimes you think you are helping and actually you may be choking out any possible future life Think space. If you put a fish in a small fish bowl it will only grow to the size of it’s environment. If you put a fish in the ocean or lake it grows to full size. Your business will grow into the size of the environment that you make available to it. Give your business oxygen and space to flourish.
8. ADD WOOD WHERE THERE IS FIRE! Most of us with little experience in this business tend to throw tons of wood on a fire that has no flame. It won’t burn!! Look for fire and throw wood there. This is why I always say to work with those that are already doing something. You’ll triple or quadruple your results! So if no one is doing anything you must show the business to more people. This is why I always suggest to strive for signing up 2-4 new distributors per month. Because when you do this, there will be one person ever 3 months of so that really starts to go to work (sometimes even without your involvement!) This is when you say, “Hey, can we do some meetings together or some conference calls? I would love to grab lunch with you and some of your new distributors.” Invite them to trainings, offer to assist, pass along valuable resources. Your business will not be a struggle when you find a group like this. But again, don’t try and ignite a fire when the wood is soggy! It won’t light!
9. CHOOSE THE RIGHT TOOLS! There are many tools that can radically leverage your reach and exposure in the business. How you choose to use them can yield
mediocre results or staggering growth. How you use social media, books, audio links, texting, video, webinars, apps, etc. Think . . . How can I serve and add value to more people
by using the tools that I have at my fingertips?

10. CHOOSE YOUR FRIENDS WISELY! This is a tough one to talk about. Your friends are your friends! We love and appreciate the people in our lives even though sometimes they don’t
contribute positively to the forward trajectory of our business growth. That’s the nice way to say it. The ugly way to say it is some of us have losers as friends! They speak negativity into our lives.
They are unmotivated and they tend to bring us down. Remember, positive and resourceful entrepreneurial minded people attract other positive, resourceful entrepreneurial minded people. It DOES matter who we choose to hang out with. If you are a father and your 16 year old daughter that starts to date an 18 year old guy that has a partying problem and tattoos from head to toe, you are concerned!! Why? Because you know that often we become who who we hang out with!

When I was learning to play ping-pong in high school I read in a book that if you want to get really good, you need to play with people much better than you! This is how it works in life and in business.
Especially in network marketing. The greatest way to rapidly accelerate the growth of your business is to begin to hang out with people that play in business much better than you. This is by far the FASTEST ROUTE TO THE TOP! Tony Robbins says, “Proximity is Power!” Be in the proximity of those you want to be like! Figure out how to get closest to those that have what you want. This is why it’s so important to get to the major events! Where are the top people in our profession?? They are at the major events! Remember, “Proximity is Power!!”

BONUS: Record conference calls of your calls and send to the other part of your team – Recording and disseminating training info can offer you massive leverage. This is why I record all of these calls
and post them . . . because they continue to work for me over and over again! Today I received a message from someone wanting me to do an business overview for them over the phone. I directed them in a text to go to www.thecoolbuzz.com and click on “Jordan does a live walk-through”. Took me no more than 5 seconds. Do this kind of thing every day and teach it and you massively accelerate the productivity in your group!

BONUS: DO GROUP MEETINGS (at least once a week) – When you start a meeting, your #1 goal is to get guests to the meeting. Your #2 goal is to replace yourself! Always be looking to replace yourself and then teach them to do the same! In the beginning your group meetings may be 3 people. Eventually they will grow to 10, then 50, then 100 . . . and then they will branch off into other cities. At some point, you’ll be asked to come out an speak in other places for members of your team! You just show up! And then teach them to replace themselves as well!

BONUS: MAKE SOMEWHERE YOU LOVE YOUR “OFFICE” – You may love the forest . . . find a place in the forest that has wifi and work there for a day. Or you may love the ocean. Find a place by the ocean that has wifi and work from there for a day, a week or even a month. You’ll be way more productive if you are inspired by the environment you are working in. So if you are unable to leave your home, at least take a day and set your workspace up as a place you love to be. Make it comfortable to you. You may like candles and incense. Or a big leather chair. You may work best from a bean bag chair with a little fountain in the background. Everyone has a different type of “space” that inspires them. Make yours perfect for you so that you can be in your zone every day! If clutter is distracting to you, then clean it up right away or at the very least, put it all in a box and push it into the corner til you can get to it. Create a clearing where you can work clutter free and unencumbered. Give yourself a working environment that feeds your soul!

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