15-year-old Mikaela Shapiro (Daughter of Jeff Shapiro) – Jeff tied for 1st place in the $1000 a day promotion on July 13th. When I called him to congratulate him he told me that his daughter Mikaela got 7 of his customers! So I asked if Mikaela would be a guest on our call tonight.

What year are you in High School?
How did you end up helping your Dad on this promotion?
Who did you sign up as customers?
How did you ask them?


Realtor, Jim McCord . . . Jim contacted me about 3 weeks ago and said, “I don’t care where you are let me know a good time and I’ll buy an airline ticket to come out to see you.” He said he wanted to run some SOC business building ideas past me. We scheduled for him to come out to Vegas on Saturday morning.
He asked if he could bring one of his new distributors with him. Andrew Robinson has had huge success in the furniture business – He has built multi-million dollar businesses over the past 25 years.

Jim’s story of how he got started with us was amazing and I wanted you all to hear it from him. Jim?


Hopefully the person that invited you on this call had you send a card on our system. If not, please BEG the person that told you about this to show you how to send a card. I have found that most questions are answered simply by sending a card.

Although I could spend a full day telling you why SendOutCards is something that everyone needs, I have about 10 minutes. So here we go.

You know how we think about people throughout our day that are important to us? We even have times where we want to reach out to others in gratitude but we don’t because we are all running in so many different directions. About 25 years ago our founder ignored a prompting to hug his older brother and tell him he loved him. A few months later his mother delivered the news to him that his brother had been killed in a work accident. He realized that he would never have an opportunity to say goodbye. 8 years ago he formed SendOutCards as a tribute to his brother. Today we have over a million cards a month going out in gratitude to people that are important to us. We have gone from a little startup in a garage to a major player in the greeting card business. We send out between 40,000 and 100,000 cards a day. Each card goes in the mail with a real stamp. The stories come in daily.

I have sat down more times than I can count to thank you for the amazingly sweet card and adorable frog….each time I broke out in tears and couldn’t manage to finish it. I hope you will accept this very belated thank you as I am finally able to get through this without crying….too much!

Your package arrived in the mail on a day that I had probably hit rock bottom with being unemployed. I don\’t know how you do it, psychic abilities or something, but you always manage to be the bright spot for me when I am feeling very down. Your kind words and constant encouragement have meant so much to me over the years and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Your card sits on my dresser in the “changing room” so I see it every day….and it still makes me cry:) Not only is the picture beautiful but I see “I love you” popping out of the card each time I look at it! The frog sits prominently on the window sill in the bedroom, surrounded by one of the plants I have managed not to kill – I have a bit of a brown thumb:) Seeing them reminds me of the people and things in life that are important to me and helps draw me out of the dark spots I have found myself in lately.
I don\’t know how to express to you how much this has meant to me…I don\’t think I even know the proper words to say thank you for something this big. As best I can, and with utter appreciation and gratitude, THANK YOU!!!
Anna Gengler

Some people say, “But I don’t send cards”. Well that is the very reason why we exist today. Because most people don’t do it any more. Most of our card senders will tell you that before SendOutCards, they would only send out 1 or 2 cards a year. Today they send out their holiday cards, birthday cards, sympathy cards, get well cards, graduation cards, etc. to the tune of 20 or 30 a month! Because it only takes a couple of minutes, people send cards every day.

I want you to imagine going to your mailbox and pulling out a stack of junk mail. In the stack is a personalized greeting card from a friend or someone you had recently done business with. What will you do with the junk mail? What will you do with the greeting card? If it’s personal and it’s not a promotion, you’ll probably save it.

But it gets even better.

Most people are being held hostage by a paycheck or even worse, no paycheck. I was one of those people. If you can carve out an hour a day for the next 1-3 years, you can begin to establish a rock solid residual income based on the idea that everyone loves to send cards and gifts and everyone loves to receive cards and gifts. The greeting card and gifting business is a $100 billion business, but I believe it has the potential to be four times that big. Most people aren’t practicing the tired “old-school” card sending habit they used to, but they will do it if it’s easy and inexpensive. For 1/4th the cost someone can send a real card in the mail, customized with pictures for under $1. This is a model that has legs. We will be a worldwide phenomenon. We would like you to consider coming along with us.

Why can we do it better for less? Each card is “print-on-demand” and sent the next morning. Who do you think pays for the excess inventory in the card stores, the overhead, utilities, employees, layers of management, etc? This is the reason you pay $4 a card at Hallmark or Walgreens. They aren’t even coming close to selling enough cards to pay for their overhead. Our cards are $0.62 to $0.93 each and 100% of our cards (on recycled paper) are sent! Not to mention that they are beautiful photographic quality images that you can customize and personalize!

Here’s why I do SendOutCards:

  1. It is fun and relatively easy.
  2. I do the work one time and I get paid over and over again for years.
  3. I can build up an income stream that has the potential to far exceed any job income.
  4. Over time I can create a full time income on a part time basis.
  5. I don’t have to stock or buy any inventory.
  6. SendOutCards does most everything for me. I just bring people who want to try it and help build it.
  7. I can work as fast or as slow as I want to.
  8. I can work from anywhere in the world that there is a high speed internet connection. Even on the Beach.
  9. The computer doesn’t discriminate. I get paid for what I start regardless of my background or history.
  10. I don’t need any special degree or education to make money.
  11. There are people that have already done it that are there to train me for free.
  12. I can duplicate myself and my income can actually grow without me once I get it going.
  13. I can live a life of gratitude and appreciation and get paid for it!
  14. There is no ceiling on my income.
  15. There are no geographic limitations. In fact, if I live in a town of 500, I can get paid off the card and gift sending of people all over the world!
  16. My income is protected from natural disasters and local occurrences that can severely impact the revenues of a traditional business.
  17. For under $1000 I own a business (and you can too) that has more potential than traditional businesses costing $50,000-$500,000 to start without the risk.
  18. I have tax benefits that only come with owning a business. I subtract my expenses and only pay tax on what’s left vs paying taxes first off my income and then subtracting my expenses from what’s left.

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