Aug 15th, 2016


At many full service car washes today the attendant offers a menu of services in the form of packages that you get to choose from. And most of the time your car won’t look its best unless you select ALL the services. One particular car wash I know offers a BASIC WASH for $13.99, THE WORKS for $16.99, VIP for $19.99 and then of course you can get the ULTIMATE WASH for $34.99. Each one comes with a list of services.

I have noticed that when I give the ULTIMATE presentation, I get better results than when I just give the BASIC presentation.

About 2 weeks ago Bob Bunch from St Louis, MO texted me asking me for some specifics around how I give the presentation. I have noticed as I’m out doing individual and small group meetings with some of the team that many people cut corners and leave things out of the presentation. It’s easy to get rushed and skip important parts not thinking its any big deal. I suspect many of you are giving the BASIC presentation and not the ULTIMATE presentation. The ULTIMATE presentation includes ALL parts. It leaves nothing out and nothing to chance.

1. It requires a full 30 minutes
2. It requires that you hold their hand through the entire process
3. It requires that you explain every detail
4. It requires that you give them a chance to get started.

If I have your phone # and I intend to give you a call but I casually leave one of the #’s out or I change one of the #’s what will happen? The call will not go through to you! I must dial ALL the #’s in exactly the right order. What we are going to cover tonight here works. In fact I have never seen anything work quite as well in any company.

So when Bob called me to ask me the steps for showing the business, here’s what I texted him back:

1. Have them send a card and brownies to someone they care about from the app that they load on their phone.

2. Show the video (under the MORE button on the bottom right – UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT)

3. OPTIONS: Go over ALL the Options. Take your time and have them write it if possible.

4. Ask the 4 Part Question

5. Send them a card/card with a gift

BOB BUNCH, Sr Manager

1. How are you getting your appointments? Do you call or text? Where are you meeting the people to show it to?

2. Do you jump right in to the presentation or do you have any kind of conversation beforehand?

3. Can you give some of the specifics of the people you signed up in the past 2 weeks? Who are they and how did it go down?


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