April 10, 2012

FRANCHISING (Quick Review from my last email):

In this turbulent economy, one option to diversify would be to start a franchise. I personally think network marketing is a better option, however just in case you’re interested, here’s some startup info. Keep in mind, it may take you 3-5 years to break even and you’ll never experience residual income. You’ll have to manage employees and do your own payroll and accounting. Don’t forget,
you’ll have to sign leases and pay lawyers & franchise fees. Before you sign up for one of these programs, you may want to consider that having a network marketing business requires none of this, has a residual component AND costs under $1,000 to start.

So here are some options for you:

  1. Snap On Tools $135,390 # of locations 3,392
  2. 7-Eleven $393,800 # of location 6,142
  3. Aaron’s $420,725 # of locations 1,749
  4. Panera Bread $1,447,770 # of locations 1, 379
  5. Servpro $156,250 # 1,571
  6. McDonald’s $1,480,625 # of locations 14,016
  7. Liberty Tax Service $63,350 # of locations 3,592
  8. Merry Maids $66,600 # of locations 943
  9. The Maids Interntional $106,420 # of locations 1,053
  10. Jimmy John’s $395,500 # of locations 1,130

By the way, they are legally not allowed to tell you how much money you can make, but they have to tell you that you may lose all your money and that you probably won’t break even for 3-5 years.


Hi Jordan,
Your point on franchises is right on. I’ve owned and operated a franchise for 22 years. It cost about 300K to get off the ground in 1991. Our monthly overhead is about 90K. My husband works at least 80 hours per week (it’s no wonder many people I meet don’t even know I’m married!) Sad, but true. My Dad was one of the first franchisees in the US in the early 60’s (KFC). Everyone thought he had lost his mind. Back then franchises were considered a
questionable way of doing business. He always said it was our “golden goose”!
I equate Network Marketing to franchising. I was ready for another business, but my time is precious to me. I love your philosophy and I am on a 5 year plan. I’m putting one foot in front of the other, I’m building relationships, and I’m the last person to tell my prospect that they can “retire” in a year. I’m so over that. Anything worth having takes time, patience, and love. Like the
perfect recipe! Thanks for always nailing it! You’re a great inspiration.

(Make your plans accordingly!)

Tues(June 5th): Registration
Wed (June 6th) : 2pm-4pm Exec Leadership Meeting
6pm-11pm VIP (Top 50 Eagle’s Challenge Point Winners)
Challenge will run to May 10th (points will go live shortly)

Thu (June 7th): TER
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Hey future Eagles! As a leader to your group, one of the best things you can do to build other leaders is to promote events; build to events. Even if you can’t be there. If you have extra convention tickets that you received as part of recruiting mastery, or won through a Q call challenge, use those to build and incentivize your team, even if you can’t be there. Run contests and challenges of your own; or at very least give them away to someone in your group who can attend. Your return on investment will be a whole lot higher by getting someone on your team there than selling them at face value or “highly discounted” to someone else. Every single convention ticket available has a potential worth of millions to you! Maximize it for your own success!

I’m so surprised that people are trying to sell tickets that they didn’t buy. Kody gave out all those free tickets for us to build our business, not to hawk them. They are like gold. Sponsor new people and offer them those tickets to get them engaged in the business quickly, or do a contest with team members. If you have no one to give them to on your team, you should be giving them away as a gift, not selling them. We are a give-to-give culture. It will all come back around that way. If people are abusing it for their own gain, Kody will never give out this many free tickets again, and we will have helped no one. I urge people to think of those tickets like, “Who can I help today by giving them this?”

As a leader I am constantly asked what it takes to become a top earner with a large organization. You are all leaders and every little thing you do has an impact on your team regardless of how big or small it is. You will NEVER see a leader posting convention tickets for sale. They are like GOLD (not to mention the impression it leaves to post them). Each ticket is like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket! Up until the day of the convention, I am looking for people to fill the seats. Even last minute, because I know that the convention is by far THE MOST VALUABLE EVENT WE HAVE ALL YEAR! There is story after story of convention being the catalyst for a team of thousands. It only takes one! I have had many people over the years decide to attend at the very last minute! Also, when you post a ticket on FB, others follow suit and do the same. It then appears that everyone is selling their tickets (although it’s only a minute fraction of the tickets out there). It’s not a strong leadership message to sell your tickets. Even up to the last minute, do your very best to find someone from your team to claim those tickets that you earned!


I have found that when I do CUSTOMER training events, I ALWAYS sign up distributors because they truly see the VALUE of how everything works. Consider doing at least one customer training per month (and do them weekly if you can)! Even if it’s at a Starbucks or in your living room. Not only will your customers be grateful, but some of them will voluntarily want to upgrade (because there will be reps there expressing their excitement)!

I was doing a customer training for Sandy Zalanka and her daughter Christine two weeks ago. After Christine listened to 15 minutes of it she wanted to upgrade to distributor.

You can also ask your new distributors to invite their customers over for system training:
1. So they can be trained.
2. So they get to see the big picture of SOC.
Some will upgrade!

You’ll also have LOTS of guests at customer training because customers (that are not distributors) will be there. It’s the best and easiest opportunity to get distributors and even Certified Trainers.

By the way, I call our new Certified Trainers (CT’s) “Legacy” Certified Trainers. They truly are the first of thousands that will be signing up over the next few years. Ask people if they want to be considered as a “Legacy Trainer” with us. Ask if they want to help blaze the trail.


1. Consider just signing up $9.80 customers. No set up fee. $15 to get going. Easy. Get one in the am and one in the pm every day (5 days a week). After one year, you’ll have 600+ customers spending almost $10 a month. 30% of $6000 is $2,000 a month. For most people, that’s a house payment and a car payment! But it gets better because as you are training your customers, some of them will want to become distributors! You’ll probably end up a SM by the end of the year!

It’s true, the big money is in building an organization and showing the opportunity. Would you rather have milk or would you rather have milk cows?? Ray Kroc could have never gotten rich on one McDonald’s franchise selling burgers, fries, cokes and shakes. However he made a fortune by setting up people into business and have LOTS of store units, all over the world. He just wanted to collect a few pennies off each product sold from each store.

But keep in mind, if someone just wanted to “retail” our product working VERY part time, they could develop a substantial residual income doing that! And, they couldn’t help but build a business over time!


Tell Steve Smith story-(you may want to listen to the replay of this call)
I explain how to get people to work and not quit.

1. Be the strongest example of a builder in your organization.
You set the pace. Your people will do what you do.

2. You really will never get your people to work. You’ll want to find
the right people, get them started and then see them at the events! If they are your friends, call them once in awhile and of course send them cards!!

3. Events are the only thing I have ever seen that will keep people from quitting the business. If you are not there, there is a good chance your team will not be there. Be there and encourage your team to be there. It’s your best shot at success.

To this day, I have NEVER met a leader in MLM that can get their people to work and not quit. I have seen people at all levels quit for a variety of reasons. People quit things and a few see the job through.


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