January 12th, 2015


#1: Take Pictures of Business Cards with addresses on bulletin boards and mail them a card with 2 brownies with the photo of THEIR CARD on the front of the card.

Say in the card:
“I saw your business card pinned to the board at ________. You gave me a great idea and I would love to tell you about it! Please give me a call when you get this gift and I’ll tell you what it is. It may be a great way to market your business.

1. It conveys a giving spirit
2. It explains the possible benefit to them in a general way and gives them a reason to call you after they get the card and gift
3. You can follow up if you don’t hear from them
4. It’s a great “door-opener”

#2: Send a “Congratulation” cards to people in the newspaper who have just received a promotion and photograph their picture from the paper and send it to them on the card.

#3: Start or Join a “Meet-Up” Group
Here are examples of some of the categories:

1. Conscious-Events
2.Fashion Meet-up Arizona
3. Scottsdale You and Fun 20’s and 30’s
4. Sisters on Purpose/Phoenix Living passion and Joy on Purpose
5. AZREIA – Arizona Real Estate Investors Association
6. Scottsdale Sea and Ski

A. Come up with something that you love or are interested in
B. Make sure your intention is to facilitate a way that the members
can help each other
C. Use SOC to help foster good will within the group.
D. Keep your eye out for entrepreneurial minded people.
E. Relationship Marketing is a big part of what we do. Look for ways to
help the members of your group
F. Great way to get out and meet more people (expand your list!)

#4: Teach a Simple one-hour Relationship or Social Media Marketing Workshop

Invite your friends, Facebook Friends and those in your phone. Teach basic principles that you have learned. Invite your distributors and their guests. Start small . . . it’s ok if only 5 people are at your first one but have a goal to have 15-20. Grow from there. Have a handout and use SendOutCards examples for reaching out to clients to say “Thank You” Teach Principles and show the technology. . Afterwards ask who would like to stick around to help us grow and make some money. Show the 30 minutes Steve Schulz Video for those that want to learn more.

A. People love to come learn from an expert (you are an expert!!)
B. It’s not a sales pitch . . . it’s a program that will help to make their life better
C. Take pictures at the event and send a card to those who attend . . . make sure you get everyone’s contact info!
D. Start by creating a handout with 5-10 Bullet Points that you can expand on.
1). Be a giver 2). 3 ways to say thank you 3). how to open any door 4). How to triple your income in the next 12 months using appreciation
E. You can pull testimonials from the SendOutCards Testimonials FB Page.
F. You can show testimonial videos posted by SOC for credibility and validation

You could also do a Social Media Marketing Workshop and make it all about SendCere. Teach people how to use
on an Online Webinar. You can use or to show everyone your screen. Make it valuable by teaching them
how to access specific cards that would be beneficial to them. Make it FREE and promote it as a generic social media training
program that will help them grow their business. At the end make sure and let everyone know that you have an opportunity to
participate in the growth of our program which could be very lucrative. Have them contact you for more info.

#5: Use the “Brownie Challenge” depth building program (I did a whole call on this a few months ago). Start with ONE PERSON.
Send him/her a card with brownies. Ask them the question . . . “Would you be willing to introduce me to one person that you think would like to also receive brownies?” When they say “yes”, set up a time to meet with that person and do EXACTLY THE SAME THING! And them ask them the same question . . . “Would you be willing to introduce me to one person that you think would also like to receive brownies?” Again . . . when they say “yes” go on to that person and so on a so forth . . . make sure each person also watches the 30 minute Steve Schulz Video (you can email each person with the link . . . normally I wouldn’t do this but because you have sent brownies and already engaged them, they are more likely to watch a 30 minute video). Follow the trail down until you have someone say they want to be a distributor. Then go back up the chain. Start with the one closest to the person that wants to sign up. “Joe is getting started in the business and in all fairness to you, since you introduced me to him, you should be the one signing him up. Do you want to sign him up or do you want me to do it?” If Joe’s friend, Suzy says yes then call or message the person the referred you to Suzy . . . and say, “Suzy and her friend Joe are getting going in the business and in all fairness to you, you are the one the introduced me to them. Do you want to sign them up or do you want me to? I don’t know what they are going to do . . . I can’t make any promises, but if they do big things, you could really benefit. What do you think?” Keep working down the line until you make your way all the way back up to the top.

You’ll need to do this quickly because no one will want to wait to get going. There won’t be time for them to “think about it”. They have to make a decision and get in right then and there.

Sometimes fear of loss is a bigger motivator than potential for gain.

This is a powerful strategy that can help you sign up 3-8 distributors in a leg every month. Show one per day for 30 days. Now you’ll have 30 people
that have received a card with brownies. If you will make sure each one gets a video to watch and get just one referral a day from each person (remember they are all connected to each other through the referrals!) when one says . . . “I want to do it!” you can go back to each of the others and sign up a bunch of them all in one leg.

I’ve used this strategy in my last company and signed up 5-6 people each month in a leg. Some of these legs have turned into giant organizations of thousands.

Don’t make it more complicated than it is. It’s very simple. Send someone a card with 2 brownies and ask them to introduce you to one other that will allow you to send them a card with 2 brownies. Keep doing this over and over again and then make sure each one gets a video to watch. That’s the extent of this until someone says, “I want to do this!!” Then quickly go back up the line and put people in one at a time . . . one underneath the other based on who referred who.

This gives you an ongoing flow of new people to talk to. You are just asking for one easy introduction from each person . . . . their best friend would be the best choice because they are more likely to want to participate of someone underneath them in the referral chain says yes.

The ideas are ENDLESS . . . I’ve given you so much to play around with here that it could keep you busy for the next 2 years and provide you with an unlimited supply of new people to talk to.

Have a great night!!


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