Freedom from the Grind

August 16, 2010
Freedom from the Grind


I have noticed that as an entrepreneur, one of the things we do and one of the things we teach others to do is to do the ‘opposite’ of what they are doing if they want to change things. For example . . . What’s the opposite of a job? . . . no job! An Opportunity. What’s the opposite of frustration and struggle? Joy and ease. What’s the opposite of a complex life? The opposite of a complex life is a ‘simple life’. First of all, your job is to ‘Simplify’. In fact it’s every businesses’ ultimate function to ‘simplify’ things for their customers. Look for their frustrations and then help them create ‘the opposite’. People are busy and we all live very complex and hectic lives. I want the people I do business with to ‘simplify’ my life. And my job is to help other people simplify their lives. Your job is to start by looking for ways to simplify the lives of those you come in contact with. Start by asking the question . . . “How can I use SendOutCards to make the lives of those I meet better?” My life is much better today because Demarr introduced SOC to me.

This brings me to probably the MOST IMPORTANT MESSAGE OF TONIGHT’S CALL. The #1 reason why most of us get involved in a Network Marketing business is because we want more free time and more money. Again . . . it is the opposite of being strapped for time and money . . . ‘The Grind’. AND we are focused on improving our personal situation, so it becomes all about us! I have also found that the thing that gets us into a business like this is not the thing that will lead us to success. We must focus on the success of others for us to attain the success that we desire.

I have also learned that when the focus is on us, we won’t grow. We must have a desire to grow and and drive towards progress, but our intention must be on giving to others in a way that contributes to their lives in a positive way. One of the biggest reasons my business grew as fast as it did was because I was not ‘attached’ to the outcome. As Kody would say, ‘Loosen the grip’. When I send personal cards (ie; Giving to give), I don’t send them because I am trying to get something back from those I send them to. I simply want to make them smile or just have a little better day because they heard from me.

When I contact someone about the business by phone or in a card, the message they hear from me is . . . ‘I think this would be good for you AND you need to decide that for yourself. I want you to experience it the way I have. I am going to ask you to watch our DVD and then send a card. Please tell me if you don’t think this is the best thing you have ever seen . . . ”

This is not to ‘confuse’. There are 1000 or more ways to get from point A to point B. If I told you to go from one end of a football field to another, you could easily think of 10 ways and as you got more creative, you could come up with many more. You could walk, run, skip, hop, crawl, slither, do summersaults, etc. There are also 1000 ways to build a business. Some ways are easier and less complicated than others. Demarr ask 3 great questions to get someone ‘engaged’ in the conversation. They work AND I don’t use them! After I have a little rapport, I say . . . “I want to show you something that I think you might like. It’s really cool. When can I catch you in front of your computer for 30 minutes . . . ” Both ways work! Use what works for you but most importantly, keep it simple!

When I send a card to someone to introduce SOC with a free DVD, I tell them why I like SOC and I ask that they call me . . . usually they don’t call. So I call them to see if they got it. I then ask them to watch the DVD if they haven’t. Pretty simple. I then have them send a card. And again, there are people that give excuses and there are people that get it done. If Kody isn’t working, then just walk them through sending a card. If you have sent cards, you can show them how to send a card. Go to their home or business and just do it. Have them log into your account if you need to. I built my business to over 20,000 distributors before ever having a ‘Kody Bateman’ automated walk-through. Whatever you need to do, get them in front of their (or your) computer and have them send a card.

Interestingly, only 10% of the people that log into a gift account ever send a card! Why? Because many of you are just sending the link out. AND people will not log in and do it on their own. . . people have about a 30 second attention span online unless someone is their to ‘supervise’ Be with them through the whole process and they will get all the way through it. Before we had ‘Kody’ to do it for us online, we didn’t have a choice but to stay with them the whole time AND guess what?? We had hundreds of people walking people through sending cards! We start to train someone the day they look at SOC (long before they put their Credit Card in!) Keep it simple. . . once again. If you can send a card, you can show someone else how to send a card. When you send a card do it in the spirit of giving. When you send a gift do it in the spirit of giving. When you allow someone else to send a card, do it in the spirit of giving AND when you have someone watch the DVD or Online Presentation, do it in the spirit of giving. Your ‘brain’ must be saying . . . ‘I want to give you the greatest gift you can ever imagine’.

If you want your business to thrive, every interaction you make needs to have the
intention of ‘Giving’ vs ‘Getting’. The energy of giving attracts. The energy of getting
repels . . .


Every single person that I know that has achieved great success
in business has mastered these 4 things:

1. Relationships (making quality connections with people)
2. Credibility (if you don’t have it ‘borrow it!’)
3. Posture (Your ‘stance’ in a situation. Taking a ‘stance’ of
confidence when someone questions you. Gently reassuring them
in the state of their ‘fears’.)
4. Consistent Action (productive daily actions) – We only do three things . . .
acquire customers, acquire distributors and teach them to do exactly the same
things. That’s it!)

You don’t need to learn how to engineer a bridge or put a satellite into space. You don’t
need to perform heart of brain surgery or design a skyscraper.
Master these four simple things and you are home free. STUDY, FOCUS
and PRACTICE these 4 things each day.


First 7 Months of 2010

Product Launch Challenges (now behind us)
Glitches – Site Bogged down (now behind us)
People spending time on PP 2.0 (what can I say . . . it’s fun!)
Oppty Presentation Focus (focusing on the 95% that are in financial stress right now – change in focus from Product to Opportunity)

Even with these for major issues:

Sales YTD Up 24%
Commissions YTD up 22%
Weekly Sales Up 19%
Sales in June Up 33%
Sales July Up 28%

Sales Down 10%
Recruiting Down 10%

We are one of the top 10 performin companies in the industry right now

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